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At Last! The Ultimate XBOX360 Fix Guide & Videos To PERMANENTLY Repair All your XBOX 360  Red Rings of Death Errors in 57 min With Common Household Items GUARANTEED or Your Money Back!

I love you Xbox gamers and fans and you deserve playing your xbox360 without paying for the fix so much...

Btw- This is the list of all possible Xbox360 red light errors (my guide covers all of them):
No/0 RLOD (Just doesn't turn on or looks normal but no Audio or/and Video. )
1RLOD (The infamous E74 and ALL his friends... E68; E67; E65; E71; E73; E76 etc. )
2RLOD (No Audio
or/and Video-0013; 0012; 0011 etc. )
3RLOD (No Audio
or/and Video- 0020; 0021; 0022; 0100; 0102; 0103; 0110 etc. )
4RLOD (No Audio
or/and Video-4444 etc.)
Color screen errors: White, blue, green, red, purple, black, yellow, pink, fuzzy purple, checkered or just a blank screen.
Freezing screen error: When suddenly the screen freezes in the middle of a game.   

  I found out that ALL xbox360 Red Ring of Death light errors are the result of 2 very similar problems and you can fix all of them yourself with my video guide with three exceptions:

1. 4RLOD, in most cases, may be caused by a damaged A/V cable. So if you have 4 red rings error, before you buy my guide replace the A/V cable and/or Reflow the A/V connector if it became loose. If it won't work then my guide is your solution too.

2. 1RLOD: E66 or 1002 errors means that you have wrong DVD-drive version - replace the DVD. (If you have these errors you should see them on your screen)

3. 1RLOD: E79 or 1033 errors means that you have a broken hard drive - replace the HD (If you have these errors you should see them on your screen). If it won't work then my guide is your solution too.

Xbox 360 tray won't eject and an easy stuck drive repair for that. (2 videos+ pic guide)

The error message "Unplayable Disc" after saying "Reading..." for a while. (4 videos)

You get this annoying white screen saying "To play this disk, put it in an Xbox 360 console..."  (4 videos)

The infamous "Disk unreadable" error you get when you start some games and it tells you to "clean" the disc etc.(4 videos)

The infamous "Open tray" error - when your xbox360 just don't read any disc and gives you this error. (2 videos)

More xbox360 issues and a comprehensive proper care guide.(3 videos)


Why don't I give The Xbox 360 red ring of death fix guide for free?

Well, as you can see I have done intensive research for making it the simple & best guide there is, I worked hard finding the best video guides, paid these guys ("The International Bureau of Certified Internet Merchants.") to use and test my guide and I also paid for graphics and website hosting etc.

As you can see my site is not some fancy looking site with high graphics and such that claims to give you the world for and gives you only one silly fixing method for 1-3 red lights errors only... 

I worked very hard to give you this ultimate online Xbox 360 repair solution. And as I mentioned above I cover almost ANY xbox360 error on earth!
4RLOD, 3RLOD, 2RLOD, 1RLOD, 0RLOD, all E system errors, Color screen errors, DVD errors like: easy stuck drive repair, Unplayable Disc error,  Disk unreadable error, Open tray error, "To play this disk, put it in an Xbox 360 console..." error and more... You name it!

Believe it or not but the truth is that if you have an Xbox 360 you WILL get errors, all kinds of them... So this guide is like buying an insurance for the next errors too.

I have seen all sorts of people use my guide and I can tell you that anyone can do it. Actually I have taught a few hundred gamers by now to fix their Xbox by themselves.  This is very simple and, of course, I won't leave you alone, I will give you full online support, as long as it takes, and it won't take more then 57 min for you to get your xbox360 up and running with no red lights any more for good!

This repair is permanent and will enhance your Xbox performance like never before too.

Btw- You only need some Common Household Items e.g. regular screwdrivers etc.

This is not some snaky poor guide with hidden costs that have you raiding a hardware store to get your Xbox 360 fixed...

So I think 13.95$ is a humble price...  especially with my Exclusive Xbox360 Membership site (Constantly updated with Videos and new guides) that I will give you for free!

Don't you think?

Oh, and one more thing, I don't want to rush you in any way but you should know that I would be able to support only a limited number of subscribers.

Get Started In a Few Minutes!

"Does my XBox 360 Ultimate Repair Guide Really Work?"

First: I will give you some few fresh short testimonials from every day parents who fixed their children's xbox360:


  2. "product is just as explained, great information. A+++++" (Carl Dens)

  3. "Excellent service. Thank you! A* " (Kristin Cobain)

  4. "Good info. Well worth the buy. Thank you" (D.T)

I have personally repaired hundreds of XBox 360's with the 3 Red Rings of Death (and other errors - btw). To be precise I fixed about 845 Xbox 360 consoles with this guide myself!

Actually I have made money out of it...


I bought broken Xbox 360s (with the rrod) for a very low price, fixed them and resold them on eBay for a descent profit...

I still do that, btw,  and you can too!

You REALLY have nothing to lose. This is a ridiculous price and I'm so convinced that you'll be able to fix your Xbox360 by yourself that I give you your money back if you're not satisfied.


"You actually don't pay a dime!"

Just think about it for a minute, you are not really going to pay Microsoft 139$ and wait for almost 4-6 weeks to play your Xbox 360 right??

I don't know about you but for me even if Microsoft would fix my 360 for FREE I would not wait for 4-6 weeks ! it's insane!

So for 13.95$ you are saving yourself 4-6 weeks and 139$...

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