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You're probably like, "Hey John, what's so important about having gold anyway?"

This is the first question losers usually ask me. Usually I just laughed at them and told them to go away, but I just started to feel bad.

You would be surprised if you knew how many players out there are just absolutely pathetic.

Now, I'm still going to laugh at you, but I'm also going to answer the question for you, but please, don't ask ever again and don't let anyone know that you've asked that question, or you WILL BE LAUGHED AT.



  • You don't own a Tundra Mammoth (if you don't know what this is you're really bad off) The Tundra Mammoth is a 3 person mount that comes fully equipped with vendors that sell reagents and provide repair services. A must have for any serious gamer, no more trips to town, mount up, sell your items, repair, and go about your business. These mounts run at about 20,000 gold, and yes, if you don't have this mount, you are a LOSER, hands down, you can't even spare 20,000 gold for one of the best mount in game?
  • You don't own a Mekgineer's Chopper or equivalent for horde (this is the motorcycle for those of you who don't know, it will cost you over 12,500 gold in just vendor parts to have it made, it carries two people, and it makes you a bad ass, if you don't have this mount, you're a LOSER
  • You don't have the maximum amount of professions maxed on EVERY character you play because you don't have any gold for it. Professions are a must have to be anybody in the game, they enhance your character, allow you to make gold, and allow you to make cool items. If you don't have maxed professions on EVERY character, you're a big loser. Some of these professions you can max from 1-525 in one sitting if you have about 10,000 gold.
  • You can't buy the best Epic gear on the auction house for your character. These pieces range anywhere from a few hundred gold to 30,000 gold. The higher costing pieces are simply the best a lot of people will ever have. If you can't even fork out a measly 30,000 gold to own the best items in game, you're a loser. Just get out of my face with your greens and blues.
  • You do daily quests or use gathering professions to make your income... REALLY? Why don't you just stop playing the game if this is how you make your gold. This one has LOSER written all over it.
  • I'm just going to group all of these into one paragraph because these are so laughable if you meet any of them, you are probably beyond my help. If you can't repair your armor, change your talent spec daily, buy reagents, gem your character with the best gems, or get the best enchants, you are something beyond a loser. You probably shouldn't even be allowed to use a computer or play World of Warcraft.

Okay, if you're still reading, you've decided you fit the loser category, and that's okay, because chances are, if you're not really really stupid, I can probably help you..but first, here's my story.

For the longest time I was a big loser just like all of you reading this page. It's embarrassing to admit it, but I got kicked out of my guild for not coming to a raid with the best enchants. There are times when I didn't even have enough money to repair my armor!! Yes, I go ahead and say it.. "John you were a big F'ing loser". It doesn't bother me anymore, you know why? Because I did something about it, something anyone can do, even you!

Traditionally speaking, most of the losers in World of Warcraft who can't even make 3,000 gold a day, spend all their time using the traditional gold making methods, such as, farming and doing daily quests. It seems kind of obvious that if everyone was doing this, and this was actually a good way to make money, then everyone would be rich right? Wrong, these methods are there to keep losers occupied and to distract them from making a shit ton of gold.

Here's a simple fact: "The average player who makes more than 3,000 gold a day is not making that gold by farming and doing dailies"

Think about it...this isn't hard to understand.

So like most people who aren't stupid, I got curious and started to wonder how some of these players were able to get 100,000 gold, or 500,000 gold, hell...I've even met players who had multiple characters with over 1,000,000 gold. Yes, those zeros are correct. Then it occurred to me.

WoW is just like the real world, if you work a regular job (daily quests and farming) you make a regular amount of money. But if you become like a Bill Gates or Warren Buffet and start to think outside the box, you can get a whole shit ton more gold than you thought possible. The WoW economy works just like the real world. I started to think more about this...

I've spend hundreds of hours talking to rich players, reading forums, even purchasing gold making guides, and they all offer the same stupid shit..."Go farm here, do these dailies this way" Listen up when I say this...No matter how fast you do these dailies or how much you farm, you're going to be limited to the same crappy amount of gold everyone else is. So what if you make 100 gold an hour instead of 50 gold because you did some dailies faster? This is not the real way to wealth in World of Warcraft.

So here it is, The Secrets of Gold Making

Just like the real world, if you got a crappy job, then you make crappy money, hard work and perseverance doesn't pay off. You put in more hours to get the same crappy pay, maybe some of you get some overtime, big deal...Just like in real life, you work 60 hours a week while these dick heads, like myself, drive around you in fancy cars, showing off, and barely ever working. Putting time into World of Warcraft works the exact same way!

Here's a simple fact again for you idiots out there, "To become rich, you have to think like the rich."

This is a universal truth of life. Stop working at the McDonald's, just own the McDonald's. If you can't think like the rich, then you think like the other idiot losers out there who have no gold, and walla!! you end up with.... dun dun dun.. no friggen gold? Surprised? I'm not, and you won't be either after you hear what I have to say.

Basically, when you farm and do dailies all you're doing is using that to buy products these rich WoW players create, or they buy all your farming materials and make a shit ton of gold off it. You're just helping them out. Just like in real life by working at their McDonalds, you're making them a lot of money.

So I'm going to make this really really simple for you. I created a system to make a lot of gold, and I mean a lot of gold, with just 20 minutes a day. You will be surprised how much more gold you can make just by doing things a different way.

I Created A System That Anyone Can Use to Make Gold

After talking to, well more of harassing, all of the rich players in World of Warcraft, I quickly learned about all of the strategies they were using and developed a system that anyone can use and follow.

I call this system Reaching Gold Cap, it should be named, "How to Make Gold For Idiots" but I felt Reaching Gold Cap was less offensive. I designed this specifically for the 10 million losers out there who have almost no gold. No gold? Really? Stop playing World of Warcraft like you live in a third world country, it's a game, you can get everything you want in the game. There are no limits here like their are in real life.

Reaching Gold Cap, is essentially a 7 lesson course for idiots, similar to what is taught in a school but way friggen easier. I have made the course soooo easy that it has worked even for the biggest idiots. I keep it updated with new strategies as they come out and for those of you who are just way too stupid and probably can't read, it also comes with a 100% guarantee.

Whether you want to make 5,000 Gold, 10,000 Gold, 20,000 Gold, 100,000 Gold, or hit the gold cap, this idiot proof course will get you there as quick as possible using the same strategies that the professional gold makers use. I mean that literally, these are the same exact strategies that the players use who have over a million gold.

Some of you who aren't entirely retarded may only need to read just a few lessons to reach the amount of gold you want, others will continue reading and make more gold than they thought possible, the choice is yours.

Here's What This Course is About

This idiot proof course teaches you how to use a level 1 character to reach gold cap (pay attention losers, it doesn't get any easier than this, for those of you are completely stupid, this means when you create a character, you have the ability from the start to reach gold cap). It starts out with 0 gold and progresses you through each of the 7 lessons in different gold phases to get as much gold as you want.

Reaching Gold Cap...Now I realize that some of you who aren't completely retarded may have more than 0 gold, most of you probably do, but these methods are guaranteed to work that it can be done without any gold whatsoever for those big time losers out there who can't even spell their name.

The BEST NEWS is, that if you have some gold, it will help you get to the gold cap even faster as you will be able to skip through some of the beginning lessons.

Of course, for the idiots who can't comprehend or read simple language, this entire lesson plan comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With the guidance of WoW Schools, you'll have everything you need to buy anything you want in World of Warcraft.

Have you ever wanted to open a trade window, put up 200,000 gold, and flip off people who get into arguments with you in trade-chat? You'll soon be able to after downloading this course.

Please beware: there are a lot of scammers out there who will tell you making gold is easy. They will tell you to farm their 'secret' location or to do some other monotonous chore over and over until you've got a few thousand gold. After reading what I have to say and especially after trying my course, I hope you tell them to shove it up their ass next time you see them talking crap.

What they don't give you is time tested methods kept up to date and continually improved that allow you to make gold easily and efficiently with only a level 1 character. If you follow their advice, you're likely to waste tons of time. Most of the losers who get this guide come back and tell me about how they wasted months trying to make gold using their 'friends' secret method. Reaching Gold Cap is the only simple and easy course that teaches players how to make gold. But more importantly, once you have gold, you'll no longer be a loser, and that's more important than being able to make gold in the first place.

Why Should You Get This Course?

The answer is simple. You don't want to be a loser in World of Warcraft like you are in real life. It's simple, you want to learn the secrets of the pro's and get all the gold you'll ever need. Not just for Cataclysm, but for the rest of the time you play World of Warcraft. This guide is so flippin' brilliant, that even if you switch and start playing another MMO, you will quickly be able to identify and manipulate any other game, to quickly make as much money as possible.

Making Gold the Reaching Gold Cap way, is not just another cheap ass farm some crap and waste time Gold Guide, there are plenty of those out there already, but rather, a lifestyle, a way of thinking, a way of doing, and the results are guaranteed. If you aren't satisfied with this guide I will do anything to make sure that you are, but if you can't understand these easy concepts, I might laugh at you before I help you (sorry in advance).

Here's why you should get this guide today:

1) You don't want to be a loser anymore

2) You want to get the cool mounts in game, like the Tundra Mammoth and the Mek Chopper or motorbike.

3) You want gear up your alts or primary character by buying gear off the Auction House.

4) You want to level up your professions quickly by buying things off the Auction House.

5) You want to have more gold than everyone else.

Remember: everything costs money at both the low end of the game and the high end. Every time you get a weapon upgrade you may be faced with deciding on whether or not you want the best enchant for over 1000 gold or just the 2nd best enchant for 100 gold because that's all you can afford. You may be faced with getting a rare gem instead of an epic gem because you can't afford it. Having the best gear isn't cheap and the best guilds require you to have gold to upgrade your gear fully. So if you want to be the best, then you want to get this course today.

100 % Legal and Always up to Date

A lot of people ask, "Is this safe? Will it be updated for the next patch?"

YES! Don't worry, everything in the course is 100% legal, safe and will not get you banned. I never ask for your username or password and there are no illegal programs to install. Some people will tell you that you can just buy gold from a gold farmer. And those same people will be complaining about how their account got banned! Don't be an idiot and just get the damn course, how much more convincing do you need? This is your way out of being poor and stupid in World of Warcraft.

This course is also always kept up to date and you will receive free updates throughout Cataclysm. I will include new items and new techniques the minute we start using them.

What You Will Learn

Here is a sneak preview of what you idiots will learn. This isn't even a fraction of the things that are included in this course, but important things I feel the need to touch on so you know what you can expect to get because I don't want to hear any whining later on.

Go from 0 Gold to 100 in a less than 1 hour of played time: You will go from 0 to 100 gold, in less than an hour of played time once you start implementing the things you learn in the lessons. You'll learn to do this with a level 1 character. If you already have 100 gold or more GREAT! This is just a sneak peak at how in depth our course really is. It starts you from scratch, absolutely 0 gold, and brings you to gold cap in just 7 detailed lessons. If you have some gold, it will take you even less time to reach gold cap.

Go from 1,000 Gold to 20,000 Gold: The more gold you have the easier and quicker you will reach gold cap. You will go from 1,000 to 20,000 gold in a matter of weeks by logging in for 20 minutes a day. If you want to get there faster, you can log in for a longer period of time, but I don't want to stress you out. Once you understand the lessons of this course and have mastered them, there are no limits.

Go from 20,000 Gold and Beyond: You will get to see how the big how the pro's make their big amounts of gold. By revealing methods that most people have never even thought of much less heard of before, you will see precisely how it is possible to not only get to gold cap, but to get there fast following these methods.

But that's not it, there is more because I don't want to leave anyone in the dark! Here are more of the things you'll learn when you take this course today:

You Will Also Learn...

How to reach gold cap with only a single level 1 character.
What to do and what not to do if you want to make gold.
The secrets to optimizing your World of Warcraft environment to make more gold.
How to make gold with a brand new character in only a few minutes.
How to find instant and guaranteed profits on your auction house with a few clicks.
How to determine the best time of day and week to buy and sell certain items.
How to automatically cancel and post hundreds of auctions with the perfect prices with the click of a few buttons.
How to ensure you will make as much gold as possible by properly pricing items you post on the auction house.
How to always know the right price to buy and sell an item for, including how to receive instant notification when an item hits a certain price.
The details of doing cross-faction trading to take advantage of the most lucrative gold making opportunities.
How to detect and capitalize on big changes to the game before and after they happen.
How to use trade chat and price negotiating skills to make even more gold from the people you trade with.
... and of course much more!

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