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How A Simple Discovery Turned a Former Office Minion into a Full Time Horse Racing Expert...

Dear Betting Friend,

If you found this page, then you’re extremely lucky as Victor Value is at your service to help you make serious profits from Horse Racing.

Victor Value has been betting on horses for over 20 years and professionally for 10 years. Bets For Today is delighted to have secured a deal to have him on board as he knows EXACTLY how to make steady and sustainable profits from betting on horses.

Tired of Making Rubbish Money From Investments?

That’s totally understandable, with the way the economy is right now, nobody is making any money from having a few quid sitting around in their savings account.

Victor has been putting his money to work for him in the best way he knows how! Finding great value winners and delivering an annual Return on Investment of over 20%. Unless you’ve got a savings account paying crazy interest rates, then you’re not fulfilling your potential.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Ah, the million dollar question. Nobody is going to promise you big flash sports cars or luxury yachts, that’s not how we operate. Victor makes superb profits and as for how much, well it all depends on your bankroll as everything is relative in life. You’ve heard the saying, money makes money.

Let’s assume a bet of £25 per race, then here is what Victor has delivered.

2011 – 232 points profit, that’s £5,800 of clear profit and a Return on Investment of 26.30%

2012 – 211 points profit, that’s £5,275 of clear profit and a Return on Investment of 24.00%

2013 – 240 points profit, that’s £6,000 of clear profit

2014 (up to May 31st) - 130 points profit, that's £3,250 of clear profit

Of course, if the stakes were upped to £50 per bet, then the results are looking even better again. Oh and don’t forget that gambling winnings in the UK are untaxed, so those profits actually equate an annual wage of approximately £16,000

2011 – 232 points profit, that’s £11,600 of clear profit

2012 – 211 points profit, that’s £10,550 of clear profit

2013 – 240 points profit, that’s £12,000 of clear profit

2014 (up to May 31st) - 130 points profit, that's £6,500 of clear profit

Do I Need To Know Anything About Horse Racing?

Absolutely Not! Victor does all of the hard, this is his job and he bets on every single one of the selections that you will receive after signing up today.

Can I expect To Win at Decent Odds?

You certainly can. Victor specialises in the better class racing on Saturdays and at the big racing festivals throughout the year. The big race handicaps are exactly the type of races which get Victor’s juices flowing. In fact the average winning price over past year has been 11/2 (6.50 )

Can I automate this Superb Service?

Yes, that is totally possible, thanks to the wonderful software available on the market. After joining Victor Value Racing we’ll let you know exactly which bits of software we recommend. The beauty of this function, is that because you receive the tips well in advance of the race, you can set your PC up with the bets and then go about your business whilst your PC places bets on your behalf. Automation is only available for bets placed at Betfair and it goes without saying that if you can get better odds elsewhere, then you should be taking those instead.

Who is Victor Value?

A normal person like yourself, who through many years of trial and error managed to learn how to handicap his own races and create his own tissue prices to identify value. Victor wasn’t born with an understanding of how to profit from horse racing, it is very much a learned skill, one which took years to master.

After a series of jobs working for the man, some more interesting than others, but ultimately not rewarding enough, he was determined to change his life for the better. Following a couple of years of successful betting, he quit the day job and went full time and hasn’t looked back since.

Victor has since built up a wealth of contacts within the industry and accurately handicaps many feature races, that sometimes fly in the face of popular opinion.

When you take up the superb opportunity you have to join Victor Value now, you will soon be on the receiving end of fantastic winning tips and excellent personal support.

Oh and if you were wondering, Victor Value is a pen name. Victor’s real name is top secret as he’s already had bookmaker accounts limited, so it’s a case of safety first in that respect. It really doesn’t matter though, you’ll be receiving quality betting advice and winning horse racing tips, so he could be called John, Paul, George or Ringo for what it matters.

Does This Service Contain any Complicated Staking Systems?

No, not at all. Victor likes to keeps things simple. All tips are 1 point level stakes with occasional 2 point level stakes. If you usually bet £10 per bet, then 1 point for you is £10. It really is as simple as that.

Victor’s daily email will show you the horse, the course, the time, the points to stake and most importantly the reasoning behind the selection. Victor doesn’t expect you to place a bet without understanding why he has chosen it.

This is a very personal service and Victor is keen to foster a community of like-minded individuals and for everyone to enjoy winning together.

Quick Recap Of What You Get With Victor Value Racing

  • Tips Delivered well before racing starts
  • Tips accompanied with a write-up of bet reasoning
  • Unlimited Support from a betting professional
  • Straightforward Betting Advice
  • Easy To Use – Receive the email, place your bets
  • Manageable Number of Selections 15 to 20 per week
  • Superb odds for winners – Generally 6/1 upwards
  • Free ante post advice – worth £17 per month!

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