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Dear Punter,

Horse Racing is arguably the best money-making opportunity on planet earth, yet very few people understand it. If they did, most of them would ditch their 9 to 5 “noose” and start cashing in on the exciting world of horse racing!

In less than 2 minutes you will have all the information you need to make a very important decision. You're about to be offered an opportunity that 97% of punters out there will never have.

I'm not here to beat around the bush, I'm certainly not here to waste your precious time and if you can spare a couple of minutes you'll be rewarded with not just a powerful horse racing system, but...

You'll understand why 90% of all punters lose more than they win
You'll know exactly when and when not to bet on horse racing
You'll receive a simple step by step guide to succesful lay betting
You'll boost your confidence and consistency up to 100%
You'll be taught the professional approach to horse racing

If you want to bet like a professional then you need to understand the different types of betting approaches out there!

Now before you turn and walk away, please hear me out. I know you've probably heard rumors about someone who has “lost their shirt” betting on horse racing....and maybe some of the rumors are true. I'll be the first to admit horse racing can be risky if you don't know what you are doing, or you approach it with a “gambling” mentality. Usually, those who lose a lot of money have “bet the farm” on a hot tip from a friend who knows nothing about the industry.

At Value Lay, we've had many punters join us who have come from a losing streak and win on a consistent basis. We know that our system works and we know that punters love it!

Over 500 punters have passed through our door and seen the success that the Value Lay System can bring you. If you want to be on the winning side of horse racing then you need a system that works on a consistent basis.

What we want to offer you is the chance to replicate the exact results that the Value Lay System fires out daily!

This simple to use system gives you the opportunity to bet like an absolute pro and reap the benefits that so many other punters are claiming every single day.

You don't need to be an expert, you don't even need to know a thing about horse racing because this system does everything for you.

You are literally seconds away from obtaining the most powerful horse racing system that has ever been available. You're probably thinking that's a bold statement but when you see the results that we produce with this system, you'll soon see why this statement is actually modest.

This system not only returns consistent profit, but it empowers you in way's that other systems can't. With the Value Lay System working for you, you will understand why you're winning. This helps you to understand how you can better your game and safeguard other bets.

This system does not use luck to pick winners. It uses variable factors from the most important sources in horse racing to calculate which horses won't win in a million years.

It's a well known fact that the professional punter uses a multitude of systems to keep on top of the bookies.

Because no system on the planet wins everyday, professional punters mix and match their systems accordingly to make sure that they can win everyday.

Laying systems don't generally make as much profits as backing systems or place systems because of the odds ratio associated with them.


Lay systems are probably the most important systems to any professional. Using them alongside other good backing or laying systems, they can allow for higher risk bets without losing confidence.

The Value Lay System has proven that it can make huge profits by itself but, if you already have a system that you use and makes you money you can practically "double up" on almost a daily basis!

Value Lay System
Can be used on its own or alongside other great systems to maximise profits!
Safeguard your higher risk bets and insure them with consistent winning lays!
Acheive a better understanding of horse racing with this complete manual!
No Experience needed! Get started in less than 5 minutes!
Take the risk out of your betting and use a laying system that has proven itself time and time again!

If you want full control of your bets from now on then you need to act now and secure your copy of the Value Lay System.

With limited copies available this is no time to be indecisive, we've slapped a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on Value lay System so that you can get it today and take your time to think about it!

Through extensive research we've calculated that only 600 punters can use this system without effecting prices of selections, customer support and competitiveness.

When too many people try to bet on one particular selection, if you are familiar with betting you will have noticed that prices become flooded and either go too high or too low to offer value.

With Value Lay System, you bet on short priced favourites to lose. What this means is that there is usually more than enough money in the pool to accomadate your stake.

With other systems the price is usually hammered so much that if your unlucky enough to be betting later than others you don't get the price promised. This is just one of the reasons why we are putting a limit on copies sold.

Another reason why we have been forced to limit copies is that we want to offer you the most personal experience and support. We want to be sure to meet your needs and keep the information within the smallest group of punters possible.

We don't want the whole world knowing about this system and the information that's inside. This would mean that too many punters would be doing the same as you and nobody would get their bets matched.

The system comes with a simple to follow manual so wether you're new to horse racing or a complete betting veteran you'll be able to easily and quickly follow it to acheive the amazing results that we get!

Inside the box:

The easy to use, complete step by step guide to using the Value Lay System!
The unique Value Lay System Tool to enhance usability and make the process super fast and error free!
The Value Lay System Professional Staking Plan!
24/7 Expert Customer Support Included!
Bonus Value Lay System Picks Guide and Bonus Systems and more....

If you aren't winning on a regular basis at the bookies then you seriously need to think about how you are going to change your fortunes.

The Value Lay System is your mentor, your guide and your best friend. You simply enter the data and it does the rest for you.

This is not a system that is really just an ebook, with Value Lay System you actually get a system for predicting losing horses that on paper should win. Knowing which horse in a race is going to lose is a very powerful piece of knowledge and used correctly can make you a fortune!

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