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Betting with value is the only way to beat the bookies long-term.

That’s a fact. Let me explain why.

If two average Premier League teams play each other 100 times in a row I know that approximately half of those matches will end with the home team winning, a quarter will end in a draw and the other quarter will be an away win.

Therefore, the price on a home win will be around 2.00, 1/1 or evens. However you prefer to think of it.

If you – the punter – put £100 on the home win in all 100 matches and 50 of them end in a win for the home team, you will win half of your bets and lose half, ending up with no profit or loss overall.

Make sense?

Ok… imagine that the Bill the bookie factors in some profit in each match and only offers you 1.80 (4/5) for the home win. You still lose 50 x £100 but you only make £80 on each winner, losing you £1,000 overall. Not good!

However, if the Bill gets his pricing wrong and offers 2.20 (6/5) for the home win you make £120 each time and end up with £1,000 profit.

This is the key to betting! You must find prices that the bookie gets wrong.

In the real world, of course, the same teams do not play each other 100 times in a row, but 100 different matches which have value bets will perform in a similar way.

So how do we find value?

We have built a massive database which covers 24 leagues around the world. There are comprehensive stats for every single team over many seasons – it’s quite incredible!

A very clever piece of software looks at upcoming fixtures, analyses all the data on each team and comes up with an idea of what the price should be for a number of bets; home win, draw, away win, both teams to score, over 2.5 goals, etc.

It then runs off to Betfair, collects their prices and calculates how much value is present for backing or laying.

All we do is pick out the best value bets. Dead easy!

So that was five winners out of six as straight bets, traders may well have made a profit from the lot. Impressive!

I would not have bet on all six myself, I would have picked out the best in terms of value and risk/reward. Members are shown how to narrow possible selections down which gives optimum returns.


Selections Done For You

If you are short of time – or you can’t be bothered to find your own bets in the Database – no problem! Each day you will have access to Daily Best Bets which has already done all the hard work for you. Even a busy Saturday won’t take up more than ten minutes of your precious time.

These are all straight bets, so put them on with a favorite bookie and carry on with your life. There is no need to monitor what’s going on and no need to trade; though of course you can if you wish. The latest profit/loss numbers can be found on the results page along with videos showing how it all works.

There is no way on earth it could be easier to make money from football betting!

  • Place your bets and walk away
  • No trading required
  • Use Betfair or your favorite bookie

Get in the Real World, Pip

In the Charles Dickens novel we all know that Pip always had “Great Expectations”, but how long would he survive in the gambling world with such expectations? We will explore the myths and the truths about this world in which we operate, to see if Pip could survive and flourish, or if his hopes would perish under the weight of his expectations.

Most people enter the world of gambling either for a bit of fun/relaxation, or to hopefully make a little bit of profit. If you do this on a weekly/monthly ad hoc basis for just a few quid here and there, not really worrying about whether you win or lose, that is absolutely fine. You know that the worst that could happen is you lose a couple of £/€ a week and as long as you don’t get drawn in any further then you will come to no harm.

Here we are now in the 21st century, we all have access to the Internet (not all but the vast majority) and when we surf the net we look for things that we are interested in. For the gamblers amongst us this means that they will eventually land on Betting/Tipster sites. They will look at the Sales page and maybe see a sports car parked in the drive of a mansion house, with a guy sat on the bonnet showing his sparkly smile. This does exactly what it is meant to do. It raises your expectations to such a level that you want to join that site/that tipster immediately, because you want a sports car so badly and the mansion house would be very nice too, and I bet it’s got a swimming pool too, but that will be round the back.

Yes the tipster does have a results page but you can’t see it because you have been already dazzled by the sales page and you can’t see past that sports car. So now you are all of a flutter wanting to get started betting on the tips you get. Actually it starts ok and you make a little money in the first week. At last you have found the Holy Grail (why didn’t I find it earlier?!). You feel infallible and so the following week you put larger stakes on, that way I will make more money quicker, can’t wait!! Oops, how did that happen, he has had a loser, oh well I am sure it will be only the one. No it’s not, he has had 3 losers on the trot in one day and I have been putting big money on them. What I made last week has disappeared in just one day.

One bad day may not put a member off a site, but one bad week may, or one bad month almost certainly would. Is that fair though? Is the tipster giving out rubbish tips or is the member totally unrealistic with his/her expectations, a little like Pip.

When you first saw that site what were your expectations? Yes you saw the house and the car and no doubt your expectations soared, but did you actually put a figure on them, or did you just think this time next week I will be a millionaire? Yes it is nice to have expectations, but it is necessary to keep those expectations to a realistic level. Pip has got great expectations, but we as Bettors/Traders should have more realistic expectations that suit our Bank and our Stakes. If you start with a Bank of £1,000 please don’t expect that Bank to be £5,000 by the end of the first month, that has never been done in the history of the world and never will be.

An experienced Bettor/Trader will have the expectation of making 10% increase on Bank per month. That is an experienced Trader, for anyone just starting out, if you can get through your first year with a break even figure you have done extremely well, and will make profit in the future. For a competent Trader they will have good days when they can make 3/4/5% but these days will be rare and cannot be sustained over a long period, as the risks would be too high. What they do though is to make up for the days when you don’t make a profit. So breaking it down into one day at a time, if you are aiming for 10% per month you would in fact be looking for just 0.3% per day. If you had a Bank of £1,000 that would be a profit of just £3 on the first day.

You need to think about that.

If you think that a £3 profit from a Bank of £1,000 is not much, then your expectations are far too high, and the chances are that you will lose your Bank at some point in the coming months, because you will start taking too many risks, by staking too high, or playing without value on your side, or playing on games you should steer clear of, and all of these will catch you out at some point. If you are realistic in your expectations and accept that 0.3% per day is a good return you will be rewarded. If you had a Bank of £1,000 and you go with the 0.3% per day, compounding as you go, then at the end of the year your Bank will have trebled to £3,000, which would be an outstanding achievement.

You need to use your Bank as an investment tool, the increases will be small to start with but as your Bank grows so does the possibility of it gaining speed due to the compounding effect. Greed is the trigger that gets your expectation levels to skyrocket and in the end it is greed that will kill your Bank, as you over expose it with staking ratios that are far too high for the capital you have available.

No, unfortunately our Pip would not have survived in the gambling world, his expectations too high, so the house would be built on very unstable footings and come crashing down onto that sports car. Modify your expectations and the pressures on you will reduce, your Bank will develop at a sustainable level, which may not seem great to start with but at just 0.3% per day that £1,000 would be £250,000 in 5 years time.

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