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Would you like to learn how to trade tennis but don't have a clue where to start?

Perhaps you are getting bored of the same old Tennis trading strategies that have been around for years and don't work as well as they used to?

Or Maybe, You are frustrated at seeing and knowing there are people making a mint from Tennis Trading who wont tell you how??

Well, Total Tennis Trading is the solution!

Dear Betfair Aficionado!

Every day, you will see MILLIONS of pounds traded on the Tennis markets on Betfair and Tennis is by far the most profitable trading sport. So it is no surprise that there are many people out there all trying hard to learn how to trade these exciting markets.

When you have Total Tennis Trading you simply don't need to own any other Tennis Trading books as we have it all covered. You will get access to EIGHT PROFITABLE STRATEGIES that cover everything from the Beginners level to Intermediate and even Advanced strategies too!

This is alongside all the information you need to know about Tennis Trading in general so even if you are a complete newbie you can get to grips with the market and fast track your progress.

For a ONE OFF fee you gain access to our members area and the 4 Total Tennis Trading Manuals & TEN Videos along with Tournament Analysis and a never ending supply of BONUS strategies and LIFETIME updates. The markets are constantly evolving and so we have to keep our strategies up to date in order to keep them profitable!

As you may know if you have checked out any of our previous products, we hire the best Sports Trading Analysts and look over hours and hours of Data in order to produce our Strategies. For Total Tennis, We have looked over 5000 in-play match charts and tested the strategies across the whole of a year in order to find the very best entry points and exit points for your trading needs.

The Importance of a Tennis Trading Portfolio

Something we always stress is that you cant rely on one single strategy or method to make your money with. You must have a selection of methods at your disposal in order to counteract the losing runs. So there isn't much point spending BIG money to gain just one method when you can spend the same money and get a whole Portfolio of Tennis Trading methods for the same price!

With the Total Tennis Trading package you will have methods to trade all sorts of tennis matches from those with a strong favourite to those with two evenly matched players and both Mens & Womens matches!

To put it lightly, ALL Professional traders will operate with a range of methods. There is no single Golden Goose in this game, you have to have several investment techniques and strategies in order to make long term profits.

The Main Benefits Of Tennis Trading

One of the best reasons for learning how to trade Tennis is that you can easily turn this into a full time living. There is plenty of money in the Tennis markets to be had and there are loads of matches on a daily basis all year around.

Benefits of Betfair Trading

So What Do You Get?

When you sign up to Total Tennis Trading you pay a one off fee and gain instant access to EVERYTHING listed below. As soon as you pay, you get instant access. Even if its 3-4am!

NO additional fees, NO monthly payments, NO hassle and NO catch!

  • 4 Tennis Trading Training Manuals
  • 8 Powerful Strategies
  • 10 Tennis Trading Training Videos
  • Members Area Access
  • Bonus Strategies
  • Up coming Tournament Analysis
  • Life Time Updates & Members Benefits

The Eight Strategies Included Are:

These are all In-Play strategies and you can use these on most in-play tennis matches. Every Method included in the package comes along with Real life working examples including Screen shots and Videos. This helps show and prove that our methods work exactly how we describe and so you wont have any nasty surprises when you come to trade them yourself.

The Beginners Strategies are the KISS Method, Flip Reverse and the Yo Yo Method which are designed to ease you into the Tennis Trading markets. We have updated and adapted some classic methods and also shown you how to create risk free positions.

The Intermediate Strategies are the Double Back Strategy and the Fifty-Fifty method. These methods might be for Intermediates but are just as easy to learn and operate.

The Advanced Strategies include the Point Break Method, Two Point Method and The Cash Cow Method. These are scalping methods which can be done on a point by point basis and are fully explained. These advanced methods are slightly trickier to learn but are by far the most profitable of all the methods.

The Videos show our Advanced methods in action. You can pause, and rewind certain parts to see just how the methods are done by the professionals using professional trading software too.

8 powerful trading strategies

How Much Does This All Cost? Is it affordable for a newbie?

Most Systems on the market are normally priced @ $27-37 per method and considering you are getting 8 methods plus Videos & bonuses you should expect that access to this package should be in the region on $200+!

The Good news is that we recognise that in the current economical climate, not everyone has hundreds of pounds or euros to spend on trading products.

Which is why we are currently offering an unbeatable Special Offer..

*Note: We can and will increase this offer again with no notice given.

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