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Hello Betfair Trader!

Every day there are traders making their full time living purely from trading football matches. We know that there are hundreds of people searching the Internet all the time for profitable football trading strategies only to find the same old useless systems! You might also read blogs and Internet forums where some traders will boast about huge profits without revealing just how they did it.

Well now, you can find out exactly how it’s done!

The Total Football Trading package has been created by professional traders who make a substantial amount every week from trading football on Betfair! We have created a product which means you simply don't need to buy any other systems. Hence the name, TOTAL Football Trading ! This is totally everything you need to trade football. This isn't just one system on its own, this is a whole portfolio of different strategies and systems. With this you can trade any sort of football match and make a profit!

It’s Mark Andrews here from SES Trading UK. I hope that you are just as excited about this product as I am.I have personally tested all the methods within the package and they work superbly. Those who are new to Football Trading will be in heaven as this is by far the most complete Betfair football trading package ever released!

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Do you understand the importance of having a portfolio?

Hopefully you do, as many football traders make the same mistake of only using one method to trade with. Every match is different and there isnt one simple method that will work with all of them. Its crucial you have many different trading methods up your sleeve just like the financial traders do. That is why we have given you 10 different Football Trading Strategies There will be times when one method isnt profitable but you can still make money via all your other methods! Thats the biggest benefit of having a strong portfolio of trading and investment strategies!

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There are plenty of people now making a living from Betfair trading. The professionals that are currently trading Betfair all enjoy a lot of benefits and you can too! When you are a professional Betfair trader you can:

Benefits of Betfair Trading
The BEST thing about trading football is that most matches take place on evenings and weekends! So you can trade in your spare time and make a second income!

The key features of the Total Football Trading Package include:

  • 10 Powerful Trading Systems
  • Pre-match & In-play Strategies
  • The Members Area Access
  • New, Improved & 100% Tested methods

You get this

Members Card


Once you pay the one-off fee this will automatically make you a lifetime member of Total Football Trading which will grant you access to our members area where you can read our manuals and also test our BONUS strategies too. As a member you will get access to our members only forum which will give you the chance to learn tips and secrets from other members as well as be a chance to gain additional support for your football trading. As mentioned earlier, this is all for a ONE-OFF fee and you never have to pay another penny!!

The TEN strategies included are:

10 powerful trading strategies

The important thing to remember about football trading is that there isn’t one simple strategy that fits all the games. There are so many variables at work in each and every match and so you will actually need a whole portfolio of trading strategies if you want to make profits. That is exactly what you are getting in the Total Football Trading package.. A PORTFOLIO of strategies and systems!

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Enough with the sales speak, How much does this cost?

If you look around the Internet and find other Betfair trading systems on sale you will normally see one system on sale for around £47. Considering you are getting TEN systems in this package should mean this package should cost £370 at least! £470 would actually be quite a fair price considering all the information you are getting.

However, the actual current price will surprise you!!!

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