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Hey Mate!

Daniel Soulsby here

Give me just a few minutes of your time and I guarantee you will learn how to access the UK's Foremost Tipsters PLUS other resources and betting strategies that allow you to make more punting profits in a month than most make in a lifetime!

Like David, Neal, Michael, Clive and 100's of ecstatic punters!

And you'll do it too WITHOUT:

- Spending a bloody fortune on tipsters who talk a big game ...but are miserable failures when it comes to winners.

- Struggling with expensive and complex systems that take forever to figure out and then produce terrible results.

- Straining and sweating over forms, charts and results for hour upon hour only to lose your hard-earned money

Listen, the best part is:  I've cut out the hard work, frustration and overpriced fees you would normally pay to find the premier tipsters in the UK.  

This really is "THE BEST OF THE BEST!"

And I'm so confident you will not only profit with these exclusive winning tips, that you will be absolutely thrilled and ecstatic...

...I'm backing up every word on this page with a full, money-back guarantee. More on that in a bit

If you’re sick and tired of getting "sucked in" by one awful tipster after another...

... the outrageous charges...
... and the dismal outcomes...
... believe me when I say...

“You Are On The Verge Having Your Mind Blown
By The Winners You’ll Be Hitting!”

Let me switch gears here for a moment, because I’m certain some of you reading this are thinking...

“Here’s another lying internet marketing scumbag!”

Am I right?  And I don’t blame you... Really.

I can't tell you how many times I found myself being drawn in (make that taken in) by the outrageous "rags to riches" tall tales of the fake punting "gurus."

I don’t even want to think about the money I wasted on tipsters, programs and "secret systems."

And the money I lost...

"Rock-bottom Was Losing Over £11,000 One Day
On A Well-known, Expensive Tipster's
"Sure Thing."

(I won't say who, but trust me, you'd know the name.)

I don't care who you are, losing that kind of money is embarrassing, it makes you ill, and it makes you bloody mad!

At this point, you might be expecting a glamorous account where I claim to have discovered horseracing's "secret" or hired a "genius" programmer or met with a dying punting legend.

You've seen those pages and like me, probably rolled your eyes at their rubbish.

I like a good story but my journey was actually kind of boring and tedious. (Unless you think years of studying and pulling multiple "all-nighters" makes for an exciting tale.)

But The End Results Are FANTASTIC!

Many of you may know me from Football Betting Tipsters.

For several years we've given football bettors some very profitable tips. It's not an easy thing to bet football successfully long term.

But we've become very, VERY GOOD at it.

So I set out to be just as successful in horseracing.

"I'd Heard Of A Select Few Of THE Most - Respected And Successful Tipsters In Horse Racing... So, I Set Out To Discover Them"

I began tracking the results of UK tipsters.

I ignored their porkies adverts and splashy websites and concentrated only on real results.

Some of the blokes were excellent but most were an outright pathetic waste of money.

I spent a small fortune subscribing to and tracking 100s of the UK's top tipsters.

Here's a sample of some of my recent research (names have been changed):

I was determined to weed out the frauds and discover only the elite few tipsters who were consistently profitable.

I even created a program to "crunch the numbers" on 100's of tipsters, comparing profits, hit rates, average odds and more.

Some suffered through horrendous losing streaks... as did their followers...

...while others almost always seemed to be "riding high."

Checking and double-checking the results for more than two years, I eventually settled on three out of the 100's I started with.

"The Cream of the Crop of UK Tipsters"

But I wasn't done there.

Based on my successful football background I began applying my own set of conditions to each of the elite tipster's selections.

I was looking for -

  • Action every day, not simply one or two tips once in awhile
  • Real value selections at good odds, not just low-priced favorites
  • Consistent, high-percentage winners

I narrowed my selections down to the best of the very best and…

…The Results Left Me Speechless!
£37,212.50 In The Bank In 12 Months!

See for yourself here.

Believe me, IT FEELS GREAT to make withdrawals like this!

How would you feel about amounts like that flowing into your account day-after-day, week-after-week or year-after-year?

Think about it- Over lunch-time coffee you check your email and get your bets in. And you’re done for the day…

… until you check your winning results that night!

Average blokes like you and me are easily, quietly pulling out wads of cash from the bookies every day.

Like David, Neal, Michael, Clive and 100's of other ecstatic punters!

"What If You Knew What They Know?
What If YOU Had Access To Premier
Tipsters At A Fraction Of The Cost?"

Now You Can!


As a subscriber to The Racing Tipsters, you'll...

Get Daily WINNING tips via email

Receive WINNING TIPS from THE BEST UK tipsters

Save £1,000's in expensive tipster fees

Grow your accounts WITHOUT a huge starting bank

FORGET useless, complicated betting "systems"

SAVE HOURS of tedious studying & hard work

Get HIGH-ODDS tips, not just low-priced favorites

Have PLENTY OF ACTION with daily winning tips

At The Racing Tipsters, we carefully and meticulously select and track each of our elite tipsters and every one of their tips.

After a thorough analysis and then applying our own set of specific conditions, the selected tips for UK tracks are emailed to our subscribers every racing day.

Our tips are "The best of the best." GUARANTEED!

You'll get real, profitable tips, the very same kind of winning tips that have made me over £35,000. But...

... at a fraction of the cost.

We've chosen the best tipsters AND their best tips...

AND we have paid all of their subscription fees, £4,241.80 as of right now. However...

“You Won't Spend A Fortune On Expensive Tipsters!”

Some tipsters and tipster services aren't too happy with us here at The Racing Tipsters. In fact, they're bloody hacked off!

They're used to charging subscribers anywhere from £250 to £2,500 a year for tips. And that's just for ONE tipster.

By researching over 100 tipsters, eliminating all but the most profitable, paying more than £4,000 in subscriptions and then passing along the best tips to you at a fraction of the cost...

We're dipping into their pockets... BIG TIME.

No, they are not happy. The Racing Tipsters subscribers certainly are though!

You'd be happy too with months like this one –

Here's a partial list of punters who have recently joined us.

By joining together and sharing in the tipsters’ subscriptions, they’re saving a small fortune while they make a bundle!

The best tipsters are very expensive. You know that.

But first you would have to find the best tipsters. 

At The Racing Tipsters We've Not Only Found
The Best Tipsters...
We've Discovered 3 OF THE BEST.

And we're not resting on our back-sides.

We are constantly monitoring our results while researching additional, new tipsters.

Of course, some "get hot" and on a rare occasion a few may "grow cold."  Streaks happen.

But when one of our tipsters doesn’t perform up to the high standards we've set, they're gone. It's that simple.

As a subscriber of The Racing Tipsters you won't get stuck with useless tips from “has been” tipsters.

We're filtering out all of the frauds, the losers, the crap and the BS!

Because we've "set the bar" very high for our tipsters, and because we're constantly seeking good prices and lots of action..

We're constantly "trying out" tipsters to include in the service.

Only after seeing 60-90 days of good, profitable payoffs from their tips will we then consider passing their tips along to you.

We seek them out, pay their subscription fees and monitor the results so you don't have to!

"So... Here's the Good News...
and The Bad News"

First, the good news.

The tips you'll receive from The Racing Tipsters will be the most profitable horse racing tips available anywhere.

Our current members are thrilled!

And when you start seeing our tips in your inbox, placing your bets and watching your betting accounts BULGE...

You'll be ecstatic too!!!

THAT is no bullsh*t!

You will be joining the "elite 1%" of all punters who actually take money from their bookies on a consistent basis.

Catching all those high-priced winners, without the hours of studying, without the gimmicky software, without the expensive tipster subscriptions...

... you'll be kicking yourself in the ass for not becoming a member of The Racing Tipsters sooner.

If hundreds of us are betting the same horses, the bookies would catch on and the payouts would become pitifully small.

For the lucky punters on this list and for my own selfish reasons (sorry Mate – I like high-priced winners), so we can keep making steady profits for many more years...

... I'm closing this offer down very, very soon.

Zero, zilch, zippo, nada, no mas, nothing, no more after that.

"Listen, It Won’t Take Long
To Fill All Of The Spots"

Here’s what you’re getting –

  • 3 – 10 tips daily from The UK's BEST Tipsters
  • Tips every UK racing day in your inbox every morning  
  • Long shot tips, not just low-priced favourites
  • Save £1,000's in useless tipsters, systems and scams
  • Life-changing profits in your betting accounts
  • Betting systems to increase your profits even more
  • Complete Customer Service Support via email
  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

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