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My name is Jenny K

Let's just say I am a little obsessed with horses... they are my deepest passion! I couldn't imagine life without them.

I've spent my WHOLE LIFE working with horses, learning from them and other like minded individuals.

I am going to share with you an extremely POWERFUL and PROFITABLE secret I've discovered from simply observing and interacting with the people in this industry.

Give me a few minutes and I guarantee you will be absolutely BLOWN AWAY by what you will learn!

Behind each beautiful course in the UK lies a few acres of land known as the "backstretch" here a few 100 workers care for the valualble throrughbreads that compete each day.
I spent pretty much all of my teen years as a backstretch worker at most of the tracks around the UK race circuit and believe me it wasn't easy. A typical day started around 4:30am cleaning stalls, or grooming, training and exercising horses at the track’s on-site stables. It's hard work, precision work. One simple mistake could turn a class 1 winner into a retiree.
I spent months at a time without a day to myself, sleeping in barns and horse trailers,waking before dawn and craving a real bed and a hot bath; but....I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.


Although I no longer work at the tracks, I stay in close touch with many of the people I got to know back then. In fact, I speak to them daily, but I’m getting ahead of myself…

… I’ll tell you more about that in a bit.


You are in a tough spot…I know because believe me I’ve been there!

Waking up earlier than the birds just to study form data and statistics? Why experience the stress that is normally involved in the "ups and downs" of gambling?

Punting on " keep your fingers crossed" selections, when you might aswell close your eyes and point them out yourself?

For a long time, my attempts to top up my meager stable pay was sucked away and wasted on losing bets. Spending every possible free minute hunched over my old laptop waiting for it to load so I could study past performances for that “winning horse” which almost always turned out the same for me…

Spending longer hours going over the stats and charts again and again rarely resulted in winning bets. It only made it harder to get up a few hours later to start the day’s routine.

"Jeremy" (an assistant horse trainer at the time) and the others never took me seriously as a punter, probably because I was a girl, but on this particular day he must have noticed that I wasn't my usual bubbly, cheerful self after suffering through yet another day of losers and barely having enough to cover this months rent!

“Jen,” he almost whispered in the barn as he shook his head. “You’ve got it backwards.” He pointed towards the laptop under my arm.

"Spreadsheets and numbers don't win races!, Your charts and experts and numbers only tell what a horse has done, not what they’re going to do.”


“THAT is how you cash winners.”

I knew exactly what Jeremy was telling me made sense. He was different around the horses but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

I decided then and there to quit loathing him so much and instead attempt to become his new best mate. That decision has paid off for me in ways that can’t be counted.

Jeremy instantly took me “under his wing” and my education was in full swing from that very day.

I Started Calling Him My Racing Insider…

… a name he didn’t seem to mind.


He began sharing things about the horses and their condition that seemingly only a “racing insider” could have known.


What I’d mistaken as a tender gesture on his part, cupping his hand under a horse’s lower jaw for a few seconds, was actually Jeremy checking the colt’s resting heart rate before and again after a workout.

Grooming wasn’t just for the purpose of a horse’s comfort or appearance. It was serious diagnosis. Gentle massages to the back, loin and croup were in reality assessing for soreness and tenderness.

We were cashing in on more races together than I would have won alone and the analysis I collected on my old laptop was even able to help “Jeremy” pick a few extra winners he would have otherwise missed.

Now ask me AGAIN if I like betting on horses!


What we observed, both the good and the bad, would never show up in statistics, past performances or even the most touted tipster picks.

One of the first insider tips to pay off for me was a Maiden that had run flat his first three tries. This muscular bundle of energy seemingly had everything going for him… until he got on the track.

I nearly laughed out loud when Jeremy said, “Today’s the day for Esquire’s Point. Get some big cash on the nose there.”

He told me the big, anxious colt had spent his first night with a goat tied at the foot of the stall. “He slept like a baby and he could beat any of them today.”

Esquire’s Point paid 10/1 and won going away by six lengths.

And there wasn’t a word in the Post about the colt sleeping with a goat in his stall the night before.

I didn’t sleep in the barn that night…

Or any night since then. I’ll leave that to the goats.

The barn goats,

the change in diet,

the “spleen” blowouts,

the extra massage,

the new liniments…  I could go on and on. While all of these can affect how a horse will run…


Unless you’re there, in the barns, at the workouts, caring for the horses, mucking the stalls, you’re never going to be exposed to the factors that make a difference in winning and losing.

Although I no longer work at the tracks, I learned a LOT from Jeremy and I certainly see the effect of the insider information in the results I get from his daily tips.

 And for a STRICTLY LIMITED number of punters my private guy on the track can now be your personal…

Before we go any further I have a confession to make...

Now... You may have suspected that “Jeremy.” is not his real name! and “Esquire’s Point” was not the real horse’s name either.

I’d love to tell you exactly who my mystery man is... but due to the inside connections he still relies on, it’s best we keep his name a secret. Let’s just call him “The Racing Insider.” He likes that..  


It's not your fault that you are not as confident, capable or knowledgeable as you want to be with horses right now!

You just haven't had the right source of information for you to be able to place bets with confidence.

That's about to change.

Have you ever been trying to learn something... and had real trouble understanding it?

And then someone comes along and explains it in a different way... ALL OF THE SUDDEN... you understand EXACTLY what its about! You just get it and you're almost kicking yourself because it seems so simple to understand... why didn't you see it before?

I made 450% ROI (Return on Investment) in 5 Days!

Now I Started 13 months with £30 level stakes and watched it grow to £15,736.59!  Do it with £100 or £200 stakes and in a year you’ll have …

You can do the maths.  It is pretty incredible, isn’t it? And results like that could be yours with The Racing insider working for you.

Punting novice or old “pro,” at the track or at an online bookie, start with £10 or £200; it makes no difference.


I have taken more money from my bookmaker than I actually need and now it's time for you to do exactly the same.

I no longer have to wake up @ 3.30am every morning and work 8 hour shifts, I figured it would be better if I invested in my own stables and that's exactly what I did!

I spend most of my time there caring for and riding the horses in my possession. I recently acquired a beautiful 5 year stallion named Alfie, he's an absolute joy to ride!

The funny thing is, I now spend almost no time poring over the stats and I’m making more money than many doctors, lawyers or accountants!

The service is designed for even the smallest of betting banks,

As your bank increases so too can your stakes over the weeks/months The result: a blossoming bank just waiting to be cashed in by every lucky punter involved..

There’s no complicated calculations, no indecipherable charts, no late nights studying past performances, no complicated software to swear at.

Read your daily email and place the bets.

Think about it…


Bet From Anywhere, Anytime
Over 420 Points Profit to date
No Complicated Software
Steady Streams of Winning Days
No Guesswork
Cashing In BIG Winning Tickets
No More High-Priced Systems
Lots of Action at Tracks Around the UK
No huges stakes required
It does not require a lot of time

Look At What We’re Throwing In At No Extra Cost!



A professional staking plan is what separates most punters from success.  Using the right staking plan can help to turn a hobby in to a second income and should be considered essential.


Many amateur punters lose sight of the importance of a great staking plan. This alone can separate the men from the boys, and if you are still seeking the very best staking plan in the world then your search is over.


If you are serious about making money long term from betting, Super Stake Insider contains everything you'll need to make a killing!




The Racing Insider gives you the opportunity to profit from horse racing every day of the week But I know many of you simply don’t have the time or money to bet during the week.


Many occasional punters will probably pick their horse from the field on the day with the aid of little more than a pin. If you’re one of those punters help is at hand.


This Guide contains more than enough information to satisfy occasional punters and racing enthusiasts alike. Use these methods this coming weekend, and see how often you collect from the bookies!

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