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I've been a professional gambler for 13 years, in that time i ve seen the amazing rise of the online betting world...


What could have been a brilliant, valuable resource has turned into an huge mess of lies, scams and charlatans! Self proclaimed ‘gurus’ who have never had a winning month in their life swarm around the silly stories about “A man who worked in a factory and knew nothing about racing who discovered a ‘secret’ system that made him a millionaire in just 1 month!”. You’ve probably seen a few like that yourself, perhaps even paid for some.

Do any of these sound familiar...

A tipster that shows a list of winners without showing the huge list of losing bets
One of the many amazing systems that claims to make you rich with nothing more than 50 and 10 minutes work every morning
An ebook promising you a complete guide to betting but delivers 50 pages about how to use betfair and a pathetic 1 page system that makes no logical sense

I’d be willing to bet on the fact you’ve stumbled on at least one of them!

So you’ve sat in front of the computer, read the shiny sales page full of amazing promises of wealth and fortune with the butterflies building in your stomach. You tell yourself “this is the real deal, it has to be, this is the golden goose I’ve been looking for!” and in a flurry of excitement, finger twitching with anticipation you hit the buy button. You rush to open the ebook you get from the download page, quickly scanning though the fluff to find the meat of the system. “Brilliant” you may think, it’s so simple!

Then the high crashes, you’ve picked all your horses, you’ve followed all the rules and you’ve watched the hard earned cash in your betting bank drain painfully away - Turns out the system failed to deliver, AGAIN

Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret I’ve fallen for it as well! In my never ending quest to increase my profits and build my betting arsenal, I spent quite literally THOUSANDS of pounds testing new systems.

Of course, I’m not saying all of them are terrible, you do get a few diamonds in the rough, but overall...

99% of everything on the market is about as much use as a racehorse with 3 legs

My name is Adam Devine, along with computer wizard David White and fellow horse racing buff Sam Hepton we’ve teamed up to form the Punter X betting team. Between us we have over 30 years of betting experience and at the start of this website we promised to reveal to you exactly how hard it is to make money from horse racing, so let’s get down to business...

Profitable betting is exactly like any other form of investment. If you combine careful research with solid knowledge and a good plan then you WILL make money. In fact...

You can make a % return on your money that fat cat investment bankers can only ever dream of!

But - and yes it’s a big but if you approach betting in the way many of the self-proclaimed ‘experts’ suggest, placing money on bets made with 30 seconds of flicking though the racing post website, based on rules that usually have little or NO logic behind them , you will lose. It’s exactly the same as having a quick flick though the back of the newspaper, finding the name of a company that you think sounds lucky and putting your entire pension into their stock.

Sure, you may do OK for a while, perhaps even get lucky and make a small profit, but sooner or later it’s all going to end in tears.

I’m not going to lie, even with the right tools, even with the right knowledge, you still need to put some time into finding the winning horses to back. You ask any professional gambler in the world if they can assess the entire days racing in 5 minutes they’ll laugh their socks off!

Making a high income from betting is a close to a full time job, I work at least 4-5 hours a day to make the profits I make. Sorry to break it to you but...

There is no such thing as a lazy way to win!

And that sentence right there is the real truth about making money from horse racing.


This is where being able to read a race has the jump on standard systems. The majority of systems require you to use them every day and bet on every selection, race reading doesn't. If you don t have a lot of time during the day then bet on the evening and weekend races, you can literally just pick and choose when you want to work and how much you want to earn!

You don t have to quit your job, you don t have to make a drastic change to your lifestyle

With a little practice and a little effort, it isn't hard to earn enough to make life easier. Let s face facts, we live in hard financial times. Wouldn't it be nice to have the extra cash to cover your mortgage when the bill lands on your doormat each month Perhaps enough to cover the repayments on that new car you've got your eye on Maybe you don t even need that much, perhaps you just want enough to cover a few weeks somewhere warm in the summer

Close your eyes and think about it for a moment, imagine not worrying so much about the huge phone bill demanding your attention, imagine not wanting to pull your hair out when your car needs to be fixed. These are the sort of benefits that learning to profit from horse racing can have on your life, without risking your financial stability.

On the other hand, you might have the money and time to invest in doing this full time. There are a lot of very attractive benefits to being a professional gambler...
Not having a boss to answer to
Not having to put on a suit and drag yourself though horrible traffic at 8am
Not having to pay a single penny of your income to the tax man (in the UK, winnings from betting aren t considered taxable income)

I could go on and on!

This is the power you get from having flexible and effective skills, it s up to YOU to decide how racing fits into your life you DON T have to make your life fit into racing.
We created the Pro Punter Package to arm you with the skills you need to make sustainable, long term profits from horse racing. It s not just an eBook or a piece of software, it s a comprehensive guide to the profitable aspects of horse racing and complete software package that...

Empowers YOU to join the 1% of punters who actually make a profit from the races!

You can be a total beginner who knows nothing about horse racing or a seasoned punter, no matter who you are or what you do, providing you are willing to learn new skills the Pro Punter Package will provide a realistic, logical and profitable toolset that you can use to make as much or as little profit as you like!

There is no wild hype, no promises of making 100k a year with only 5 minutes work, no made up story about the discovery of a magical system. We don't need it - the Pro Punter Package speaks for itself

There are 4 things required to make astable, long term income from horse racing...

  • The Right Mindset - If you want to make money, you need to learn how to stop thinking of horse racing as a hobby or sport and start thinking of horse racing as a business. Remaining clear headed, analytical and unemotional at all times is vital to being a successful punter
  • The Right Tools - Predicting the outcome of a horse race is something that has many variables, numbers and factors that need to be considered. Whilst of course you could work all these things out with a pad of paper and a pen, a modest race would take you at least 3-4 hours to read. With modern software this process can be reduced to 15-20 minutes at the most.
  • Solid Knowledge of Horse Racing - Believe it or not, this is something that the vast majority of punters simply do not have! People get so obsessed with finding non-existent patterns in past racing results that they forget to learn about fundamental aspects of a race such as weight, the going, the difference courses, distances etc. Without having a solid knowledge of horse racing how can you expect to predict it's outcome with even the slightest bit of accuracy
  • Realistic Expectations - You should not expect to be a millionaire in a year if you start out with 20 and aren't prepared to put at least a little bit of effort into researching your bets. Like any other form of investment the more you put in the more you are rewarded - whilst the rewards can be massive, they won't just fall into your lap

This brings us neatly to the reason why the Pro Punter Package was created. We realized that there was no one product that addressed all of the above needs, let alone in a practical and understandable way. Our intention has never been to give you a set of simple selection rules that you can use, but to give you the power to invest in and profit from betting in a way that suits YOU!

Would you like to...

  • Make consistent, realistic profits from horse racing
  • Have an extra source of tax free income
  • Never waste money on another ‘miracle’ system again

EXPLAINED - How to stop thinking like a Mug Punter and start thinking like a Pro Something that any punter who wants to make long term profits needs to learn but often never does.

FIND OUT - Not only where but more importantly when to place your bets By following this simple strategy you can increase your profit by up to 30% overnight!


LEARN - The essentials of reading form did you know that as much as 90% of it is totally useless when picking a winner


FIND OUT - Which races to look at - 75% of all races are best avoided - Betting on the right races can be the key between a big profit and a big loss!


REVEALED - How to read a race like a pro - profit with the same methods we have developed used for over 13 years


SIMPLIFIED - How you can create effective speed, form, pace and class ratings in minutes with the Pro Punter Software there are so many ways to make money with this software, you are limited only by your imagination!


DEMYSTIFIED - What value really is and why it is the single most important factor needed in order to make a profit. Including a simple sum that will let you know how much value you are getting did you know that finding value is the ONLY way a punter can make solid, long term profits


EXPLAINED - What a betting bank is and how it should be used


LEARN Three sensible staking plans to maximize your profits and survive the inevitable losing runs no high risk betting plans or silly Fibonacci number sequences, just solid strategies that you can use to maximize your profits!


REVEALED - 3 easy to use systems that have made consistent profits for over 5 years - Simple step by step methods that anyone can use to make cold hard cash


All of this is revealed in the Pro Punter Package. It s simply not possible to implement these tools and methods without making a profit...

This super easy to use software combines progressive staking (at a safe level) with place betting to make small but consistent returns on any amount of money you choose to use with it.

You don t have to read form or spend time looking up bets, you just tap in a few numbers between each race and it tells you which horse to back and exactly how much to bet!

Hell, most people would package this up and sell it on its own but we re giving it to you for free!

That s just how we work, we want to give YOU the best deal you can get. Other betting guides have only one aim to make money for the people who regurgitate them. They make wild, un-believable promises and it shows in the disappointment of their customers.

Did you know the average run of the mill betting guide or system has anything from 10% to 40% of it s customers screaming for a refund

In the year that we ve been online 10% of our customers haven t asked for a refund

Not even 5% of our customers have asked for a refund

Hell, not even 1% of our customers have asked for a refund

It s impossible to please everyone, but we think it says a lot about us that out of all the people who ve invested in the Pro Punter Package, only 0.3% of them haven t been satisfied (or just wanted a free lunch, let s be honest). We also pride ourselves on the fact that every single one has been covered by our...

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