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Dear PS3 Owner,

It sucks to have the Yellow or Red light of Death, doesn't it? Or an unfamiliar error code popping up on your screen, or any other PS3 problem?

As I write this, Sony isn't doing anything about fixing the PS3's failure, but still charging the hefty $200 repair fee! To make matters worse, repair shops are also charging hefty fees to fix Sony's problems! 

An article was even featured in a popular newspaper, where a guy claims he was charged $200! 

Anthony Blake, of Brisbane, Australia stated:

No Anthony, that's doesn't seem fair -- and why would it be?

But, there is another way! A simple, fast way for you to have your PS3 back to the way it was not so long ago, with all those games and all that fun!

Today, you're in luck ... Today, it's all possible. Today, your search is finally over!

No More 'Browsing' The Net for a Fix! This is your Final Destination!
No More 'Pain and Heartache' of NOT Having a FUNCTIONING PS3!
No More 'Dangerous' PS3 Fix Methods!
No More Worries About Whether It's Permanent or Not!

"I'm Sick And Tired Of This! -- Why Me!?"


Have you ever been given the cat and mouse game by Sony?

Are you fed up with trying to find an actual way to fix your system -- rather than blindly sending it off to Sony in a box?

How do you feel?

Angry about having to wait 6 weeks ...
Angry about having to pay $200 for SONY'S PROBLEM!
Angry because you can't retain your HDD data ...
Angry and surprised it had to happen to you!

And if you haven't felt this yet, YOU WILL, unless you keep reading.

Sound familiar? I have heard the above scenario MANY times before, and I know how you feel...


Hi! My name is Rob Sheffield.

I am a professional PS3 repairman with a PS3 repair business located in Melbourne, Australia, which I run from home.

I have been in the PS3 repair business for many years now and have been repairing PS3's ever since they first came out.

But in the last 4 years, there has been an increase in a common and frustrating problem among many PS3 users.

That common problem is the Yellow Light of Death and the Blinking Red Light on the PS3, which can easily be repaired from home (D.I.Y), rather than from Sony. I have also noticed that many others problems have arisen on the PS3, which can also be repaired from your own home! 

So how would you like to:

Not have to wait 6 weeks for your PS3 to return to you?
Not have to pay the hefty $200 repair fee?
Permanently get rid of the flashing Yellow Light (YLOD)?
Permanently get rid of the blinking Red Light?
Get rid of any PS3 error code!
Fix any disk reading errors, or the Blu-Ray drive?
Receive your PS3 back, rather than someone refurbished one?
Retain all your hard drive contents (Sony wipes your hard drive clean)!
Fix ANY PS3 problem known to man!?

Well, now you can!

Inside this digital all-in-one set you will learn:

How to permanently fix the Blinking Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)
How to permanently fix the Solid/flashing Red Light
How to permanently fix the Flashing Green Light issue
How to permanently fix the 3 beeps issue
How to permanently fix the Red Screen
How to permanently fix the Black Screen of Death  
How to permanently fix a Freezing Screen (during game-play or during the menu)
How to permanently fix the HDMI issue on your PS3
How to permanently fix the DNS error issue on your PS3
How to permanently fix the No Power issue on your PS3
How to permanently fix the Audio problem on your PS3
How to permanently fix your PS3 Controllers
How to permanently fix the Blu-ray Drive (after freezing and Blu-ray not accepting)

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