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Welcome to SWTOR Savior,

You have just found the MOST COMPLETE resource there is for Star Wars The Old Republic!

Whether you have literally picked up the game today and just logged in or you have been playing since BETA we are confident that SWTOR Savior can improve your game and MOST importantly allow you to have MORE FUN!

SWTOR Savior is quite simply a step by step guide for the ENTIRE game!

We have leveling guides with full color maps for ALL classes AND advanced classes!

We have build guides for PVE (Leveling), PVP, Flashpoints and Operations – complete with full rotations!

We have credit guides that will show you how to use the GTN to make a HUGE amount of credits fast! (Take another look at the proof video above to see how many credits we have!)

We have complete guides to all crew skills in the game – whether you need help gathering, crafting or with the mission skills it is ALL here…

We show you how to dominate the warzones and win at PVP not to mention get EPIC gear in the process!

We have complete guides to ALL Flashpoints and Operations in the game!

We have gear and itemization guides and more to the point – how to get it all FAST!

We are a TEAM! This is not just another crappy written guide! We have been playing since the end of closed BETA!

And Much More...

Beginner's Guide
Is this your first MMORG?
Feeling overwhelmed?

SWTOR Savior has comprehensive beginner guides to help you understand how the game works. Both in written form & HD video guides!

User Interface Guide
First thing's first!

Let's get you all set up with the easiest Interface settings which can make the difference in a heated battle!

You will find that the game will run smoother too!

SWTOR Game Mechanics
Let us show you how the game works from start to finish so you can tell your AoE from your DPS or PVE in no time!

A complete guide to how the builds, leveling, flashpoints and operations work and how to see the game in the fastest time possible!

Beginner Class & Skills Guides
Which ever class you pick will have a primary attribute! You need to make sure you get the right gear for your class that compliments your skills!
We show you to be powerful EVEN in the lower levels!

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