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The Mobile Betting Club is a revolutionary way to generate an extra income using a unique strategy that lets you to walk around a legal loophole in online bookmakers. This method & software was developed over 6 months of in-depth research made possible thanks to my experience on the inside of one of the world’s most reputable online bookmakers.
I spent the last 6 months of my working life in the software management sector of one of the largest online bookmakers in all of Europe. For obvious legal reasons I'll avoid saying who, but what I will say... is that they're NOT as well monitored as you would think.
In-fact all the monitoring done in house is completely automated.. run by the computers that WE programmed. It was near enough IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with the amount of data that the company was loaded with daily.. We were a team of 12, and the amount of transactions that came through the bookies each day would take more than a week to sift through, let alone analyse to regulation standards, there was just no-way it was possible!
From day 1 I knew what I had planned. It was set in stone from the moment I received my employment contract. But it took me 6 months before I gathered enough intelligence to finally create what I would later name the Mobile Betting Club.
It's EXTREMELY easy to understand and it requires no former knowledge or experience in anything other than being able to click a few buttons on your mouse each day.

Oh… and I'm showing you for a very reasonable price…

As soon as you get this strategy, you too will realise how profitable the Mobile Betting Club Software is and I’m sure you’ll join the list of countless other people who have emailed me this week, thanking me for changing their lives!
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Just a quick mention regarding the many fake/scam sites out there. I’m sure that you are in no doubt that there are many unauthorised websites online where they promise you the Holy Grail of betting systems only to be left with a long and drawn out pdf betting system.

These sites are often produced by unscrupulous individuals looking to make a quick buck by tricking you into purchasing their ‘system’ and promising you a lot more than you actually receive, both in the product itself and the results that the product delivers.

The Mobile Betting Club mobile software was created in the summer of 2012 whilst I (Leon Dijskra) was being bombarded with emails from various tipster services offering free trials to promising me profitable returns.

When I scrolled through each sites I noticed that sites werent offering anything that I could use outside of my home or office making it impossible for me to use the sites services whilst on the move!

Some of the services were very high end products and expensive, others were very cheap and looked like they were put together by an amateur at best.

By trade I was an Software Engineer at the bookmakers so I found a solution to my predicament by creating a mobile betting tool kit!

This enabled me to show my selections on mobile or desktop...

The software then matches up all of the ‘agreed’ selections using my extensive research and disregards all of the selections that are nominal.

By doing this it pulls together the most reliable and ‘agreed’ selections regardless of the Form, Odds, RP Rating, Weather, Track etc….

You should basically eradicate everything you think you know about the betting industry…

The Mobile Betting Club will help you achieve your goals, as it has done for me and many others before you…

This basically takes the emotion away from your betting, which in turn makes your betting:


The Mobile Betting Club gives even the newest of punters the fighting chance to make a living from online betting.

There really isn’t any risk or chance of making mistakes with this betting tool kit.

You literally click the software into gear and place your selections via your online bookie.


Can you picture yourself easy tax free money by using my one click software?

Take control of your future now by joining the Mobile Betting Club absolutely risk free!

You can easily win bet after bet like I have done for over a year now by jumping on board and grabbing the App now.

Get involved today and in a couple of months you will have the ability to break free for your mundane job and go out and live your life.

By using The Mobile Betting Club you will finally be able to break free of your shackles and actually enjoy some free time and actually enjoy being profitable from something that you love!

This is the equalizer between the bookmakers and the average guy!

If you don’t have a passion or love for racing, don’t worry. You can still use the software to make a ton of money within 7 days!

Remember Everything You Need To Be Financially Self Reliant Is On This Page…


You will receive a unique username and password that guarantees you a life time licence which will give you the empowerment you have been looking for in order to design your own life….


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