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Dear Slot Machine Player and Friend,

Are you interested in being “let in” on some almost unknown “insider” secrets to winning serious amounts of cash from the slot machines... almost every day you play?

If so, what you're going to read in this letter will probably give you a “mental orgasm”:

You see, I'm going to tell you some things about this amazing gambling game you've never heard before.

Things that will swell your “greed-glands”... and possibly... triple your heart rate... because... they can easily win you a lot of cold, hard cash in the next few days.

Also, I'm going to tell you some things that will make you very angry and, might even stop you from ever playing the slot machines again.

So please, read this letter very carefully. Every word is true and it has taken me the better part of my lifetime to discover what I am now about to reveal to you.

Okay, let's get started: My name is Bill Stone. I am a professional slot machine player (have been for the last 13-years). Actually, I do NOT consider myself a “gambler” in the normal sense of the word. In fact, I'm something of an “underground celebrity” in the casino world – and I'm often referred to as the “World's Leading Casino Analyst”. Why? Simple: Because I have spent years meticulously studying the patterns of slot machines and, developing and fine-tuning a proven system for winning BIG money... almost every day you play. I could tell you a lot more about my successes, but I'm not going to. You see my secret boils down to this...

I Can Tell You ... In ADVANCE... With Almost 100%
Certainty... Which Slot Machines Are “Ripe” For Paying Out...

But that's not all. I also know quite a few secrets (secrets nobody else can tell you about) that... once, you too, know them... will make winning on the slot machines an almost dead-certainty for you.

Would you like to be let in on my “hush-hush”, closely-guarded secrets... so you too can quietly profit from playing the slot machines?

If so, “hang with me” for a few more minutes... and I'll divulge some “insider” secrets... that will mean... if you want to... you'll never have to work a “regular job” again. However, before I get “cranked-up” and start telling you all about my amazing new system for quietly and guiltlessly making up to $1,000 a day -- (that's about $30,000 a month!) -- from the slot machines, there are a few more important details you need to know about me:

#1: I am not “connected” with anyone; nor do I work for any company or casino, which has anything whatsoever to gain financially... by tricking you, or luring you into feeding your hard-earned money into their slots machines.

#2: I have no business or financial qualifications that give me a mathematical advantage over anybody else – I'm just a regular guy.

#3: I also do not have some sort of photographic memory that allows me to remember complex patterns or combinations; and...

#4: The last and perhaps the most important “detail” you should know about me is this:

Unfortunately I Am NOT God!

Why do I mention this last, rather obvious fact? The answer is simple: There is no such thing as guaranteed winnings on the slot machines. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just plain crazy. You see, for that to be true, you truly would have to be getting your advice from God... and... I must come clean here... and confess... as far as playing the slot machines is concerned, I do NOT have an “insider connection” to HIM either.

Look, all I'm trying to communicate to you here is this: If you can't deal with a certain amount of risk, this information is not for you and, you would probably be wise to...

Stay Away From The Slot Machines... Stay Away From
Any Other Type Of Gambling... Stay Away From Any
Kind Of Investment Opportunity ... And... In All Honesty...
You Should Probably Never Get Out Of Bed Again!

Life is a risk. Gambling is a risk. Period!

However, if you're the kind of “player” I think you are... your mind is going to reel with ecstasy over what you read next.

Listen: I swear on my mother's life that I have... for real... created the most profitable and virtually foolproof way to make enough money every day from the slot machines... so you never have to live like a “working drone” again.

Now, to understand why my system works so well, you first need to know a certain “something” that forms the bedrock of my system's success:

Over Time... The Slot Machines Will Suck You Dry Of
Every Last Penny You Have!

Does that sound a kinda odd statement coming from a guy who is promising to tell you how to consistently make money from the slot machines?

I guess it is.

But it's the truth!

Look, all I'm trying to say is... my system will work for you... if... you are adult enough to stay away or “walk away” from any machine that is not “ripe” for spitting out an avalanche of coins – (I'll tell you exactly how to tell in just a moment).

So, here is Rule #1:

Don't Even Think About Playing The Slot Machines...
Unless You Have At Least A Modicum Of Patience!

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying you have to have the patience of a saint. No. I'm simply saying that you need to first observe... and also... get a “feel” for which machines are “hot” for paying out – BIG TIME!

Here's the truth: the number one BIGGEST reason why 99% of people lose money on the slot machines... is because... they get too “horny” for the natural excitement fix a player gets from winning money.

And, alas, when most people win some money through gambling... they become instantly “addicted” to that natural high... and so... continue to chase that “feeling” like a starving man on the hunt for his next meal.

Which, brings us nicely to Rule #2:

Always Enter A Casino, With A “Business Mentality”...
So You Never Spend More Time Than Is Necessary
Playing The Slot Machines!

Did you know that it in any kind of gambling... that it is not necessarily the best “gambler” that wins the most money... or... wins the most often?

Instead: Over time it is always the person who is best at controlling his or her emotions that wins the most money!

And, that is why my “Slot Machines Mastery™” guide is, I believe, the most profitable and virtually foolproof system in the entire world... because... it is the only one that is based on two real core secrets about winning at the slot machines; namely:

Core Secret #1:

Knowing How To Tell... With Almost “Swiss Watch”
Accuracy... Which Machines Are “Pregnant” For Dumping
BIG Winnings Into Your Pockets!


Core Secret #2:

How To Make Almost 100% Certain...
You KEEP All The Cashola You Win!

Imagine: If you know exactly how to tell if a slot machine is “primed” for spurting out money... and... you know how to “unlock” that money... and... perhaps most importantly... you know how to keep that money: it is almost impossible not to come away from the slot machines with more money than you started with.

And, it is for these reasons that I'm betting... once you put my system to the “field test”... and... started pocketing money for yourself... you'll begin to feel like...

The Person That Cannot Lose!

But, what I have just told you does not even come close to revealing all my winning secrets. Trust me, when you take possession of “Slot Machines Mastery™” you're gonna be as deadly as a rattlesnake in a mouse cage!

In fact, here's a WARNING: some of my scorching secrets maybe just a little too hot for you to handle right now. Look, although all of my secrets are 100% legal... some of them will possibly make you feel a little guilty. You see, many people feel a little guilty about not having to work hard to make money. And, when you start making more money through gambling than your “normal” job – you may feel that somehow it is not “right”. Perhaps you'll get a little nervous... and maybe even develop a guilt-complex... that leads you (in a rash moment) to... confess your “unfair advantage” to the casino management. So, if the thought of easily winning BIG money on the slot machines... almost every day you play... makes you feel nauseous... you should probably NOT read my book.

That is why it is only fair for me to help you decide if my book is for you or not, by printing some of the titillating and shocking secrets revealed in it:

  • The 3 different types of “basic” (or flat top) slot machines... and which one you should never tangle with – unless you get a buzz outta being fleeced out of your bankroll!

  • How the casinos use a downright sneaky technique to dupe you into sinking your hard-earned cash into their slot machines! (This will make you freak out when you have your eye's opened to this nasty truth!)
  • The only time you should play “progressive” slot machines! (You'll never guess the answer to this one!).

  • One thing you absolutely MUST know about progressive slot machines – (you'll laugh out loud when you discover this... because... it'll give you an “unfair” advantage over all the other clueless gamblers!).

  • How to develop and almost K-9 sense... so you can sniff out a progressive slot machine that is about to burst at it seams... and empty all its cash!

  • The one question you should ALWAYS ask the casino staff (which they HAVE to give you an honest answer to) that will increase your chances of winning by a factor of 1,000!

  • How to mimic the pro's strategy to winning BIG TIME on the Bonus Video Slots!

  • Why you must always do your “stealth intelligence” work... before you get up close and “intimate” with a slots machine! (Once you master this... you'll know with almost 100% certainty which machines are “hot” to dump the jackpot!)

  • How to immediately join the “elite” rank of pro player status... and let the rest of the casino losers pay your days “wages”!

  • The very best proven versions of Bonus Video Slots to play -- (especially if you are a slot machine “virgin”) – for the MAXIMUM chance of hitting the jackpot!

  • Learn the psychological dirty tricks used by the casino to assault your senses and scramble your brain... so your rational, sensible thinking “short circuits” and “malfunctions”... leaving you virtually powerless to prevent yourself from losing all your bankroll at the slots! – (Once you know this “insider” info... you'll instantly “bullet proof” your brain from cheating you out of your loot!).

  • How to “out fox” the casinos... so you never have to face the embarrassment of losing your shirt at their machines!

  • What you absolutely must do – before you even set foot into a casino – if you want to really want to put the odds of winning at the slots firmly in your favor!

  • One simple physical act you MUST do if you've just won at the slot machines – this is perhaps the most important secret you will ever learn about beating the casino at its own game!

  • How to develop an X-Ray like ability to tell exactly which casinos you should never set foot in – and exactly which ones will open a direct pipeline to your bank account!

  • Why you should always use the 3-pull rule to “inoculate” yourself against being the sucker that pays the casino staffs pay packet!

  • An “insider” secret that reveals how to “litmus test” the slot machines – so you know with “Swiss watch” like accuracy... which machines are “itching” to open their “money gates”!

  • Another “insider” secret that will give you an edge over 99% of all other players! – (Know this: the casinos are fanatical about using psychological ploys to dupe you into emptying your pockets at their machines – BUT – armed with this “killer” information you'll become one of those rare individuals whose seen the secret behind the “magicians tricks”!


Let's take a short “breather” shall we?

We'll get back to more of the amazing secrets that you can take possession of in just a moment. But first, let's talk about why the “Slot Machines Mastery™” is so important to you... if you are even remotely serious about making up to $1,000 a day playing the slots.

According to a recent survey, casinos make as much as 70% of their profits from the slot machines. What is more, where there used to be just the commonplace one-arm bandits... that is no longer the case. As technology has become more and more advanced... slot machines have also become more and more sophisticated.

For example, you now have the option of choosing between many branded and interactive slot machines. Maybe you're already familiar with these type of branded machines: Monopoly, Elvis, Let's Make A Deal, Wheel Of Fortune, Piggy Bankin', Reel `Em In... and on, and on.

But, can you guess the biggest reason why the casinos are hungry to fill their valuable floor space with more and more slot machines? It's very simple...

More Slot Machines Means More Profits...Because...
The Truth Is: 99.9% Of People Who “Play” The Slots Are
“Clueless” To The Secrets Of How To Play To Win!

The reality is, most people do not play the slot machines. No. What most people do is feed the slots their hard-earned money like a child feeds a pet rabbit. They simple have no real strategy that gives them any realistic chance of winning any money.

But, after you finish reading “Slot Machines Mastery™” it won't matter how many flashing lights... or jazzy jingles there are to “hypnotize” your brain... because... you will be armed with the secrets to consistently and legally hitting the jackpot... time and again... almost every day you play. Just to make sure you understand how true this statement is, here are a few more “red hot” secrets you will learn when you take possession of “Slot Machines Mastery™”:

  • How to hone your slot playing skills to lethal perfection... absolutely FREE!

  • The 10 most common held myths about slot machines that may be screwing up your chances of ever hitting the jackpot!

  • How to use “insider” slot secrets to win the jackpot... and (if you choose) become a local celebrity by getting your picture with your giant sized winning check in your paper!

  • One simple question you should always ask yourself if you want to safeguard yourself from flushing away your winnings!

  • How to prevent yourself from ever being suckered into the “gamblers fallacy”! (And, if you've already fallen into this trap... how to get out of it quick-smart!).

  • How to ensure the casino staff become your “best friend” and give you tips on which machines are ripe for spitting out money! (Note: this is 100% legal and ethical – it's just that nobody else knows about it!).

  • Discover what R.N.G. is... and why it is the most important piece of knowledge you will ever have about the slot machines! – Once you have this bit of info... you'll be like the scientist who cracked the code on D.N.A.!

  • Discover the real truth about the function of “stop buttons”! Do they increase your chances of winning money... or... don't they? The answer may surprise you!

  • Find out what an “expected loss formula” is... and how you can use this formula to empty the machines as easily as if you had the key to open them up!

And so much more – your mind will melt with ecstasy!

So ... Are You In?

Look, the kind of “insider” info you're about to take possession of will give you an unfair advantage over 99.9% of all other slot machine players. Truly, this is the kind of info that anyone serious about consistently winning on the slot machines would practically KILL to possess!

And get this: When you take possession of “Slot Machines Mastery™” you immediately join the ranks of a special class of people. Not just a “gambler”. Not just an “player”. Instead...

You Become A Money Winner!

Someone who knows – really knows – how to swagger into any casino on the planet... “zero-in” on only those slot machines that are ripe to be looted... know exactly how to “unlock” those machines so the “flood gates” open... and an avalanche of money comes pouring out for you to pocket.

Like I said, you will finally become a “money winner”... allowing you to live the kind of life that will make you the envy of almost everyone you meet.

And when you go to one of those annoying family get-togethers or high school reunions – where everyone is trying to “out perform” each other, shooting off at the mouth about big promotions, “fancy schmancy” titles... and... flashy cars – you can smugly sit there... with a quiet amusement on your face... confident that...

If You Told Them About Your Lifestyle... And Your
Secret To Winning More Money In A Day Than Most
“Working Grunts” Earn In A Week... They'd Scurry Away
LikeA Pack Of Sewer Rats With A Torch Light Shone At Them!

Can you imagine? Their pride won't be able to swallow the nasty truth that when it comes to making money... you are the “king cobra”!

Remember, you will have the “pro players secrets” that forever remain a hidden mystery to 99.9% to the clueless slot machine gamblers -- (they're the ones that always lose their money, allowing you to “transfer” their losses into your winnings).

And the real clincher is: It's embarrassingly easy, once you are the “keeper” of the most potent slot machine winning secrets in the world. In fact, I'm betting, very soon, you'll laugh out loud at what used to be “money worries” in your life. Truly, no matter if you're currently at the bottom of the “human food chain”... or... you just washed ashore with little more to your name than the shredded shirt on your back... you'll walk away from the “Slot Machines Mastery™” with an army of the most powerful and potent winning streak skills you need... if you want to turn your life around... practically overnight. 

In fact, just to prove how utterly confident I am in the power of “Slot Machines Mastery™” to turn your life around, I'm going to do something for you that even your best-friend would balk at .I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and...

Let You “Snoop Around” All The Material For A Full 8 Weeks...
Before Finally Deciding If It's For You Or Not!

Yes, you heard right. I'll send you the entire system (digitally delivered in PDF format) right to your computer... so you can check it out at your leisure for a full 8 Weeks so you can decide if you want to keep it.

If during those 8 Weeks, you aren't 100% convinced you can use the info to consistently hit the jackpot on the slot machines... and fashion your lifestyle to your every whim with this system, just shoot me an e-mail explaining why you are not happy with it... and...

You Will Get ALL Of Your Money Back!

Will some people rip me off with this beyond generous offer?

Sadly, yes! But if I have to suffer a few crooks (I know you're not one of them) to get this system into YOUR possession... so be it. I can't worry about the “freebie seekers” or rip-off artists. I'd much rather concentrate on the real genuine people (like you) and let the system “prove itself” to you during those first 8 Weeks. And if for some reason you decide it's not for you (it won't please everyone), simply shoot me an e-mail explaining why (for market research reasons) and you won't owe a penny – there'll be no questions asked, and we'll still be friends.

But if truth be told, I don't think I'll be able to wrestle it back off you. How can I be so sure? Easy, once you have “downloaded” this system into your brain...

You Will Forever Know How To Win Enough Money...
So You Never Have To Do Anything You Don't Want
To Do... Or... Kiss Anyone's Ass Ever Again!

And, remember, you'll have a full 8 Weeks to know with every fibre of your being... that... finally... you are developing into..

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