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Dear Opportunity Seeker,


Congratulations on finding my site.  You're about to discover the most insanely easy way to make thousands of dollars with one simple piece of software!


No doubt you’ve found this page because you want to make money.  For years, I too wanted to find out how to make money on the internet.  I spent years buying ebooks telling me to set up an ebay shop, or to set up a drop shipping website and not to mention the million and one online pyramid selling schemes.


And do you know what happened? They ALL failed! I even bought an ebook telling me I could get rich selling ebooks once.  It was frustrating, and I probably spent the best part of $6000 over 4 years on all of this garbage.

Until one day, I stumbled across a website that would change my life forever, but not by following the instructions on the site.


This page basically told me to keep betting on red or black whilst playing online roulette and to double up each time I lost, that I would eventually win.  Whilst this was true for a while, I ended up losing a substantial amount of money.


But then I kept coming across several different roulette systems, that all had slight similarities, all of which worked, but it was impossible for me to keep track of every single system whilst remembering how much to bet.


I spent months perfecting each system so that they would never fail, and since 2008 I have been quietly making

from the comfort of my home!!! Without anyone knowing how I was doing it!


After a while it got hard to hide the fact that I was doing so well.  It started of with a new car, then a new house, and I started having lavish parties on a regular basis.  Friends and neighbours couldn’t help but wonder how I could afford all of these things when I hardly left the house during the day.


So then it started.  I broke my silence and started explaining the laws of probability when playing online European Roulette to my friends and family, but most of them still didn’t understand how it worked.  I’d sit in front of my laptop for hours with people, watching the roulette table and using a thick pad of paper and pencil I’d show them not 1, not 2, not 3 but 5 roulette betting opportunities each with small incremental bets to show them how I was making so much money from home.

Then it started to get out of control.  The people that had seen me doing this, didn’t understand it, yet they would still tell people about me and what I was doing.  Soon I started getting SMS texts and emails by the dozen asking if I had time to pop over to their house and show them how to do it. 


Everyone wanted a piece of me. I started to get new friends that weren’t really friends that had tried to do it themselves, but as they couldn’t understand the betting sequences, they decided to hang around the rich guy and have a free ride on me. 

I had to get away, so I decided to move from my home in the UK to a place where no one knew me, so I decided to move to Spain.


Life was going really great, but old friends still emailed me about my unbeatable roulette systems, which got me to thinking. 


“Why don’t I take the element of human error out of the equation”

I did just that and the Roulette Reaper was born

  • It’s 100% Legal
  • It works in ANY country even the USA
  • You can play any time of the day or night
  • It’s undetectable by Online Casinos

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