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Dear frustrated Rift leveler,

I know how frustrating it is... to hit level 10 when all of the sudden your leveling speed resembles that of dried molasses slowly creeping out of the bottle...

It was easy at first...

I was capping out new levels in a matter of hours, but once I hit level 10 everything changed.

It took me over 8 hours just to get to level 11, and each level beyond that seemed to double in time requirements. Seeing how I make around $25/hour at my job, my valuable time was being sucked away by Rift.

The game is fun, don't get me wrong, but I didn't want to spend all my time doing the boring and tedious part of the game. I wanted to make it to level 50 and get the craziest gear so that all my friends would be jealous.

But the slow rate of leveling almost made me give up...

Until... I saw it...

The game had only been out for around 3 days when I first met this guy...

We were both level 7 grinding it out in the same area, so I decided to send a party request. We grouped, and started slaying mobs left and right, all the while I noticed he didn't really say much.

His only response was:

"you me future"

Seeing how his name was Chinglao, I figured he was in Chinese and couldn't speak english well...

But I liked playing with him so I added him to my friends list anyway.

This is where it got crazy...

I signed off for the night because I had work early, but when I returned...

My new friend Chinglao was already at level 22!

I almost didn't believe it.

Since our time zones were a bit off, he wasn't online so I couldn't ask him how he did it...

"I gotta catch up to him" I thought.

So I made it my mission to get to 22 by the end of the night... I glided through level 8, 9, and 10 within hours. I was on a roll! "I'll be 22 in no time", I said.

That's when it got so much harder... I spent the rest of the night playing, and managed to make it to level 11.

Disappointed and discouraged, I decided to go to bed early so I wouldn't be tired for work the next day.

Before I fell asleep, I thought to myself:

"How'd he level so much faster than me? there's no way I could have leveled any faster..."

I couldn't believe it. My new friend had already reached level 45...

Meanwhile I spent that entire day trying to pass level 12, and I had barely made it.

"this guy must be cheating somehow" I thought. Discouraged once again, I continued to level.

All the while, I occassionally looked at the friends menu noticing Chinglao was churning out levels at twice the rate I was... and he was 30 levels higher than I was.

I saw the menu as he dinged to 50...

"That's It! Screw this! I'm just going to ask him how he's doing it" I said to myself.

I sent him a message, eagerly inquiring about how he was able to reach level 50 so fast...

All he replied with was "0.o"

I asked him once more thinking he didn't understand what I was asking...

Then he said it... "i know secret"

I begged and pleaded for him to show me how to do it with no luck. His response:

"secret only for chinese guild"

Now frustrated..

A bribe.... that did the trick!

He said, "Ok send me money now"

Seeing how I've been scammed online before, I was suspicious... very suspicious. So I replied...

"I'll pay you half now, and half after you get me to 50"

We agreed, and I sent him $175. He then dissappeared.

He had disappeared and I thought for sure I just got scammed - that old familiar feeling was back again.

The next day I returned to the game, about ready to cancel my account, when he was there waiting for me.

He said "you ready for level"

He then said "follow me"

I followed him around in what seemed to be a chaotic plan. All he said was "do quest", "kill mob", "buy item". I feverishly took notes so that I didn't forget how to do it the next time around.

At first, it didn't seem like anything useful but then I noticed how quickly I started leveling. To my surprise, within that 8 hour period of doing what he told me to do, I had made it to level 23. I was pumped!

The next day, we continued with our usual, and when we finished I had already reached level 37.

It was so amazing!

Before long, I capped level 50 and I was so excited. I paid him the remainder of the money, and thanked him so much for helping me reach level 50 in such quick time.

This is where the fun began...

Glory was mine!

Sure... "I'll teach ya" I said with a smile on my face... "It will cost you though because these are my secrets here..." (I'm always looking for ways to make a few bucks).

"$300" I said.

My friend had the money out in his hand before I could even finish...

The only problem was, it took me a lot of time to explain how to do it, so I started compiling a guide so that I could easily teach others how to do it without having to sacrific so much of my time..


In my guide Rift Power Leveling Secrets, you will learn:

  • How to power level to 50 in a fraction of the time it normally takes.
  • Powerful techniques to help you gain 4 times the amount of experience doing the same work.
  • How to make your friends green with envious of your glory while they struggle to level past 12.
  • Special areas and quests to take up in order to gain maximum experience.
  • Which quests to avoid that will only suck your time away for little gain.

Best of all, if you follow exactly what is explained in the guide, you could make it to level 50 in less than 48 hours of game play.

You'll be the only one of your friends that knows the power leveling secret, and they'll beg and plead you to teach them.

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