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Welcome to Race Course Specialist.

My name is Martin Clarke and I am one of 3 members of the small Race Course Specialist Team.

The Race Course Specialist is our series of 10 (currently) horse racing systems each one based on a specific course in the UK.

We found that a one system fits all approach produced very inconsistent results over the year so changed our focus to race course specific systems.

Now in our 7th Year, here’s how We’ve Got on Since 2009!

Course 2009 2010    2011  2012 2013     2014     2015*

Ascot 16.77pts    2.05pts     -3.73pts    8.39pts    1.18pts      15.45pts      0.00pts

Ayr 9.35pts   13.31pts      1.22pts    -2.32pts    33.81pts      21.51pts      0.00pts

Brighton 5.97pts   43.79pts    27.86pts    36.46pts    20.99pts      30.38pts      0.00pts

Kempton (AW) 26.41pts   11.10pts   -13.54pts    15.00pts    37.47pts     -11.33pts      5.32pts

Newbury -4.18pts   15.63pts     4.30pts    -0.32pts     0.10pts      23.78pts      0.00pts

Nottingham -0.63pts   -0.14pts     3.64pts    35.85pts     7.82pts      27.63pts      0.00pts

Southwell (AW) 17.26pts   14.60pts    15.24pts     0.91pts     3.12pts      17.79pts      9.16pts

Wolverhampton(AW) 15.68pts    2.14pts    23.04pts    15.87pts    15.42pts      24.82pts     -0.59pts

York 30.05pts   37.63pts     3.93pts      0.91pts    26.01pts      40.10pts      0.00pts

Total Profit per Year 152.42pts  152.13pts   112.19pts   139.59pts   149.84pts    163.24pts    18.85pts

*2015 stats accurate as at Thursday 19th March.

As you can see, each year ended with over 100pts in profit, our worst year being 2011 which pulled in a profit of 112.19pts (£5,609.50 to level £50 bets).

All of the systems have the same staking plan, where each selection the systems make are backed at a simple level 1pt back bet at BSP.

Overall in 2014, we had 561 Selections with 167 Winners
at an overall Strike Rate of 29.7%, Winning £8,162.00!

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