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Would you like to make a decent income from horse race betting alone?

It’s tough.

I’m sure you’ll agree.

Very tough.

Especially if you’re doing it alone with no outside help.

Hi my name is Mark Summers and I’m a successful professional
sports investor.

I’d be lying if I told you that I went from 0 to five figures in under 1 year without hard work, countless hours and almost £3,000 in betting debts before I cracked it.

But I can tell you this… It was ALL worth it!


Let me be clear here…

I’m no millionaire and I don’t think my system will make me one. But what it has made me is extremely comfortable.

Now it can do the same for you.

I don’t have to worry about getting up for work or “will I get my promotion” or “will I get my days off”.

I am now my own boss. And you can be too.


I’ve tried all sorts of methods; I’ve studied all sorts of form and statistics and just when I thought I had it…

BOOM. I’d hit a heavy losing streak that would crush my hopes.

Back to the drawing board, I guess.

More fine-tuning. More researching. More evaluating.

I scored and rated every horse, each jockey and each trainer of every race at each racecourse of every single day.

It became an obsession.


Statistics were recorded, age, weights, handicaps, lengths everything. Nothing was over looked.

Then a familiar pattern began to emerge. 

I began to pay closer attention to this pattern…

There was a specific set of criteria that NEVER won a race. EVER.

“What the hell has that got to do with WINNING!” you might ask.

Well, if I could reverse engineer this criteria, hopefully I could reverse the losing horses and highlight the winning horses.

That’s exactly what I did.


And £273 profit!

It was still too early to get excited though. I had to stay with it and see if would hold out.

After 7 days I had an 83% strike rate!

Let me get something clear… There will be some losers, there always are.

You’d literally have to be Nostradamus to get 100% of the winners all of the time.

And let’s be honest… That’s impossible.

But my goal is very simple: To make enough money from horse racing to never have to work again.

And to do that you need to have a consistent strike rate of over 70%.

So for every 10 races we need 7 winners. That’s what my system delivers. 

I make a very good living doing so...

I don’t have to worry about late payments on bills or debts. I can travel as much as I like to. I can afford a very nice car.

I can pretty much live wherever I want as long I have access to my online bookmakers.

Take a look at some of my recent results...


Now I’m giving you the chance to join me.

I want you to become a successful sports investor too.

Whether it’s a second income you’re after, whether it’s just to help with the bills or whether you want to become a professional punter like me.

It doesn’t matter if you know NOTHING about horse racing.

You can be a complete newbie. Once you become a Quids-In member you’ll be taking a step towards sports investment.

Having the winning horses will you get there.

I’m setting all my members the target of reaching 5 figures PROFIT within 12 months.

£10,000 in 12 months and that’s just for starters!

That’s £833 per month.  £208 per week. That’s achievable with the Quids In Betting service.

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