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I can’t believe how some people bet on the horses!

It’s like they’re not in it to make money.

I mean whats the point of betting £5 on that odds on favourite?

If punting is a “hobby” for you… THIS SERVICE IS NOT FOR YOU.

If you are looking to pull in over £1,200 every month on the horses then keep

First let me introduce myself…

My name is Derek Hall and for the last 4 years my sole income has
come from backing horses.

4 years ago it supplemented my salary at the Factory I worked in, most months I ended up earning more on the horses that I did working 40+ hours per week.

After a tangle with a forklift one Saturday and a couple of weeks in hospital I decided that working 40+ hours per week wasn’t for me any more.

I decided to retire early and work a couple of hours each morning making my selections on the horses instead. Something that I have been doing seriously for over 15 years now.

Since quitting my job I’ve been able to live on what I earn on the horses and quite comfortably too.

My worst month was also a great month, but one of the bookies I used stopped taking my bets. I suppose they didn’t want taking for another 3 grand like the month before.

In fact my worst month saw me pull in £1,200 and change to level £50 bets.

Most months see me break to £2,000 profit barrier.

If you are serious about making this sort of money from the horses then…

I’m willing to show 20 people just what its like to win every month, and not just scrape a profit but enough to “actually” live on!

All you need is an email address and somewhere to place your bets.

Here’s what I’ll do:

Every day I will send you an email, it will contain:

- The time and track of the race.
- The horse to back.
- The EXACT bet to place.

It can’t be any simpler than that and it will only
take you a couple of minutes each day!

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