The Wild Cat Book: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Cats

By Fiona Sunquist

From the traditional Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet, to the prophet Muhammad’s favourite cat, Muezza, and our modern obsession with on-line cat video clips, pussycats have lengthy held a spot of honor of their human opposite numbers’ houses and cultures. however the household cat is only one of many tom cat species, and in The Wild Cat Book cat specialists Fiona and Mel Sunquist introduce us to the total panoply of the purring, roaring tom cat tribe.

Illustrated all through with Terry Whittaker’s stunning colour images in addition to special pictures from biologists within the field—some the best quality pictures ever captured of particularly infrequent species—The Wild Cat Book not just tantalizes with the wonderful thing about cats, but additionally serves as a important and obtainable reference on cat habit and conservation. finished entries for every of the thirty-seven cat species comprise colour distribution maps and updated details concerning the species’ IUCN conservation and administration statuses, whereas informative sidebars show why male lions have manes (and why darkish manes are sexiest), how cats see with their whiskers, the reality at the back of our obsession with white lions and tigers, and why cats can’t be vegetarians. The Wild Cat Book additionally highlights the grave threats confronted via the world’s wild cats—from habitat destruction to human persecution.

From the extreme acrobatics of the arboreal margay—able to grasp to a tree department by way of a unmarried paw due to its strangely versatile ankles—to glossy declines in African lion populations, The Wild Cat e-book is an instructive and revealing ode to pussycats of each measurement and colour. Combining technological know-how, behavioral observations, and beautiful images, this publication will captivate cat fanciers the area over.

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In locations the place wild prey has been depleted by means of looking and overgrazing, snow leopards subsist in part on household inventory, and villagers retaliate by means of snaring and trapping the cats. In impact, impoverished herders and farmers throughout Asia are subsidizing snow leopard conservation through delivering the cats with a prepared resource of food—their personal animals. Rodney Jackson, founding father of the Snow Leopard Conservancy, sums up the location succinctly: “The snow leopards’ survival hinges upon an uneasy coexistence with subsistence farmers eking out their residing from an analogous atmosphere.

In a few elements of its diversity, this cat is called manigordo, that means “fat hands,” as a result of its huge entrance ft. One radio-tracking examine in Peru confirmed that shiny moonlight hinders searching. On fullmoon nights, ocelots keep away from jogging on trails and hunt in simple terms in dense brushy parts. regardless of its completely camouflaged coat, it truly is tough for an ocelot to creep up on a rat or a rabbit in vivid moonlight except there's lots of plants to conceal at the back of. Like margays, ocelots are strange in that they have got just one kitten in keeping with clutter, and within the wild women have a clutter simply another 12 months.

The cat’s lengthy, thick fur is faded silvery grey, noticed, and striped with darkish markings. The tail is lengthy and fluffy, just like the tail of a snow leopard, and banded with approximately seven darkish earrings. Andean cats reside excessive within the Andes Mountains of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru, on open, tree121 122   o c e l o t l i n e a g e the recent scoop on poop: New survey method is determined by identity of people from DNA in scats At one time box biologists picked via cat scats trying to find feathers, hair, and bones in order that they may possibly work out what the cat have been consuming.

Either cats have equally noticed coats, yet margays have an extended tail and lots more and plenty higher eyes. lot. the most outstanding transformations among ocelots and margays is their fur texture. Ocelots have smooth, shorthaired coats, whereas margay fur is thick, smooth, and longer than that of a few of the different noticed cats. nobody fairly understands why margays have such lengthy fur, yet they've got an surprisingly low metabolic price in comparison with different cats, so that they might have the thicker fur coat to maintain hot. The margay’s extra arboreal way of life makes it even more depending on forested habi- tats, and therefore extra delicate to deforestation.

Servals are so tuned into noises that they generally cease and take a seat with their eyes closed for ten mins or extra, simply turning their heads and listening. except they're tremendous hungry, those cats hardly ever trouble to seek in windy weather—wind noise turns out eighty one 82  c a r a c a l l i n e a g e Serval pounce like a fox, springing excessive, then slam their paws down at the prey. approximately half all pounces leads to a kill. s e r v a l â•… eight three to intervene with their skill to pinpoint the sound of prey relocating throughout the grass.

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