Epigenetic Principles of Evolution (Elsevier Insights)

By Nelson R. Cabej

This is the 1st and merely publication, thus far, to house the causal foundation of evolution from an epigenetic view. via revealing the epigenetic "user" of the "genetic toolkit", this ebook demonstrates the primacy of epigenetic mechanisms and epigenetic info in producing evolutionary novelties.

The writer convincingly helps his thought with a bunch of examples from the main different fields of biology, through emphasizing alterations in developmental pathways because the easy resource of evolutionary switch in metazoans.

  • Original and notion provoking--a considerably new idea that overcomes the current problems of the speculation of evolution
  • Is the 1st and simply thought that makes use of epigenetic mechanisms and ideas for explaining evolution of metazoans
  • Takes an integrative method and indicates quite a lot of learning

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