Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?: Bodies, Behavior, and Brains--The Science Behind Sex, Love, & Attraction

By Jena Pincott

** Recipient of starred evaluation from Publishers Weekly ** 

How do the seasons have an effect on your intercourse lifestyles? Is your lover prone to get you pregnant than your husband? Are strong dancers additionally stable in mattress?
If you have ever questioned how scientists degree love--or no matter if males really desire blondes--this shrewdpermanent, attractive ebook presents genuine solutions to those and plenty of different questions on our so much baffling relationship and mating behaviors. in response to the most recent learn in biology, evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science, Do gents relatively favor Blondes? dares to provide an explanation for the technology in the back of sex--and opens a interesting window at the fascinating phenomenon of affection and allure. Did you know...

*When a pair first fall in love, their brains are indistinguishable from these of the clinically insane
*You can inform much a few person's sexual chemistry simply by his or her hands *Your genes impact whose physique odors you prefer

Viewed during the lens of technological know-how and intuition, your love existence will be noticeable in a very various means. This book provides either an in-depth exploration into our sexual psyches--and clean recommendation for women and men who are looking to become aware of the secrets and techniques of profitable relationships.

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If you’re in a spot the place the track or ambient noise is loud (or no matter if it isn’t), you'll drop your voice to a purring whisper. This evokes him to maneuver nearer so that you can carry the message without delay into his ear. Your physique may possibly by accident brush opposed to his. Your hand could graze his knee or thigh, your foot may perhaps leisure on most sensible of his foot, or your breast may possibly ensue to press opposed to his chest. no matter if you’re no longer so ahead, you’re prone to lean towards him if you happen to like him. It’s as though all of us are topic to the forces of magnetism, subconsciously coming near these we adore and clear of these we don’t.

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Given all this, do males quite desire blondes? the answer's certain, no less than American men do, based on a examine that tracked greater than twelve thousand males who used a favored net relationship carrier within the usa. The gents indicated a small yet statistically major choice for blondes to ladies with the other hair colour. based on the rare-color virtue idea, or “novelty effect,” hair colours are stronger while they’re unusual. Blond is generally the standout coloration for being specific and the main eye-catching—but now not in every single place.

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