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Want 382pts Profit this Flat Season?

The Easy Way to Profit in the Next 8 Months…

Hi fellow punter, my name is Jim Dunn.

Last year I put my Turf Profits system to the test with my hard earned cash and I was blown away by the results.

Starting at Doncaster late March, I went on a tear, pulling in profit every month except for in November which saw my only losing month of the season.

It couldn’t have got off to a better start with both my picks for the Doncaster weekend being avoided by most and the odds were great.

I Hit One of Two Bets, Hillbilly Boy, Winning at 15.01 BSP

Two £10 bets to start the season and £123.10 in profit after the first weekend.

I went on a tear and going into November I had pulled in 392.25pts profit all to 1pt win bets at £10 level stakes. All to Betfair SP and after their commission on my wins.

November as I mentions saw things take a turn and I saw my first losing month of the season, a -10.25pt month.

Still I’m not complaining about the 382pts profit I made, or the £3,820 profit I pulled in from my £10 bets.

So Why am I Telling you This?

Well I’ll Keep this Really Simple.

I want to hand you the system I used to get these very selections. I would offer it for free, but I’m guessing everyone and their grandmother would take a copy whether they were planning on using it or not.

Now I’m not too worried about the amount of people using this as the selections it makes are pretty highly priced. In fact across my 843 bets last year the average BSP was 11.26 to win.

But with that said I will have to have a limit and I feel at the prices of these selections, I should be fine if 100 serious punters take this and use it to profit this flat season without seeing much affect on the markets. In fact you can use it for this season, next and plenty afterwards!

I paper traded for the 2013 flat season and saw a similar if not quite as good return. Obviously good enough for me to put my hard earned cash down on the selections for the 2014 season.

Get in Now and Get a Great Deal

With that said, I want you to start using this as soon as possible. So I’m not going to ask for a lot.

I mean what is a system worth that pulled in close to 300pts profit during paper trading and 382pts when I actually backed the selections with cash?

£100? £50? Maybe just £25?

Now don’t worry, I would have give this away for free, but I’ll let 100 people get access to my system for just £7.95($12.50)!

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