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Dear Potential Big Winner at Blackjack:

Thank you for your interest in our “MAXIMUM PROFIT BLACKJACK” method.  You are going to receive one of the greatest money producing methods of play ever developed.  It is the “most feared” method by casino management all
across Australia.

Blackjack is one of the easiest of all games to learn and play.  It is by far the most popular of casino players around the world and is never hard to find a table to play on.

Whether or not you know how to play Blackjack now makes no difference. You can learn to play the game in 10 minutes.   It will take you about 2 hours to learn and master  the MAXIMUM PROFIT BLACKJACK METHOD.  We provide you with a complete manual, covering the basic strategy for Blackjack and this simple but powerful method that will have you winning consistently from the first time you start to play.    We will also provide you with a telephone hotline and even personal assistance in the casino if desired.

The developer of the MAXIMUM PROFIT BLACKJACK METHOD is Debbie Cooper, an ex-card counter.  She has played over 1,000 shoes to develop her method and has come up with outstanding results and is winning an incredible average of 8 units, per shoe.    Not only that, this method does not involve any complicated card counting techniques.

A word from the author of MPB...

There has been much written about playing and beating the house at the game of Blackjack. All of these books and manuals no doubt carry their own credibility.

The common answer that all agree upon, is somehow keeping a record of what cards have been played in the shoe and what is likely to be played in the next round. Also identifying when, this places the player at an advantage over the house and what betting strategies should then be put in to place.

It is well known, even by the casinos themselves, that the only player, allegedly, who is capable of arming themselves with this information are the "card counters". The casinos see these "card counters" as such a threat that they have dedicated a world wide computer data base identifying "counters", in an attempt to ultimately ban them playing in their respective casinos.

So you would think the ultimate way to achieve a large profit from playing Blackjack would be to "count" cards. This may well be the case, but the risk, skill and bank roll required to achieve this is great.

I have found a method of playing Blackjack, which does involve monitoring but not counting cards, which enable the player to identify the moment when the player has been placed at an advantage over the house. This signals the player to adjust their level of betting accordingly to gain the optimum monetary gain. This all can be done without drawing attention to yourself, without a huge bank roll and possibly most importantly, without any great skill on the part of the player.

You will see after reading through the instructional sections of my manual how simple, but effective, our method of play is. The greatest asset of our method of play is the steady and consistent profits you will make on every shoe played.

You can make a living doing this!

The MAXIMUM PROFIT BLACKJACK METHOD follows the trend of the shoe, with no guess work, using the techniques that are detailed in the most complete home study course ever developed for inning Blackjack.

We show you how to go systematically from $5 betting units, to $10 betting units, to $25 betting units, to $50 units to make big, big money. How much?

How does $5,000 a day sound?

We show you, step-by-step, how to get there. And unlike others systems you won’t be hassled because you’re making large bets. You do not want to be without this system.



  • If you want to make money
  • If you want to stop losing money
  • If you want to be a successful blackjack player
  • If you want to always feel like a winner
  • If you want the information you need to be a consistent winner

If you read this information and don’t take action, what will your outcome be? I can only guess that you will remain an infrequent winner. You will have little chance of becoming a really “serious player”. You may never experience the excitement and fulfillment that comes when you absolutely know that you are, a “consistent winner”. You will not fully understand the reasons you are now a loser, most of the time. Ask yourself some questions. Be honest!

  • Am I happy with my current level of play?
  • Do I expect to win “everytime” I enter the casino? Any Casino?
  • Does my style of play cause the casino management to get nervous when I play?
  • Have I won 8 out of my last 10 visits?
  • Can I actually support myself and my family with my current casino play?

If you answered “no” to any one or all of these questions, there is no doubt that you need to have this information. More importantly, you need to use it. I have one more question for you. What are willing to do RIGHT NOW, to be able to answer “YES” to every one of the above questions? The answer is obvious. Order “MAXIMUM PROFIT BLACKJACK” NOW. Don’t wait till later. Nothing will change until you take action. What are you afraid of? If the principles I give you in this method don’t help you, there is no help for you! Without this knowledge in your arsenal you are like a “butterfly in the jungle”. You can only hope that the casino doesn’t eat you up!

Remember this, “If you want success, you need the right information”. If you have the right information you have the POWER. The power, used correctly will make you a consistent WINNER!

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