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For 300 years, mathematicians and statisticians have been telling us we cannot influence the toss of a coin
or a roll of dice; that we have to accept random chance.

And they're not wrong.

But what if you could load the dice?

"If Lady Luck has been avoiding you of late,
perhaps you've been looking for her in the wrong place ...

Try Science"



The ONE book you NEED to READ took 20 years to complete...

14½ years to research & develop ...

Six months to write ...

and five years to pluck up the courage to publish it. That's because ...

Luck isn't chance -

Luck is engineered

If your pastime is to have a flutter on the machines, or play games of chance, then the next time you play you may be pleasantly surprised...

IN 2004 A SMALL DOWNLOADABLE BOOK briefly became one of the best sellers on the internet. Although written for the self-improvement market, the book - Success Engineering was pounced on by people who, if not exactly gamblers, enjoyed games of chance - dice, cards, roulette, slot machines, etc. Sales were so popular that within a few days the website went down simply because it could not cope with the volume of sales.

Readers loved it for a simple reason. It showed them why some people win and some people lose and how to change from one to the other. It showed them that luck, in all its forms, is not about random chance. Luck is engineered by those who know the rules.

In 2011, we created a sister book to Success Engineering, called Luck Engineering in which we added all the stuff we were too scared to include in the original.

Yes - scared.

Why were we scared? Because in Luck Engineering we break all the rules of 'the establishment' of science. We dare to say that certain scientific truths are not quite as truthful as they appear to be. Above all, we dare to say that it IS possible to influence the toss of a coin; that it IS possible to alter the odds.

It is possible to engineer luck.

After an extensive rewrite and an extra addendum covering games of chance, the original book - Success Engineering - had a new sister. Luck Engineering was born.

And your life, and luck, will never be the same again!

Luck and how to change it.

The book - Luck Engineering - explains in detail why your life is the way it is and how you can change it at a stroke. It will show you how to engineer luck in all areas of your life and the results will UTTERLY ASTOUND YOU, because when you get this RIGHT, amazing things will happen to you.

Luck Engineering, the sister-book to the orginal Success Engineering (see special 2 for 1 offer below) is only available as a download and relates to games of chance with a summary of techniques you can use to stimulate good fortune. This is not magic or dark-arts. Neither is it cheating. This is about how the science of physics has revealed new truths concerning the universe and how it works. It's about how reality itself can be changed - is being changed - daily by everyone whether they know it or not, and how to orchestrate those changes in your favour.

This book has a far wider readership than those who are looking to create an edge to their favourite pastime. It can, and has, influenced romance, work, daily activities like parking your car. It can even make a huge difference to your income.

Unlike anything you've read before, this has little to do with psychology or business planning. This is about science, in particular Quantum Physics, and how stunning new discoveries have re-written our understanding of how things work, and how you can take that power to make things happen in your life, right now.

This isn't ordinary science. This is science that has split the scientific community into two halves - those experts who simply cannot believe that the truths they have devoted their lives to are breaking down before their very eyes, and those experts who have had the courage to believe in the impossible.

By using the "physics of good fortune" you become a different person. You become confident. You become whatever you set your mind to because now you are no longer dealing with faith, or promises. No longer do you have to take on trust the ideas of others. From today you will use science.

This book came about by accident - if you believe there are such things as accidents, or coincidences. By chance I had made things work brilliantly in my own life and those of others, but I wanted to know why it worked. I've spoken, contacted and otherwise communicated with thousands of people over the last 10-15 years, all the time checking out why some of these people seemed to do better than others. I wanted to know the mechanism that allowed some people to grow money-trees from nothing, while others, given good earth and seed, saw all their efforts wither and die.

And I found out. I found the answer quite by chance in a place so weird, so wonderful, so scary, that it took me a long time to realize it was true, and even longer to feel confident enough to tell others about it.

It has nothing to do with education, luck, race, color or anything like that. Millionaires have risen with nothing but disadvantages and still succeeded. There are university professors with more knowledge in their little fingers than I have in my whole body, yet who drive very cheap cars.

There IS a secret, and it is a secret that ALL successful people, knowingly or unknowingly, use every day. And I found this secret completely by accident in the most incredible of places, a place that a few years ago would be called magic, but has now been embraced by science. It IS science. The most incredible science you'll ever see.

The Physics of Good Fortune is yours to take

Get this right, and the income you now enjoy, the lifestyle you currently have, the car you drive, is NOTHING in comparison to what you could have if you knew how the science of 'success' really worked.

YOUR VIEW OF THE WORLD, how you think it works, how and why you are where you are now, will have changed so completely that you will just sit there, stunned and amazed.

For probably the first time in your life you will realize that not only can you change your life and everything in it very quickly, but that you have already been doing it every minute of every day; you just didn't know it.

You are about to find out how to change everything. How to reach out and take the success you've always wanted. The house, the car, the vacations, the income, are just a short read away.

And I will prove it to you.

How a new discovery will change everything
you've ever believed in ...
and change your world forever.

In research laboratories in the USA, indeed all over the world, scientists are working feverishly to complete a new discovery that is set to utterly rewrite everything we know about how the world works. It is so revolutionary that they cloud it in mathematical jargon instead of using normal everyday words. The Pentagon and other government agencies are pouring millions into its development. The scientists at the cutting edge of this new world admit freely to not understanding what is going on. Indeed, they say that if you do understand it, then you're not trying hard enough. If they used 'normal' words nobody would believe them; and those who did would be very worried.

Prototype computers based on this new understanding already exist and have been successfully tested. You cannot believe how strange these are. If I told you that they carry out mathematical calculations in other universes and reverse time, you would quite rightly call me weird, or worse. But weird is the new normal.

The scientific theories upon which it is based have been proven to be more accurate than the Law of Gravity. Fifty years from now, this will be common knowledge - adults and kids will discuss what you are about to read as if it was as normal as sunshine. The effect it will have on people will be as profound as the discovery that the Earth was round, or that we move around the Sun.

This book will tell you about that discovery. It will also show you how that discovery has affected ALL areas of your life to this very day. You are what you are because of it - and you will be whatever you want to be because of it.


And an hour from now you will start a new life because YOU will be one of the few who know how to use this new discovery to create for yourself the world YOU want, and get rid of what the world has thrust upon you. For the first time in your life you will know how to quite literally engineer success into your life with scientific certainty.

Welcome to a new world

  • How the notion of "attracting" things into your life is wrong. What really happens will astound you.

  • PROOF, with examples you can try yourself, that YOU can change the very course of nature and your future, in minutes!

  • How to deliberately engineer events in your life that others will put down to pure luck. But you know it's not.

  • How the power to change everyday events is yours to command at will.

  • How to change the odds of chance, without touching anything!

  • Why millions of dollars are being spent by major governments making the impossible become real, and how that same technology allows YOU to achieve "the impossible" in your life, right now.

This is not a book. This is an idea ... Just read the preview.


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