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Greetings Summoner,

We've found a way to turn a Bronze Player into a Diamond player in just 60 days.

If you're one of approximate 6 million players stuck in Bronze or Silver and just can't seem to get out --- you've come to the right place.

If you're looking to improve your skill and in-game decision making --- look no further.

If you're looking to escape from elo hell and climb the ladder to elo heaven --- this will help you.

We've developed a system that is guaranteed to increase your rating immediately.

We call it, LoL Builders Guardian Angel and it consists of an easy to setup desktop app that delivers the best diamond player builds right into your in-game interface and a short e-book that contains all of the information you'll need to start winning more.

When these two things are used together you'll see an immediate increase in your skill and knowledge of League of Legends which gives you an advantage over your opponents causing you to win more matches.

Introducing LoL Builder's Guardian Angel

Tell me more about the App

The LoL Builder App is an application that imports the best Diamond Player builds directly into your in-game interface below the normal "Recommended Items" tab at the shop.
Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

These builds never go out of date because they are built from Diamond Player matches that are scanned on an hourly basis and updated inside the game for you.

  All Champions

All Champions Included

The app automatically includes the top 16 builds for every champion in the game. Even new champions will have builds ready to go within hours after their release.

All Champions

In-Game Access

Things you need to consider before you even think about playing the game that will increase your likelihood of victory and move you up the ladder.

Win More

Win More

Statistics overwhelmingly show a higher win percentage among players that use the best builds for their champion and spend less time making decisions at the shop. This app is guaranteed to increase your chances of winning more of your matches.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our product. You will see an immediate increase in your ranked rating and game play or your money back. We're so confident you'll enjoy what we have to offer that if you don't like it, for any reason you can have a full refund.

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