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I have been playing the Mists of Pandaria Expansion pack and got over several characters to level 90 perfecting my questing routes each time I went through it.  I have a very extensive understanding of the level 85-90 zones (The Jade Forest, Valley of the Four Winds,  Krasarang Wilds, Kun-Lai Summit, Townlong Steppes, Dread Wastes, and Vale of Eternal Blossoms), and have developed full 85-90 horde & alliance leveling guides that you can use to quickly breeze right through these zones with absolutely no confusion at all.

I was the first to 50 in the race to 50 leveling contest Blizzard held a few years ago, here's a pic of the runners up when I hit 50:

Leveling Contest:  First to 50...
Joana Winning The Leveling Contest

Why do I level characters to get good /played times? Well, I am a speed runner, I have been doing speed runs through games my whole life, I am a dedicated gamer, and spend LOTS of my time finding the fastest ways to finish a game. I am most likely the fastest Power Leveler in World of Warcraft because of this, many may know me by now with all the servers I have played on, and have seen the results of me hitting 60/70/80/85/90 before anyone else in an extremely fast time. That's right I can get to 90 in less than 6 days (playing less than 4 days of it), so I log out plenty to eat, sleep, and other RL things.  Take a look at typical screenshots of me leveling up on new servers, I get tell after tell all day long while leveling! (also note how far ahead I am from everybody on the /who list, usually when I hit 60, no one else has even hit 50 yet!)

Leveling up on Hakkar Realm:

Leveling up on Akama Realm:

Well guess what, I am now willing to share ALL my leveling strategies with the world, I have put together FULL comprehensive guides that explains how to power level a WoW character (more details on it below).

Why was my guide created?

My guide was created simply by the fact that I got tired of SO many people asking me how I am able to level so fast.  Since SO many people have asked this, I took it upon myself to create this website and show all my speed run accomplishments and of course the FULL 1-90 Leveling guides I have put together for you!  So if you want to learn my secrets and level as fast as me, then you can get my guide!

Do not buy Store Bought Guides!

Another reason why I decided to create my guide is because of how crummy other guides are out there.  If there is one important tip I can give you, that is not to buy store bought guides for World of Warcraft!  You have to understand that WoW changes all the time, new patches come out and makes things obsolete, if you buy a physical book, it will be outdated within months of the time it was published.  However if you buy my guide, you will be accessing it from a members area where I continuously keep it up to date ALL the time for FREE.  That's right there are NO monthly fees to my products, you pay only a small one time fee and you will always have access/updates to it.  Call me crazy but that is how good I treat my customers!


In-Game Leveling Guide Mod!


Now onto the guides..  Here is what you are getting with these packages:


All my guides come with this In-Game Leveling Guide Mod!


Here are some of the features of my in-game leveling guide mod:

  • Easy Installation, you will be up and running in seconds!  Full installation instructions are included.

  • Minimizes and maximizes in-game, so you can easily turn it off and on, and adjust the size to your liking.

  • Easy accessible menus, so you can easily go to any section of the guide with ease.

  • BEST OF ALL:  Automatic waypoint arrows that direct you where to go!

  • Leveling has NEVER been this easy!  You will be leveling so fast with this, you might think you're cheating.  But you're not, my leveling guide mod is 100% legal with Blizzard, you will NOT get banned for using it.


Here is what my In-Game Guide looks like in-game:

NOTE: This image shows the in-game mod with the window stretched out to see more than one step at a time. You can easily adjust it so it is smaller and uses less space on your screen.

What My Leveling Guides Contain:

(You will have access to these guides instantly after purchase)

Mists of Pandaria

  Joana's 1-90 Leveling Guides

1-90 Leveling GuideMists of Pandaria is here and Joana's 85-90 guides are ready to go!

Get from 85-90 QUICK.  I list in detail the exact methods I have used to go from 85-90 in the new Mists of Pandaria expansion pack in less than 1 day of play time, and this guide makes leveling in MoP easy as cake with absolutely no frustration at all.

Can I use your guides to become server 1st to level 90?
My leveling guides are made with this intention in mind! The number one goal of my new MoP guide is to get you from level 85 to level 90 is the fastest way possible. And everything in my guide can be done solo. I do list optional group quests but those can be ignored if you are playing solo. So to answer this question - YES!

ALL level 85-90 zones are fully covered!  You can use my guide to obtain all quest achievements! All solo quests are covered in my guide, so that means if you follow the whole guide you will be able to obtain all quest achievements for Mists of Pandaria. Through out my guide I cover optional areas that can be done to obtain these quest achievements.

These guides are a step-by-step in-game guide mod that is very easy to use.

Starting areas are covered for ALL races, including the new 1-12 Pandaren starting area.

There is currently a brief 85-90 Daily Quest Guide available for my MoP guides. A much more in-depth one is coming later and will be a free addition to the MoP guides.

A Full 80-85 Daily Quest Guide is available for my Cataclysm guide.

I list exactly when to accept quests, when to do them and when to turn them in, all in an order which is done in the most efficient manner.

I go into great detail in it, I list everything that I do, including when I make an area my new home, or when I accept or turn in a quest, EVERYTHING is documented (but without clutter).

The in-game guides will show you waypoint arrows on where to go, which makes leveling ridiculously easy!

I give tips/tricks on how to do a lot of the quests in the game. You should never have to look up anything on wowhead/thottbot since all the info you need is right there in the in-game guides.

Whether you want to follow these guides step-by-step or simply just pick up what quests to get, what quests to avoid, where to do them, when to turn them in etc, and no matter what level you currently are, you can pick these guides up and start using them today to dramatically help you level a LOT faster.Joana's 70-80 Leveling Guide

WOTLK HORDE GUIDE ONLY: The WOTLK horde guide comes with many versions, such as online HTML, printable PDF that contain many videos and pictures along with a Death Knight leveling and strategy guide.  NOTE: The alliance guide only comes as an in-game guide.

The 1-60 Guide has recently been totally rewritten from scratch due to Cataclysm!

All my secrets are revealed in this guide.

These guides are 100% legit with Blizzard, there are NO hack/exploits/automation at all in these guides.

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