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“Discover the Top Secret Methods That the financial Traders won’t ever tell you, And learn Exactly How to breathe a New Life of Regular Income into your Betfair Account”

Working as a consultant in the City of London’s Financial Trading Houses and Merchant Banks, for many years, I have been able to borrow those learned skills and techniques and apply them to the new and exciting Sports Betting Exchanges, namely “Betfair” the world’s largest.
Most of us already know that stocks & shares, commodities and currency prices fluctuate minute by minute, and are becoming ever more volatile. It is a market where only the fittest will survive!  Successful traders have developed highly complex graphing techniques placing themselves in a “WIN! WIN! POSITION” most of the time!

Unbelievable perhaps, but they are mostly able to predict with amazing accuracy, the trend and direction of prices.


But no, what they use is mathematical formulas, which drive powerful graphing systems, and they have learned how to “read” them brilliantly. It’s like an artist knows every hair of his paintbrush, and is easily able to create highly prized pieces of art using it. Financial Traders have the best tools for the job, and of course receive the best training available.



Don’t be a punter – Get the right tools and training and then…

You too can become a Successful Trader!

Make sure that you get a copy of my e-book and accompanying video tutorials...

“How to Become a Successful Betfair Trader”

I have written it in an easily readable no nonsense format, and it gets straight to the point so you can be up and running later today without any further delay!

I have also recorded two videos (29 minutes and 15 minutes) including actual live and unedited Betfair trading, with full audio and video coverage! So you can see for yourself given the right tools and training almost anyone can be successful!

I cannot promise you a fortune, as I obviously don’t know you, but what I can say honestly, is that provided you spend a couple of hours studying my e-book and the accompanying videos, you will be able to earn cash with immediate effect. I mean today!

I will show you how to place trades so that you position yourself in the enviable situation of winning…


Just imagine if you can be certain that the price (odds) of the favourite in the 2.40 at Ascot is going to move downwards from 4.0 to 2.0 just before the race. If you placed a trade here then you will be guaranteed a profit.

Let’s return for a moment to the Financial World, as it may be easier to explain the concept of a “Trade” (for those of you that are new to Betting Exchanges)

Say you decide to buy a put option for 1000 Vodafone Shares at £10. You do this because you expect the price to fall very soon.

Later that afternoon you notice that the price has indeed fallen to £7 each, so you quickly exercise the put (sell them) and make a handsome profit of £3 per share, making you a cool £3000 – quite an easy concept that most of us will grasp without a problem.

It is in essence the reverse of; let’s say a car dealer buying a car for £20,000 and selling it for £25,000 Suffice to say that profits are to be made with prices rising or falling in betting, providing that you structure your trades in the right sequence.

With horse racing, you might “buy” a bet to win at 4.0 and then later on you notice that the odds on offer have reduced, so you “sell” your bet to someone that believes your horse is going to lose the race. The same thing applies as with the Financial Product, and you make a nice cool guaranteed profit for yourself and without any risk of losing.

I have spent years implementing and supporting financial Systems in The City of London. You can benefit from my experience as applied to Sports Trading.

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