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Dear Friend,

You're probably not aware of this...but making money from tennis betting has to be the easiest and most profitable way to make a living. I should know as at one stage I had 323 people relying on my daily tips for their livelihood as fulltime bettors.

I kid you not, but...

2 years ago I had 323 members paying me $149.00 per month for my daily tennis picks. After running my tipping service for a solid 18 months, I couldn't handle the guilt anymore!

I was bursting with I was making so much from my members using a strategy so simple that they could easily do it themselves.

I knew for a fact that they were paying me for a service and I was making a ton of money for them. But that's not the point! It took me only 90 seconds to make the picks and another 10 seconds to email them.

Hardly deserving the $48,127 monthly income!

Anyway...2 years ago I cracked. I wrote my system down and emailed it to all my members.

Well, guess what?

I had 323 very confused emails in my inbox the next day. Not surprisingly most of them were in shock! Some members have actually become close friends of mine. Although I insisted not to, a handful continue to send me a percentage of their winnings by PayPal! Talk about being too grateful!

Here's 7 reasons why you should get hold of the legendary
"Tennis Cash" system immediately...

1. Outstanding strike rate over the past 9 years - with 78.3% of all bets selected winning. That's around 8 out of 10 winning and returning a nice profit.
2. It takes only 90 seconds to spot winners on any given day...absolutely no past performance checks, no trend analysis or any other sort of technical calculations. You'll follow just two simple rules to pick winners, and that's it!
3. Shows outstanding profits at level stakes! A mere $50 per bet produces $12,812 yearly profit, $100 per bet gives $25,624 yearly profit...and $200 per bet gives an income of $51,249 per annum!
4. No need for a large amount to start with. As illustrated earlier, a few hundred dollars quickly and easily becomes $6,400 in just 5 short months...allowing you to bet $320 each time - giving you an income of $1,576 per week or $81,998 yearly!
5. Plenty of action! You'll find qualifying bets virtually everyday. December is the quietest month but on average there are 16 bets every week.
6. No waiting around. Access this system RIGHT NOW and start betting instantly. Chances are very high that there are at least 2 qualifying bets waiting for you right now to invest in and profit from!
7. Every bet for the past 9 years revealed! If you have the patience and means...get your hands on my 756-page offline manual. This manual contains the exact same system PLUS every single bet placed over the past 9 years, with results. The results are the exact unaltered photocopies of the paper spreadsheet I used to fill on a daily basis - it's in my handwriting with a few coffee stains and all!

So, you may be wondering...if "Tennis Cash" works so well,
why am I revealing this information to others?

First of all if you understand sports betting you'll know that the winnings revolve around 'Fixed Odds'. This basically means that once you've placed your'll get the exact amount back that you saw when placing your bets. So for instance if your selection was paying $1.80 when you placed your bet...but 2 hours later the odds went down to $1.70 - your winnings will still be worked out on $1.80. This is brilliant because...

--You could have as many people as possible putting money on a player to win without affecting your winnings, at all!

For this reason I have no reason not to reveal my system. It does not affect my personal winnings one bit.

The second reason is that my system will not create even the smallest dent with the bookmakers. There will always be millions of people betting for the 'other' player and with so many bookmakers system will go undetected for decades to come. Plus, with the online betting market turning over around 29 billion a year and increasing, it's easy to see why serious bettors can easily get away with making a few million dollars each year!

The third and most important reason is that I'm genuinely a nice person who likes to help others (my 323 ex-tipping service members will vouch for this). For me, there's nothing more satisfying than is to help someone realize that 'there is a way out'. Look, I've been where you are today and know that it's not a good feeling relying on just your wages for a living. It's always nice to have something else earning income on the side and perhaps growing it into your main income stream.

The only reason I'm not giving "Tennis Cash" away for free or for a much cheaper price is because I've found that people will not take an opportunity seriously unless they had to input some sort of financial commitment into it. If you give anything away for next to nothing, chances are very high that the commitment from the user will be next to nothing as well. Plus, the very small investment I'm asking allows me to continue making this website and my system available to people just like you. Isn't that a wonderful opportunity?

How my lousy school teacher salary drove me to create
the most effective moneymaking method on the Internet!

Mathematics is my after finishing collage I became a Math teacher (wrong move). But I soon got a reality check when I got my first paycheck. There was no way I was going to live the type of lifestyle I wanted to. On this salary I'd struggle from payday to payday, forever. But I was not prepared to take it lying down. No, not me! Then started my obsession to find a scalable moneymaking method where I didn't have to sell my time for money.

The first 11 months was spent analyzing winning trends of EVERY type of betting there is out there. I literally covered them all and it was a very long and cumbersome process. Every minute of my spare time went into it. Most days I completely lost track of time. I hardly ever saw my friends or family (luckily I was single at the time). But finally I cracked it and it was worth all the sacrifice.

Now I can make money on demand. Some days it seems so unfair making money this easily that it feels like I'm the luckiest person alive! So at a subconscious level I'm practically FORCED to share my system with you just to ease my guilt for being so blessed.
Here's how you can start earning $3,203.10, $10,715.87 or $30,960.89 every month...or grow your $200 betting bank into $6,400 and start making $320 bets...making you $6,000 monthly in record time!

There are two easy ways you can get hold of my "Tennis Cash" system...

Option 1: Join us as our lifetime member and get instant access to the "Tennis Cash" system with summarized results over the past 9 years. The summarized results will show how many bets were placed each year, how many won and how many lost. Also revealed are the profit summary for each year.

You can instantly access this information and literally start making your profitable bets within minutes for a one time investment of USD $199 only $39 (This price is guaranteed for the next 24 hours only as a new price test).
Option 2: Order the OFFLINE manual. This 756-page (A4 size) manual contains the "Tennis Cash" system plus every single bet placed over the 9 year period, with results. The results are the exact unaltered photocopies of the paper spreadsheet I used to fill on a daily basis - it's in my handwriting with a few old coffee stains and all!

This monstrous manual will be delivered to your door within 21 can check and verify every bet against the system in anyway you like...all for a one time investment of only USD $289.00 ($269 + $20 Postage & Handling).
It doesn't matter which option you take, your future results will be exactly the same. Either way you're not purchasing just a membership or manual. What you're investing in is 9 years of my blood, sweat and tears...lots of sleepless nights and my relentless effort to create a simple but highly profitable moneymaking system - that works!

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