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“Horse Racing Picks Service Offering Analyzed Selections
To All Horse Players”

Hi, I’m Dan Penner. Thanks for visiting my Horse Racing website. Horse Racing is my passion in which I’ve discovered a fool proof way to make money! I’ve been implementing my horse racing betting strategies for over 10 years. In 1997 I quit my full time job as a chartered accountant and started investing in horse racing and sports betting. These vices made me a bigger income than my job, so I introduced it to my family and friends. It was hard at first…. because let’s face it, to most people horse racing and sports betting is frowned upon. To me however, it was an educated investment. I began teaching friends and family my methods and money management. For years they bugged me to get something going on the web. Online horse betting and sports wagering was getting big… So I finally did. I opened IG Horse Racing Picks to help fellow horse players like yourself earn a passive income from horse racing. Together we can turn dreams into reality!

I hope to get acquainted and help you grow your bankroll. Experience my horse betting system for a full week for just $5.

Daily emails which include Dan’s analysis and his top Horse Racing Picks
Dan’s eBook entitled “Dan Penner’s Horse Racing Strategies That Make Money”
Expert selections for all North American race tracks
The best customer support you’ll come by (Dan personally responds to all emails)

Learn to love and enjoy horse racing handicapping
Follow a sound money management system
Recognize the body language of horses
Understand the meaning of “class”
Be able to recognize a track bias
Adapt to the ever changing game of horse racing

“Every Horse Player Can Learn Horse Racing Strategies Starting Today!”

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