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In the next few minutes, I’m going to tell you – and, more importantly, show you – why this is now more achievable than you ever thought possible.

My name is Steve Brown but you probably know me as the guy who has been revolutionizing football trading.

If you have not heard of my correct score trading strategies then I’m sure that you know of my exclusive “Team Statistics” software which has completely changed the way that football matches are researched and traded for profit.

Not so long ago I was “that guy who enjoys a bet” but I was able to transform myself into a “professional sports trader” once my profits started to deliver more money than my regular 9 to 5 used to.

It doesn’t matter if you love it or hate it, you can make money from football.

And actually, winning is pretty simple, IF you have the right tools and the right strategies.

Most people don’t have them, which is why most people don’t win.

Once you have the best trading stats at your disposal for every important league fixture each day…

Plus dynamic strategies which use that information to exploit Betfair markets and secure profits…

As well as instant access to professional traders who want to help you as much as they can…

You’ll be closer to your goal (pun intended!)

“If you always do what you’ve always done,
you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

Think about that for a minute.

If you have been betting or trading for a period of time and not made the level of profit you expect, something needs to change or you will continue exactly as you are. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

So why do so many people continue as they have been?

Why don’t they do what is needed to become winners?

By now you’re beginning to understand that profitable football trading is not simply a fantasy.

You’re probably wondering…

What makes Goal Profits so successful?

Team Statistics

You are going to get access to this unique piece of software developed from scratch to my own specifications.

Forget the various stats websites which only show a handful of numbers. They are not good enough for serious, professional trading.

With Team Statistics you are going to have all the trading information at your fingertips for every important league fixture played, every single day.

More than 60 leagues worldwide are covered.


It’s all very well having lots and lots of stats but, of course, you need to know what to do with them.

You are going to be shown how to turn these numbers into profits!

Today, I am going to give you immediate access to:

  • My own correct score trading strategy, fully explained in a comprehensive manual. You can also watch videos of my screen as I trade real matches. In addition, I will send you details of every match I plan to trade so that you can join the chat room and trade alongside me. You will be able to ask any questions as the matches progress so that you are not left to trade alone.
  • Five more correct score strategies designed by professional trader Kevin Laverick. Each strategy is explained in a manual which includes lots of screenshots showing real-life trades in action. You will also receive access to dedicated Team Statistics pages which analyse every upcoming fixture to show you which are the best for trading. Very quick and easy.
  • Additional trading strategies, such as my re-designed lay the draw system. Your precious time is much better trading so Team Statistics is going to do most of the research for you and provide a daily shortlist to pick trades from.



  • All Goal Profits strategies have downloadable manuals which explain everything you need to know in full detail.
  • There are videos of my correct score trading strategy in the Members Area for you to watch whenever you wish.
  • If you get stuck, no problem. You will have all the support you need in the chat room, forum or by email.
  • The chat room is very busy while trades are in progress and even at other times you will find members trading matches.
  • Everyone is friendly and only too happy to assist you as and when you need some help.

Kevin Laverick’s “New Trader Project”

As an experiment, Kevin started 2014 with £100 in a Betfair account.

The only tools he used for trading were Team Statistics and his experience.

By the middle of November 2014 that £100 trading bank stood at more than £30,000!

Kevin spends two sessions per week in the chat room, sharing his trades with members and especially those new to trading who need a helping hand.

He is a genius trader and we are extremely lucky to have him on our side.

Kevin Laverick’s Masterclass

This is a growing collection of strategies which have been designed by Kevin.

They are exclusively available for Goal Profits members to buy and add to their trading portfolio.

These profitable strategies are aimed at those who are confident with their trading and wish to progress further, perhaps even to full-time status.

Is that going to be you?

Kevin has helped a number of traders achieve their personal goals over the years, so there’s no reason why not.

There are scalping techniques, “set and forget” bets as well as regular trading strategies fully explained.

So to summarise, when you join Goal Profits today you will get immediate access to:

  • Powerful “Team Statistics” pages with detailed stats for over 60 leagues worldwide
  • Comprehensive “Correct Score Manual” so that you can quickly discover the profitable methods I use to trade in the correct score market
  • Tutorial videos where you learn the ins and outs of trading correct scores from real life trades
  • My own correct score selections emailed directly to you in advance so that you can copy what I do
  • An additional five correct score strategies with supporting Team Statistics pages
  • Yet more trading strategies with shortlists of upcoming fixtures which match favourable criteria for profitable trading
  • Bank Management Manual to assist you with managing your trading funds
  • 24/7 access to the trading chat room where you can interact with professional traders and fellow Goal Profits members
  • Exclusive Goal Profits members-only forum to discuss all aspects of trading and pick up new ideas or skills
  • Direct email support from me whenever you get stuck
  • Kevin Laverick’s “New Trader Project” twice per week
  • The opportunity to progress your trading further with Kevin Laverick’s Masterclass

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