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Learn How You Too Can EARN MONEY by Playing NEWEST Video Games!


Being a video game tester must be the holy grail of careers. Imagine working from home, making your own schedule and getting paid — all while playing video games! It’s easy to see why it’s such a sought-after job.



As a game tester, you get…


green tick FREE video games (that you get to keep after testing) 
green tick Exclusive access to unreleased titles
green tick Invitations to gaming expos, developer interviews, and conventions
green tick The ability to boast about your job to jealous friends!


But just like the holy grail of lore, for many people, game testing is a career option that is impossible to make a reality. This doesn’t have to be true for you! In fact, with Game Testers Academy™, becoming a game tester is now more possible and profitable than ever.


Tired of gimmicks, overblown hype, under-delivering results, and lackluster advice? There’s none of that here. Instead, what you’ve got is:



A Guaranteed Guide to a Successful Game-Testing Career


That’s right. Guaranteed. If you’re willing to take the necessary steps, Game Testers Academy™ will help you begin building a fantastic game testing career this very instant.


How? Read on…


The issue many people can’t overcome when making a go as a game tester is the lack of information. They just don’t know what they’re doing, and it costs them in time and energy as they sort through their first jobs by trial and error.



By information, we’re talking about…


green tick Industry secrets – The industry trends, movers and shakers, and gaming money-makers.
green tick Application insights – What game companies look for in testers as far as the perfect portfolio and skill set.
green tick Company connections – Direct access to hundreds of companies that are shelling out big bucks for quality testers.
green tick Skill development – Give your income a boost by adding to and honing your testing abilities.


Without those key pieces of the big picture, your chance of having a viable game testing career is crippled. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’re going to find inside Game Testers Academy™. Information that equips you to excel. Strategies for success. Proven tips and tricks to connect you with big name video game developers who pay top dollar for quality testers such as yourself.
So, what’re the realities of being a game tester? We’re not going to pretend it’s all a cakewalk. If it was, you wouldn’t need our help, right? The reason we created Game Testers Academy™ is to make your becoming a game tester as easy as possible.



Let’s look at a few facts…


green tick Landing your first game testing gig can be a difficult and complicated process if you don’t know what you’re doing.
green tick Companies want only the best testers to ensure a quality product.
green tick Game testing requires serious dedication and hard work to achieve success!

By being a part of Game Testers Academy™, you can skip the confusion and hassle and go straight to making money doing what you love—gaming!

As a part of our exclusive game testers society “Game Testers Academy™” you will get an instant access to all resources you will ever need to become highly paid game tester. In addition to all training material, action plans, videos and other you will get tons of side benefits that put you on the fast track to game testing.


Who are we? Professional game testers with 12 years of experience! That’s who you’ll be learning from. Pros who have done it all/seen it all in regards to a gaming career.



Everything Within Game Testers Academy™ Comes Directly

From Creating Our Own Success, including:


green tick Insider Info– Tap into our huge knowledge base and give yourself the competitive advantage.
green tick Behind-the-Scenes Perspective – We understand the realities of game testing, and lay it all out for you clearly.
green tick Career Boosters (and Killers) – What to say and what to hold back during interviews.
green tick Industry underground secrets and rules you must follow;
green tick Myth-Busters– Confused about age restrictions, education requirements, or necessary experience? We reveal the truth!
green tick Pro-Game Tester Shortcuts – Become a Pro-Game Tester in a record time;
green tick And much more inside it is a massive Step-by-Step training you will get access to;

Game Testers Academy Guide



And it doesn’t stop there you also get access to:



G.T.A.Video Vault


green tick Videos that cover all aspects of gaming, such as applying and interviewing as a game tester;
green tick Learn from Movers and Shakers in Gaming Industry;
green tick Tips and Tricks from Top Game Testers World Wide;
green tick Gaming Conventions Videos;
green tick Video Presentations done by TOP Video Gaming Companies;
green tick Video Trainings and Seminars for future Game Testers;
green tick Upload Your Private Videos;
green tick And Much More… (New Videos Added Regularly)
Game Testers Academy Video Vault



G.T.A.™ Exclusive Contact Directory


green tick List of 200+ industry leaders;
green tick Phone Numbers and Addresses;
green tick Web presence details including contact emails;
green tick And Much More… (New Contacts Added Regularly)
Exclusive Contact Directory



G.T.A.™ Private Job Search Database


green tick New Jobs Added Daily
green tick Email Alerts Sent To You As Soon As Now Job Posted!
green tick RSS Feed Available
green tick And Much More…
Private Job Database



 There’s No Waiting Around!

Get set up to experience your dream career immediately!

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