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Dear Frustrated Trader,

Give it a break…
The frustration… repeated failures… jumping from one big overhyped promise to the next… almost giving up.
Erase it from your mind.
Today is a new beginning.
A fresh start.
Because if you're still struggling to get a full-time income from forex...
...but you're hanging on to a shred of hope that you can still make it...'re about to discover...




You know,


I am being watched.
By the "forex powers" that be.
Those who are lying in wait for us to enter the market.

So when we place our trades, they send the price right up, take out our stops, and deplete our accounts.
Yeah, they might appease you every now and again with a few winning trades but they still hold that sledgehammer over your trades, ready to smash it at will if it pleases them.

Because I realized I was a little David vs the great Goliath and I had to find a way to...


Just think about it:

We’re all reading the same books.
We learn the same stuff from the same 1,000 sources…
And we’re all looking for the same “set-up”!

The BIG BANKS and your brokers know that.
So between the banks and the… me... and other retail traders... we have been taken for fools

And I'm going to show you how you can quickly and easily begin siphoning a full-time income out of the markets


Without any experience 


Without untested robots or signals systems 


Without a long learning curve... 


And turn even the smallest deposit of $100 into effortless windfalls of $1,200... $2,500... up to $5,000 every single day... 


Here, take a look at this screenshot...


I didn't make it.

One of my trading students, Fred Davis, said to me after I sat back down at my laptop after returning from the bathroom at a Starbucks we were hanging out at:



I looked at him with pride because Fred was just a struggling 9-5 wage slave when we first met.
He was a new teller at my local bank, yet he'd got a dogged determination.

One Friday night, I heard my doorbell ring.
Standing on the doorstep was Fred.

Somehow he'd figured out, from my bank statements and our brief interactions beforehand, what I did for a living.
"Mr. Swanson, just 3 hours ago, I quit my job. I didn't do so before I found your address on file. Ever since the day you told me you traded forex, I've bought plenty online ebooks, I've been practicing hard on charts, but I don't seem to be making any headway. I've got a six months' salary saved up and...


I was shocked.
And impressed!
There was nothing else for me to say but...
"Yes, Fred, yes. I'll teach you."


After 2 short days, having pumped more than $2,000 into his account through my system, he said something that every trader who's struggling to make money would love to hear.  

That was music to my ears.
I'd already known it.

I'd passed on a trading system that would change Fred's life forever and I’ll pledge you this before we go any further…
Whatever your experience level in the Currency Markets… you are going to be shocked at how easily you will be able to apply this method.

With very little effort you can be fighting back against the BIG BANKS… raking in consistent weekly cash flow… and savoring the financial freedom that comes with it.
Plus, my thinking is... 


Hi, my name is Ethan Jackson.
Sorry to disappoint you but I'm no former hedge fund trader.
I never used to work in a big bank

I'm simply a guy who's discovered a way to siphon cash from forex markets without much fanfare.

Before I figured out how to fight back, I thought about all the people who’ve had the same struggles as me.
Like me, all they want is to make a good secure life for their loved ones, but they’re being callously screwed over by these big rich giant banks!

The way I figure it, 98% of all of these traders have no chance in hell at achieving their dreams and aspirations.
But starting today, it doesn't have to be this way for you...





This spits in the face of 50/50 chances of winning trades...
... and powers the accuracy of winning trades by 80%--90%!

When you can consistently achieve 85-90% trading accuracy, you really can increase the value of each pip dramatically…
You can then further increase your lot size and let it rip with multiple FOREX pairs.
This is where you can go REALLY big.
You'll know 9 out of 10 times where price will be headed.
It’s strange but true…
I do it.


Just give me an eye-opening hour with you…
And when you’re done going through my quick-reading and easy-to-follow manual and videos
Put what you’re about to discover into action, and you could have a first week like this one…


It doesn’t matter if…

You’ve already tried and failed at trading FOREX through no fault of your own… You’re in good company.

Forex seems too complicated and you just don’t “get it”. … You don’t need to “get” anything.

You can’t see yourself being successful. Believe me, whatever negative experience you have had in the past is NULL AND VOID!

It’s a totally different approach to taking profit from FOREX that means the BIG BANKS cannot make your life miserable.


You've seen how Fred who was simply fed up with his situation in life took the bull by the horns and demanded change.
Think about it:

If the forex market is out there flush with cash, doesn't it make sense to master taking cash out of it for life?

Can you ignore the fact that you could easily pull at least $100 every trading day out of the markets following a proven trading strategy?

Can you go through life ignoring the fact that forex money is the easiest money you could ever make once you know how to get it with as little risk as possible?

I'm ready to help you.
Are YOU ready to help yourself? 

Click the 'Visit Site' button below now and I'll be waiting to be of support to you on the inside.

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