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A REAL Football Betting Service That:

  • Produces Long Term Profits, Year in – Year Out, Betting on Football.
  • Doesn’t Require You To Bet Huge Amounts Of Cash.
  • Requires as little as 5 minutes a week “work” to back our winning football tips.
  • Can Be Done Any Day at Any Time You Like.
  • Reveals My Way Of Building Up a £500 Betting Bank Virtually Risk Free!

Dear Future Betting Profiteer,

For too long now the internet has been swarming with bad tipsters, awful predictions and low profits. They promise so much and charge rates through the roof, but time and time again deliver so little. They give you short odds, high stakes, ridiculous staking plans and let you down again and again.

Well not this time my friend, I have a football betting system for you that not only shows how it’s possible to build up a bank of £500 virtually risk free, but also how if the system repeats it’s self how you stand to make over 256% profit on investment in just 1 season.

Something exciting is happening in football betting right now and I urge you to read on to learn more.

What Football Betting Master Gives You…

  • Access the full betting system that Made £25,622.25 in just one season.
  • Football Tips All Year Long including World Cup 2014!! Every Single Week, Straight to Your Inbox!
  • My Special Method to Build Up a Bank of £500 With Zero Risk.
  • Fully Explained Betting System. No Prior Knowledge of Football is Needed to Make Huge Profits.
  • Free Access to our Awesome Betting Blog With Regular Free Football Predictions And Info Posted.
  • Bets With Real Value At Odds That Make You Money.
  • For Once – The Truth About Football Betting- This is a BS Free Zone!!
  • How to Bend The Rules & Repeatedly Take Free Bets From Under The Bookie Bosses Noses.
  • Full Help & Support via Email & Free Updates For Life!

So What Is It Worth To Be Given
a Real Chance at Consistent Profits Betting On Football?

Let me put it this way, if your bank suddenly said to you we have a savings account that can make you over 200% in interest in less than a year, would you want one? …Of course you would. And would you be prepared to pay a small fee for the privilege? …Certainly.

But banks are safe and secure aren’t they? Betting is dangerous? Isn’t it? …

I think we all know by now that bankers are the most high risk taking, lousy, greedy gamblers out there, and what do they give you for your hard earned money over a year, 20%? 10%? …No, a measly 2.5% if you’re lucky.

We Have Made Serious Profits From our Awesome Football Betting Predictions!

So, I’m sure your thinking what’s the catch here? …Are you tied in to using this investment opportunity? …Of Course Not.

Do we charge you if you want to get out of the investment early? …No.

Can you stop if you want to? …Any time.

Will you have to risk high amounts of money? …No. certainly not, bet 10p or £1000 its entirely up to you. You can also paper trade Football Betting Master or bet to small stakes before you bet to see that we are for real.

Football Betting Master is a serious investment opportunity, one in which we stake our own money, week in week out. If you lose we lose, we want to ensure that this never happens.

We are not some casual bettor mouthing off in a forum about how good they are at betting. We are a group of betting and football experts who want to profit season after season …And we have done just that for the last few years!

I have seen a lot of betting systems and I am sure you are as fed up as I am of their outrageous claims and false promises.

I’m sorry to say I can’t make you a million by next Tuesday. I can’t even make you £10,000 this week. However what I can do and will do is provide you with amazing football betting tips with a VERY high strike rate!

Plus full access to our football betting strategy that has made over 200% on one season …And over 850% on our original investment in under 2 years.

If You’re Making So Much Money Why Give Your Secrets Away?

First of all, I’m not giving my secrets away for free, although as soon as I reveal the price you will see I am practically giving them away.

Secondly, It makes no difference to me if I let a few people in on the secret, I can still bet using my formula as there is no way this loophole can ever be shut down by the bookies.

By sharing my profit pulling formula you get to make money on any league or tournament worldwide, whilst I make money betting, and a little side earner from people I share my success with.

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