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First Four Betting – The Secret Horse Racing Exotic Betting Technique That Works

“Exotic Betting” has always been a bit of a mystery to most people.  Now an Insider finally reveals the secret techniques known only to a handful of  pro gamblers.  And they are explained in a “Fill in the Blanks” way that makes exotic betting dead simple.

In her sensational new book, “First Four Betting” Kate McEvoy shares …

  •  How To Maximize Your First Four Betting Systems Returns while still keeping Costs low
  •  Why Horse Racing Odds leave Lotto Odds for dead
  •  The simple Techniques that improve the odds with exotic bets
  • The magic of “Flexi Bets”
  • How to enjoy consistent small wins while improving your odds of winning big
  • How an RB significantly reduces the cost of a Boxed First Four
  •  The Double RB and Triple RB Strategies

And gives you “Fill In The Blanks” tables to make it push-button simple.

BUT – “They don’t play First Four Bets where I live,” I hear you saying.  Kate also provides simple tables for Trifecta, or First Three Betting, too.  Whether you are looking to win more, more often, with First Four or First Three – Kate has you covered.  And there is a full money back guarantee if you are not absolutely delighted.

BUT you say – “Kate talks the walk – Does she walk the walk?”  Here are some screen shots of just what is possible.

First, small regular wins.

First Four Bets - regular Wins

Two things are important in the above screenshot.  First, wins of $987.34 and $702.03.  Both on the same day.  Secondly, the cost involved.  You see, Kate’s strategy dramatically reduces the Risk.  The biggest bet is just $30 – not all of them win but the low cost makes playing affordable.

A one-off?  Hardly.

First 4 Betting - Multiple Wins
Here the individual wins are not as big – but again multiple wins!  Of course, with Horse Racing Betting there is NO guarantee that you will win anything – But the Secret Techniques that Kate shows you certainly improve your odds of winning.
So, what is Kate’s book like? To the point – no fluff, no filler.  Just 15 pages that get right down to what you need to know, in a simple straight forward way, with fill in the blanks tables.  We could have made it 50 pages, but we know your time is too valuable to wade through all that to get the gold nuggets.  So we gave you the gold nuggets only.
And the price of this incredible information?  Just $27 Australian.  Plus, there is full 60 days, no questions asked guarantee.  Try it out for a full 60 days and if you are not absolutely delighted we will refund your $27 Australia – No questions asked.

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