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Failed to complete the most rewarding missions
that your friends breezed through?

Lack enough ISK to buy those crucial items that
could make the difference between getting podded and annihilating your opponent?

Having problems building or fitting the ship of your dreams?

It's about time you conquer the most difficult missions on your first attempt. Make million ISK in an hour and shop to your heart's content. Have your enemies flee at the sight of your ship's silhouette. With this set of guides, you get there.

Our team of pro-gamers
provides you with
the most advanced
EVE Online game guides
you will ever find.
Quit wasting precious playtime pondering over which skill to research, where the best mining spots are and what ship upgrades you should purchase. You are just a few clicks away from solving your problems!.

Believe me, I have been an average player for a long time and I was SICK of not getting anywhere. However, after discovering and applying these strategies, I am on a roll.

We can lead you to success! We've got unrivaled guides that will get you there.

We have NOT 1 guide.
but 3
EVE Online Guides
with more than 247 pages
of insider know-how!

What you get:

The Eve Insider Guide: Discover the must-knows of EVE Online to elevate your character to new heights. Packed with cutting-edge strategies ranging from the first day you step into the universe until the day you get to your final ship upgrade, the guide is suitable for both experienced gamers and newbies. With tips and hints ranging from recommended upgrades to making ISK, the guide can help any player master each ship in the shortest amount of time possible.

The ISK Guide: Ever felt uneasy when making decisions on what to spend your preciously hard earned ISK? Fear not, we know just the way to make enough ISK per hour for you to buy everything you want, instead of pondering what you can afford. Our comprehensive step by step walkthroughs to ISK pumping will flood your wallets with 100 million ISK per hour and will ensure that you are the envy of your corp mates.

The PvP Fighter Guide: Hate being the victim or being defenseless against seasoned PvP players? Look no further, it's time to show them who is the boss! 124 effective PvP ship setups, skill training plans and other character building tutorials come with a PvP strategy guide that seeks its equal. Whether you are an offensive or defensive player, alone or in a group, we know just the right tips and tricks to give you an edge over others.

The complete selection of top notch
EVE Online guides, bundled into
one great value package.

Avoid frequent mistakes most players encounter:

    Losing ISK on unnecessary ship upgrades

    Being clueless about how to complete a mission

    Relying on illegal methods, only to get banned from the game

    Mining hour after hour at locations that give dissatisfying yields

Insider tips you will learn:

How to be a pro at buying and selling orders

Know exactly how to use those skill points to train skills

Master the art of fitting modules on ships to fit your battle strategy

How to take down your enemies, whether it's PvP or PvE

Learn the fastest methods to become an ISK-billionaire

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