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WARNING: "Casinos Actually Promote Sucker Blackjack Systems Like Card Counting!"

card-counting-monkeyThat’s right, because they know that most people can’t memorize cards or keep counts under pressure, and the few who can are blacklisted in no time. But why does the industry continue to promote it?

Dear Blackjack Enthusiast,

My name is Bill, I was a school teacher and was once like you. I bought into the theory that the game could be beaten by counting cards. And believe me, I ate, drank and slept blackjack for over five years. You name it, I mastered it: Hi-Lo, Hi-Opt I & II, K-O, Zen Count, Canfield Expert, and others. I spent hours on card counting forums and online discussion groups, and I found that people only bragged about winnings, but never mentioned their losses.

I was so frustrated as I couldn’t understand how all of the popular literature and so many websites were dedicated to the subject of card counting, but no one I knew could win consistently using these strategies.

Sure, I had some big winning days when I celebrated and took all of my friends out for a night on the town, but my losers always ate away at my profits and eventually put me back under water. I was even banned from more than one casino after being simply told that they didn’t like my “style of play” and was no longer welcome. The pain was so deep inside that often times I felt like I was the unluckiest guy in the whole wide world.

Yes, it’s THAT painful – so I can definitely relate to how you feel right now.

What the industry won’t tell you is Vegas’s dirty little secret that casino operators love and even propagate the myth that the average Joe can win consistently by counting cards.

Hollywood movies like “21” and “The Hangover” and novels like Bringing Down the House serve to revitalize interest in blackjack and card counting. The media entice the masses to flock to the casinos, seeking to emulate their silver screen heroes. Most of us experience some early success (usually pure luck), but later give it all back and end up withdrawing more cash from the ATM machine to chase our losses.

Do you think casinos are upset when the Travel Channel shows an endless cycle of stories about card-counting blackjack teams who took on Vegas and won? Not at all. In fact, they love that kind of free publicity. For every professional blackjack team grinding out tiny advantages, there are thousands of amateurs either trying to count cards and doing it poorly; losing, while trying to prove to the world how smart they are.

So, what’s so bad about counting anyway?

Well, let’s start with the math. The authors of these systems expect the player, not only to memorize a value given to each card (index number), but to keep a running count and convert that number to a true count of the sum of the cards being dealt, to be able to estimate and divide the index number by the remaining cards or decks in the shoe, and to know when and how to play a deviation from basic strategy. In addition, they require one to play only at a certain position at the table and to camouflage one’s betting spread so as to avoid unwanted attention from the pit bosses. As an added drawback, if the player loses track of just one card on the table, the entire system may collapse and he may risk losing his entire bankroll by staying in the game.

Add adrenaline, alcohol and the noise of bells, laughter and shouting and you have a recipe for concentration breakdown and disastrous losses.

You get the idea. One has to be a rocket scientist or math wiz to be able to use these blackjack strategies effectively and maintain mental sanity.

All those mental gymnastics under intense pressure for a mere 2% advantage over the house at most! Ask yourself, is it worth it?

And then there’s all that waiting around. Besides the math, you may spend hours waiting for a deck to turn rich (that may or may not happen) because the casinos are taking countermeasures to stop you. Not only are they limiting the penetration of the deck by controlling the reshuffle point with a cut card, they are now further restricting betting spreads, multiple hands, mid-game entries, and employing continuous shuffle machines and software in online games to thwart card counters. The pit bosses and the people watching the surveillance cameras are there to monitor your betting patterns. And why are you doing all of this? To obtain a maximum advantage of 2%, not to mention that…

… it’s considered cheating by all casinos and it could get you banned for life!

Man in disguiseThink you can play undetected? Think again. Transceivers in the playing chips now allow the casinos to monitor players’ betting spreads, and facial recognition technology keeps undesirables in their databases from entering the premises; with or without a disguise.

Besides, do you really want to play undercover like agent 007 just to be able to play a decent game of blackjack?

I’ve seen other simpler blackjack systems that use basic strategy instead of counting. Why aren’t these strategies any better?

Most of these basic strategy progressive systems differ only in their money management technique, that is, how you vary your bets. They all rely on the same basic strategy chart and this is their first flaw.

There is no such thing as a single universal basic strategy chart for all blackjack games. Basic strategy (the best way to play a hand) in blackjack varies from game to game depending on the number of decks and the rule variations.

The other problem with these systems is that they treat each hand as an independent event and simply try to maximize your odds for that particular hand. They do not account for streaks of winning hands that are the key to catapulting your bankroll.

Even the ones that claim to take advantage of winning streaks are not optimized to maximize this profit and do nothing to curtail your losses when the dealer is experiencing a lucky streak of his own.

Essentially, these primitive systems involve nothing more than an oversimplified, faulty basic strategy and a money management technique that leave the player with less than a 50% chance of winning.

If that were all I wanted from a blackjack system I might as well flat bet on a coin toss. I could sit there all day and make or lose a few bucks. Fortunately, as a school teacher, I had very little patience when it came to systems like these. I was looking for that edge that would put the odds in my favor, and the money in my pocket.

What if I told you there was an easier way to beat the dealer? One that didn’t involve heavy math or memorizing cards? In fact, a method so easy that a child could learn it? I know it sounds too good to be true, and I didn’t believe it at first either, but after using it over and over to make big winnings in casinos on land and online, I could not deny it simply works!

Let me share a secret that casinos don’t want you to know…

Studies show that about 80% of blackjack games are choppy. That is, the dealer and the player alternate winning and losing hands when using basic strategy (you know, the chart that tells you when to hit, stand, double-down, or split). By using correct basic strategy (statistically optimal moves) and playing in games with the most advantageous rules, you can turn the casino edge against you from 7 to 8 percent down to less than 1 percent.

But in the long run, even if you play with correct basic strategy in the most favorable games, the house still wins with an advantage of about one percent because the player always risks busting before the dealer.

Although card counting systems can raise the odds in your favor by as much as 2 percent, they remain a big waste of time against most blackjack games because the “rich deck” (when you’re supposed to raise your betting spread) rarely materializes.

In a game that can be played with very close to 50-50 odds, like blackjack, the real way to win is by catching streaks, which occur in every game!

Coin FlipIf you flip a coin several times you’ll find that heads comes up about 50% and tails comes up about 50%.

But notice, if you flip a coin long enough, you will come across a streak: heads or tails will turn up several times in a row.

Although the number of times one side will come up in the long run is 50%, it will not always come up in even intervals (heads, tails, heads, tails, etc).


Streaks are phenomena that occur in almost every aspect of our lives, yet they remain mostly unexplained.

When you play a perfect basic strategy, it’s almost like flipping a coin. You and the dealer take turns winning and losing hands against each other. But sooner or later you will win several hands in a row. Streaks happen in blackjack over and over as well.

One night, I was lying in bed practicing my basic strategy and card counting, when it came to me… I found a way to exploit these streaks when they occur to maximize returns and minimize risk.

I saw the solution to blackjack, and at its core was the radical approach of altering both the bet amount and the basic strategy during streaks.

The secret is not only in the betting sequence,
but in the little known modifications to the basic strategy that casinos are powerless against. These modifications change slightly depending on the type of streak the player is encountering. You see, just like the player can experience a streak of winning hands, so can the dealer. So it also incorporates an amazing money management technique which allows you to optimize returns for dealers’ streaks as well, as you compound your winnings.

I quickly jotted down some notes and got to work on calculating the odds of winning in different scenarios. I tested an early prototype and it worked great at exploiting streaks of several winning or losing hands in a row. This was confirmed after running it on a blackjack simulator.

I initially made a few thousand playing at the casinos. I was so excited, that I shared it with my closest friends who also made easy money in Vegas, Asia and in the Caribbean. But after playing for many months, it became clear that these streaks were not always present and, as in card-counting, I wasted a lot of time and money waiting for an event to unfold. The system won consistently during streaks, but that was not enough…

And that’s when I had another revelation…

I needed to beat the game during choppy sessions, when the dealer and the player go back and forth winning and losing every other hand.

That’s the time most card counters are sitting it out or betting the table minimum with little or no returns.

I teamed up with an old mathematician friend of mine, and together, we went to work on solving the puzzle of how to profit during a choppy game. After many months of experimenting with combining the strengths of various blackjack systems and adding some completely revolutionary techniques, we eventually tweaked it to get out all of the kinks and maximize the profit potential in every game.

It became clear that we had cracked the code to winning consistently at blackjack!

I could barely contain myself when we tested it on the top blackjack software and it won over and over again! Then we took it to the casinos and really cleaned up!

On one occasion, a close friend of mine played in the casinos for one week straight, stopping only to eat and sleep. He netted over 150k! Then we went online and made sure to play at only reputable sites and continued to rake in huge profits. Sure, we lost some hands, but we came out ahead consistently, making huge profits, and that was the key. And we did it all without counting cards or a team of MIT students.

My brainchild, The Easy Money Blackjack System™, is the most consistently profitable system I’ve seen hands down! I know you’re probably skeptical of systems; I was too.

That’s why I had my strategy tested on millions of hands of computer simulations, in online casinos, and in actual casino play.

I have spent years developing and perfecting this unique approach to winning consistently at twenty one. I’ve used it over and over again to amass huge returns.

I did NOT stumble upon this solution by chance. I meticulously searched for a PRACTICAL, PROVEN, and APPLICABLE solution that would end my overwhelming losses once and for all.

After years of searching, implementing, and testing, I now have in my hands a PROVEN formula that is guaranteed to beat the dealer and make consistent profits.

I poured all my knowledge (the proven formula) about how to beat the game into a blueprint that I call…

The Easy Money Blackjack System™

Note: This is not some inferior product with a simple hot streak progression. It is a genuine 150 page digital manual with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to beat the game of blackjack. This unique system is not found in stores.


If you’ve ever played blackjack before, you’ve probably managed to make temporary winnings that later dwindled and left you going into your own pocket in search of more funds. I know; years ago, I was there. But no longer. I have learned how to play with their money early on or I leave the table. You can learn this strategy as well in less than an hour!

The other day, I was coaching an apprentice at a $10 table. We watched as the others at the table lost their bankrolls as soon as the dealer experienced a lucky streak of winning hands. My student was able to ride out the dealer’s streak using our system, and actually profited by the end of it. Then he experienced a streak of his own, winning 8 hands in a row. There was no suspicion of card counting, since all of the cards were being dealt face down. People around him were amazed and even the dealer commented on how lucky he was. Little did they know, he was employing the two-fold Easy Money Blackjack strategy that the house was powerless against. He walked away with $13,740 that session! Suffice to say, he made a few friends that night.

What’s so much better about the Easy Money Blackjack System™?

Simply put…it offers you the most bang for your buck! The advantages over others can be summarized as follows:

  • Easy Money Blackjack Book CoverYou don’t need a huge bankroll (you may play according to your funds).
  • You may start by making small bets and end up playing for large stakes, risking only your winnings. Also, there is no need to disguise your betting patterns.
  • You can play relaxed since you don’t have to worry about pit bosses banning you from the casino for counting cards.
  • There are only a few rules to follow in this system so you don’t have to wear yourself out by concentrating on highly complex systems, such as card counting.
  • winnerYou can play at most popular land based and online casinos in games using any number of decks (even those that use continuous shuffle machines).
  • Best of all, this system optimizes returns for both winning and losing streaks (An innovation truly unique to our system).


To beat the game of blackjack you must

  • Practice and hone your skills, much like an athlete.
  • Set a win goal and loss limit for your bankroll.
  • Play uninfluenced by emotions of fear or excitement.
  • Know when to keep raising your bets and when to cut losses and leave.

You will learn to master these essential elements using a simple program before you go near a dealer. But once mastered, The Easy Money Blackjack System™ will make you an unstoppable force at the table!

I will show you how to spot the hot tables and how to avoid the cold ones. You will learn to track several tables and identify the one where the streak is most likely to occur in your favor. You’ll have the advantage before you even sit down to play!

Among many techniques, you’ll also learn how to lock up guaranteed profits using a unique and highly effective money management system that will allow you to walk away from those tables a consistent winner. This powerful part of the system can be mastered in under 30 minutes!

You would be crazy to play this game without reading this step-by-step guide to winning at 21!

This is no ordinary blackjack strategy. It’s the fastest, consistently profitable system ever invented and it’s taking casinos by storm. Once you learn to profit from streaks that occur in almost every game, you’ll wonder how you could have ever played any other way.

It’s such a radically new approach that they can’t figure out who’s using it or how to devise countermeasures against it!

The potential profits at your first table alone may pay for this valuable information many times over! But you don’t have to take my word for it. Test out the system on the various blackjack simulation programs available before you take on the casinos. Practice at home with your own deck of cards or on our free online flash blackjack game.

It’s now perfect. I have spent years developing and perfecting this unique approach to winning consistently at 21 by combining and adapting other systems, analyzing players in play, and comparing methods for hourly winnings and losses. My obsession has finally paid off in a big way!

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