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How to pick winners everyday with ZERO horse racing form knowledge required...

This Simple Step by Step Formula is the Only Thing Between You and Success with your Betting -- Even if You're New to Horse Racing!

Would you like to make an average of 52.12 points profit betting on horse racing every month and not be a slave to the form book or own expensive subscriptions to horse racing databases?

Do you wish you could earn a side income that can take care of all your monthly bills and save for multiple family holidays by spending less than 30 minutes a day picking your daily selections?

 Are you ready to start your own successful betting side income and be the envy of all your friends?

 Are you sick of backing losers day after day from the so called professional newspaper tipsters such as Templegate, Good-fellow, Marlborough, Steve Mullen etc?

I understand because I have been there...

My name is Tim Lawson and I once used to be a losing punter. I used to bet on everything, horse racing, football, greyhounds, snooker, pool, you name it I bet on it.

This all came to a stop when my fiance and I decided to buy our first home. The problem was we barely had £1,000 between us in our bank accounts to go towards the deposit for the mortgage.

Something had to change and the obvious first step was to stop hemorrhaging money on stupid bets. However we still had to save £20,000 to have any chance of buying a comfortable home in a nice neighbourhood.

Back then we only had low paying jobs so it would have taken over 2 years living as a miser to save £20,000. Therefore I decided to try one last time to see if it was possible to add to our savings by betting on sports, but this time in a disciplined professional way.

Even though I didn't keep results back then, I had a fair idea that I was a small winner at horse racing but a huge loser in every other sport I bet on.

Over the course of 8 months, I concentrated solely on horse racing which helped me to plug a lot of leaks. For example, I quickly realised that my selections in big field sprint handicap flat races were doomed to failure if their draw position forced them to be positioned on the side that lacked front running or prominently ridden opponents.

On the other hand this also gave me an opportunity for profits later in the season when a horse performed well from such a disadvantageous position and next time out was perfectly positioned with the pace horses. It was underrated by the handicapper and even more importantly undervalued by the betting public, therefore delivering massive value on that occasion.

Not only was my strike rate improving drastically but my average winning odds sky rocketed. A fantastic combination for any punter!

I started to keep meticulous daily records of all bets made, race types, size of bets. I invested in databases so I could run my system ideas and private spreadsheets to quicken the form reading process.

After 6 months, I had a dozen systems that were making a sizable profit. Fast forward to 10 years later and I now have over 100 systems that are all long term profitable systems.

All my hard work specializing in horse racing betting didn't go unnoticed either. 3 years ago I was approached by a leading online bookmaker that were launching their horse racing product into the UK and Irish market.

I was able to use my horse racing knowledge to help establish the company in a market that is notoriously competitive. More importantly I got to understand how the “enemy” worked and also spotted the mistakes that recreational punters make over and over again.

Seeing these mistakes confirmed that my processes and systems would continue to be profitable in the long term.

It also enabled me to get paid to research my systems. However I did not give away all my secrets and I continue to take money from the bookmakers every month!

Today I want to reveal the system that has made me the most amount of money over the past 3 years!

Introducing the Easy Life Winners - UK Each - Way Horse Racing Profits Formula

This system produces an average of 52.12 points profit every month.

Since Easy Life Winners system was launched on 1st June 2014, it has made over 471.79 points profit to level stakes in just under 9 months! 

If you had backed all the system selections you would have made £4,717.90 to just £10 stakes.

If you had staked £20 per selection, you would have made £9,435.80!

If you had staked £50 per selection you would have made a whopping £23,589.50!

What differentiates this website from all the others is the fool proof step by step method to follow to find the system selections. 

You can even verify the system works by looking at all the Easy Life Winners' System Bets since June 1st, 2014 and use the system rules as taught in the eBook to confirm the system produces the selection and results as described. 

The system selections have also been proofed by one of the leading UK horse racing tipping sites,

The beauty of this system is that it finds big priced winners in big field handicap races and has a 35% strike rate so big dips in your bankroll rarely occur.

There is absolutely nothing better than watching a selection from a proven winning system romp home at massive odds!

Why you should be excited to use the Easy Life Winners Formula...

You may be asking yourself why I giving away my secrets when it is my best performing system? 

The simple answer is I can afford to as I have over 150 winning systems which accumulate multiple times more profit than this system alone. Not only that but my web developer friend told me the knowledge I have attained over the years can help out hundreds of people turn a recreational losing hobby into a profitable sideline business and therefore offered to create this website for me. I like new challenges so I agreed to do it.

Have you bought systems before just to later find out that the system gives vague guidelines which ends up with no two people having the same selection?

This to me is not a system. I guarantee that every person who follows the simple steps in my formula will come up with the same selection I will be betting every day.

Are you worried that this system will involve you sitting in front of Betfair, maniacally refreshing the odds just before the off to finalise your selection? 

I can assure you that all you need to operate this system is the sporting life website and a spreadsheet (Don't worry, the spreadsheet work involves nothing complicated and is fully explained in the eBook). I also advise the minimum price you should take, whether to take Betfair SP prices or use best odds guaranteed bookmakers. If your bookmakers accounts get restricted, then do not worry as I explain a simple solution for this which does not involve asking your mother, grandmother and 2 sisters to open accounts for you!

What happens if you work all day and you can only get your bets on in the evening time or just before you go to work? 

Again there is no restriction as to when you place your bets. Once you find the selection, you place your bets using either Betfair SP or one of your best odds guaranteed bookmakers. I explain exactly what you should do before placing your bet, so you can guarantee that you always get the best price. All the results that you will see on this page will be based on Betfair SP, however taking best odds guaranteed prices when certain conditions are met (I will explain fully in the eBook) will return a marginally better profit due to the lack of Betfair commission and price drifts. You also have to factor in free bets and bonus offers that you will receive from your bookmakers during festivals and big race weekends and especially bookmakers who offer enhanced place terms for big handicap races.

Have you bought systems before and they never work out? 

There are two reasons for this:

1.The system was badly designed which made the guidelines vague

2. You lacked discipline and did not follow through with it. 

The best thing about this system is you can back check the results posted here for your self to see every winner and loser. There is no hiding place with this system.

Are you just a Saturday bettor? 

Well then you are in luck with this system as Saturday’s provide the best results for this system due to the number of top class handicap races on offer.


Making a withdrawal after withdrawal every single month without having to make another deposit again to your Betfair account.

The holiday to Florida with the wife and kids without having to worry about scrimping and saving money all year to afford it.

 The mental freedom you will have if you work in a dead end 9-5 job when your betting accounts are bulging.

Sometimes people over complicate betting on horses.

They try to analyse hundreds of factors when they need to take a step back and formulate a plan that logically makes sense. That is what the Easy Life Winners system does.

Here are the latest results from the Easy Life Winners formula

The Easy Life Winners System results speak for themselves...

Over the course of the month on UK flat racing alone this formula makes an astonishing 52.12 points profit on average. This does not even take into account the extra profit you can make by applying this system to National Hunt racing as well as in both racing codes in Ireland.

Never miss a selection with this simple step by step horse racing system

You do not need a paid subscription to the Racing Post as the system is based around the free Sporting Life website

You can increase your profits easily as the system can be applied to not only flat racing but also jumps and all weather racing making it an all year round profitable betting system

You can also apply this system to all Irish racing where there are huge untapped profits

You can make easily 5 figures a year by spending less than 30 minutes a day finding your selections and placing your bets

This each way system produces an amazing 35% strike rate which minimises your losing runs and insulates your bankroll

Make an average of 58.88 points profit a month just from betting on UK flat racing

Don’t Be Fooled

Don't let the simplicity of this fully detailed step by step system fool you. I’ve invested 1,000’s of hours of my own time researching, testing and betting all my systems and this system continues to show profit year after year..

This formula contains everything you need to finally be able to make a substantial side income from your horse racing betting.

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