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Fill Your Bags With Insanely Profitable Mats

Find low-competition farming spots packed full of squishy mobs with crazy high droprates for cloth, essences, & more. All you have to do is pick up the loot.

Get Paid Crazy Prices for the Right Herbs, Ore, & Hides

Rake in the profits selling the lower level mats crafters need that no one else is supplying. Follow optimized gathering routes that take you through tightly-packed, resource-dense nodes so you can fill your bags fast.

Craft the Items Your Server Will Pay a Premium For

See which professions are making a killing on your server. Discover the most profitable, in-demand items so you make a massive profit every time you push the "Craft" button.

Steamroll Dungeons and Collect Tons of Valuable Loot

Destroy dungeons for the ultimate in low-effort gold-making. Instantly see which will make you the most gold per hour and track your progress as the loot rolls in.

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