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Are you running a pub quiz night at your local pub/bar?

Are you hosting a trivia night fundraiser?

Are you looking for a fun night with friends or family?

Trivia Night in a Box has a package that will suit all situations and budgetsWe have over a decade of hosting trivia nights and pub quizzes and our trivia night package has been used all over the world (5 continents and countless countries). Our team of experts has gone to great lengths to not only provide well-researched trivia questions, we’ve used them in live settings to make sure your trivia players will get the best possible experience, and come back for more!

Our Trivia Night Kits are used by hundreds of pubs, clubs, and fundraisers all over the world

There can be a fine line between having trivia questions that are too easy and boring, or too difficult and frustrating. We strike the perfect balance so no matter what the expertise level of your players, they will be entertained and challenged!

You can purchase each trivia kit individually, or choose from our 3-packs, 10-packs or our 20-pack option for massive discounts.

We’ve been hosting trivia nights for over 10 years!

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