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What is Core Knowledge?

This is the place where you will find the basic principles of Dota. If you are relatively new to the game or have never played at a high level, this should be the section where you begin your journey. For more high level players, however, the Core Knowledge section will be more of a place of reference rather than something they should read through from start to finish.

Here you can view the real How To Approach New Things In Dota 2 guide and see for yourself how easy it is to get started with both Dota 2 and Dota 2 NaVigation.

General Knowledge

Core Knowledge starts with the General Knowledge subsection, where you will find explanations of the four major problems that confuse a new player. First, you will find a guide on the kinds of heroes that are in Dota 2, divided into main roles (carry, support, jungler) and secondary ones (initiator, ganker and others). This will help newer players understand that some heroes function similarly to others, which will make learning more than 100 game characters much easier. The second guide will explain how Laning works in Dota and the third one will combine knowledge from the two to explain what guidelines you should follow when picking heroes in pubs. Finally, the subsection will finish with a guide about team fights, which will help newer players make sense of the chaos in mass battles.

Steps To Learning

The second subsection is Steps to Learning. It gives guidelines on how to continuously improve step by step, rather than get stuck at one skill level. For example, the Hero Difficulty guide includes a detailed table rating all heroes on how difficult they are to play and why. This will help a newer player a lot in choosing what hero to start playing at first and how to climb up the difficulty ladder. The third guide, on the other hand, talks how all players fall into two psychological categories (Orcs and Goblins) and what implications this has for improving: how you often get stuck in one pattern of behavior and what you should do to free yourself and become better.

Basic Skills

The third subsection is Basic Skills which talks about the notorious and elusive Game Sense and Map Awareness and how to develop those skills. You will also find other examples of interesting mental skills and qualities that you need in order to be a top-level Dota 2 player. Most of them are much widely applicable in life outside the game.

Basics Of Team Play

Basics of Team Play, the forth subsection, is all about being a productive part of a team, which we all know is kind of hard on the internet but in the same time absolutely crucial for winning games in Dota- it is in the end of the day a team game.


The last subsection of guides in the Core Knowledge is Mechanics. This is where you will learn how the game actually works - all the complicated terms and interactions you need to know are located here. This isn’t a section you need to read from start to finish – rather, come back to check on specific things when they are not clear to you. Besides the actual information, you will also find brief tips and tricks of how to use the discussed mechanics to your advantage.

Items Database

The Core Knowledge finishes with our Items Database, where you will be able to find some information about all in-game items and tips about what situations each item is useful in.

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