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Dear future champion gamer,

You and I know this…


Diablo 3 is a frikkin’ competitive game!

If you don’t have a clue what’s going on, you will be wasting a lot of time and money in the game!

If you were around during the Diablo 2 era, you will know for sure that the teams that dominated the high levels had the best equipment, the best knowledge of instances, the best team and the best everything.

As you are reading this letter, you will probably feel that in order to dominate Diablo 3, painful sacrifices must be made… (really?)

You think you might anticipate a non-existent social life.

You might have to take less subjects in a semester.

You might even be forced to make a choice – boyfriend/girlfriend, or grinding months away in front of the PC just to get on top.

It’s almost like you’re selling your soul to Diablo himself!

You may even wonder if 6-10 hours a day is worth the price you have to pay to get on top.

If you feel that this is something you must do then listen carefully because…



Believe me… grinding mobs endlessly in Diablo 3 is like cutting down a huge oak tree with a blunt axe.

I’ve been there and done that and it’s not worth the ‘sacrifice’.

What if I were to tell you that you can still lead a normal life while having the best gear, more gold than you can ever spend and a thoroughly optimized character that you can take on the mobs of hell all by yourself?

Take a deep, deep breath.

My story will change the way you see Diablo 3 forever...

I was just a common grunt during the old D2 and D2 LOD days.

When the last game was really hot, I spent REAL money buying items in order to plow my way through a hardcore battle up Mount Arreat.

My team and I were taking on the guardians after fighting for hours and spending even more hours just organizing ourselves.

Even though I was a noob at that time, we mapped out our battle plan and did everything we could to make sure our attack was perfect.

We fought hard using potion after potion to make sure the guardians were defeated when suddenly…

My Internet connection went haywire and the ‘lag’ resulted in a dead hardcore character.

I was like “W-T-H!!!”

Months after months of grinding, sleepless nights, eye bags and skipping meals. All gone in a single night! I didn’t even know whether to laugh in disbelief or cry in anguish.

Man, that sucked big time…

My heart almost went into shock and I couldn’t sleep that night.

I almost wanted to quit playing Diablo for good.

But I grew from that day because I knew that it was stupid to keep doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

What can I say? I had poor gear and it even took me weeks to gather what I’ve got by killing the same mobs over and over again. (It almost felt like a chore to play Diablo if you know what I mean…)

So I started consulting the experts and seeing things a different way.

It was a lack of knowledge and therefore I set myself out on a quest to find out what’s missing.

Now in Diablo 3, I’ve learned from the foolishness of my past self and here’s what I’ve accomplished for myself:

What can I say? Diablo 3 is only fun when you are winning, right?

It’s a good feeling and I really want you to feel what I feel. That’s the whole purpose of you reading this letter.

Are you ready to…

There are two ways to learn from this game – from your own mistakes or follow the footsteps of those who have successfully walked the path.

I knew I couldn’t ask for advice from my same old dead beat friends who kept on farming the same instances over and over again. Waiting for a rare item drop is like playing Russian roulette with a unique mob boss. It’s frustrating and you don’t want to leave it to chance.

If you’re sick, you go to a doctor – an expert who knows what they are talking about, right? So here’s what I did.

I started observing the top players.

I learned from people who had the best gears.

I took notes on where they found their items and believe me, it isn’t about just grinding mobs… some of these guys even had item syndicates that shares the best items among one another. Like the mafia, their ‘own people’ get the best weapons first!

I chatted with them, played with them and most important of all, I learned from them. It was a whole new level of gaming and my playing style reached a new level.

Thanks to the information I learned, it cut short the guesswork it took me if I were to do it on my own.

If you are struggling in the game, I feel your pain.

I was there.

It sucks when others have items that would make you drool.

That is why I must NOT keep this knowledge to myself any longer!


Diablo 3 Secrets is not your average guide, it contains 80,000 words filled with images on how to master every class, grab every item, secrets of every dungeon, every monster and leveling secrets and everything you need to know about.

It’s basically an all in one Diablo 3 course guide all carefully organized.

Believe me… you DON’T have time for trial and error when it comes to Diablo 3.

This guide will save you lots and lots of time in the process and it will make your gaming experience so much more enjoyable compared to wasting precious seconds running back and forth from town to ‘where you died’ if you know what I mean.

Losing experience and loot is NOT the thing you should be concerned about.

Here’s the breakdown…

I am aware that there are so many guides out there who tell you that they know it all but blow nothing but hot air. Most of those charlatans fail to deliver not only because they don’t know what they are talking about, I’ve personally bought them all and they are all nothing but filler and minimal tips about stuff that I already know inside out.

You don’t want to learn stuff that you already know – it’s a waste of time.

And some of those ‘other’ guides teach you how to hack and that could get you banned by Blizzard.

I don’t want you to go on a wild goose chase that’s why I’m going to give you the meat right here.



This is one SUPER COMBO that will truly please you... Get it All Now!

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