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Welcome ... and Thank You For Your Visit

If you're like most of our visitors you've already searched the internet for some basic information on the game before coming here. Information is widely available as a general outline but keep in mind,  it is just an outline.

It's basic information about the game.  Unless you understand how to implement the information in live action it's just a lot of meaningless numbers.   We've got a PDF file below with odds and rules of the game.

But don't believe in miracles after reading it.  

Anyone can learn the odds and rules of playing craps free on the web.  But spend a little time at a Crap Table and see what it really costs you to learn this game.   You will be sliced and diced.

If you think you can win money by just knowing the basics of this game ?    Sorry to have to tell you this  .... But you're in dreamland my friend.   You can't stumble into this game and expect to win.   If you want to win money in a Crap Game ... You have to know the game.

If you don't know the game ... Don't Play Craps.  You'll make a fool of yourself.  You will hold up the action,   cause problems for the dealers,  and the worse part is ... you're going to dump money !

  This is About Money ! 

 It's a serious thing.    It's No Joke ... Don't be a fool to believe you can beat this game not knowing how.   Knowing the numbers isn't enough.  You need to know how to win.  ( it's the best part about the game )

 Listen To An Excerpt Of Our Seminar Here  This is Not a Video - Our Seminar is Programmed Completely in Shockwave Flash and plays on all Windows operating systems.
No One Else On the Internet Teaches the Game in this Format  or in a more clear understandable way.   NO ONE !    You won't get  just the rules and numbers with us.  We teach the game with an emphasis on Winning.     


Tune in for a few minutes and allow me the opportunity to give you some free and sound advice that's meant to do one thing ... Put Some Serious Cash In Your Pocket  !

If you do decide to learn this game ...  I can tell you for a fact ... Gambling in a casino will never be the same.   But If you're a curiosity seeker surfing through,  looking for a quick 10 minute  fix ?   You're wasting your time.  You won't find it here, or anywhere else.   I'll tell you straight up ...You have to be more than curious about this game to win money.    You've got to want it more than that.   

This is no bingo game.   This is a game where players win big money.   It's real gambling.    There's nothing in the casino that compares to it.   I'm being honest  ... If you're a real player ?   Someone who loves to gamble ?  Someone who loves winning ?   You've been playing the wrong game.    You can change that  ...  but not in 10 minutes.

You have to give up some time.  Winning money in a casino playing this game will come from your effort learning it.   It's  how much you want it.  But In less than 2 hours of study I can teach you to play top level winning craps.  ( in less than two hours )    Can you spot me that much time ?   
Is it worth 2 hours of your life to really learn this game and start winning ?  

What really matters is ... How much do you want it ?  

 ESPN Spike Versus TruTV  -  Craps School  -  Celebrating  10 YEARS TEACHING WINNING CRAPS

   Things You Should Already Know

Loser Games

The Casino's all have games that are their cash cows. We all know what those games are. Slot Machines and 21 (blackjack) are the games that all casino's rely on for their profits.  

It's those leisurely games that require the least amount of effort to learn and play.  Sorry if that hurts but it's true.   It's your choice to continue playing those games.  But the game that's least understood by the player or promoted by the Casino is the Game of Craps.

                                                                   So Why is This ?     

It's not a difficult question to answer.  Why steer player away from games where profits are consistent to a game like Craps that affords the player a much best chance of winning ? 

                                                             Think About It

No chairs at a Crap Table.   The Casinos could easily provide them if they wanted players to stick around and play the game.    But If you want to play  Craps ... it means standing up.  It's not by accident why chairs aren't provided .... It's all by design.  

Craps is the ONLY GAME  the Casino's would rather you not play.

                                       I Know Because I was a Casino Boss for 10 years
I also know how many people go home losers from a casino.   It's ugly.  Don't let anyone tell you different.   I want to wake you up to what's going on around you.   I want to teach you this game.  I want to change your thinking about winning.  

You don't have to lose every time you walk into a casino.   It doesn't have to be that way anymore 
( but that's up to you )

Let's Keep the Whole Deal Real  ... You Don't Win Money by Accident

You have to be serious about learning this game if you expect to win money.    You can learn this game correctly and it can be a serious income stream.  Or ... you can risk your money knowing incremental spotty information that comes from a copied and pasted sheet.

That's your decision to make.  But the players who have taken our seminar aren't stumbling through the game.  When they step up to a crap table and risk their cash ... they're ready to attack the game ... they're ready to win money. 

I don't want to shatter your dream but ...  You won't win a dime knowing just the rules of this game. You can fantasize all you want about winning but it's just not going to happen.  

Memorizing percentages ?  Not in a Crap Game.  You're not playing poker betting on the flop.  This is an entirely different game.   Forget about percentages.  It's not how you play.

But I'm doing you a favor telling you this ...   It's better not to play at all than to risk your money in a game you don't completely understand.   Don't find out the hard way.  You will never beat this game by accident.  NEVER !  If you have that fantasy swirling around in your head ?  LOSE IT ... YOU'RE DREAMING.

Just a reminder:  THIS IS ABOUT MONEY  Don't burn off your cash playing this game with your fingers crossed.  Top level player don't play defense.  They attack the game.  

When you step up to that crap table and enter the game.  You need to be able to "fire all guns".  (or shouldn't be there)  Think about it.  Are you just playing the game ?  Or did you come prepared to win ?   Remember ... This is about money.

In less than 2 hours of study you will know more about the Game of Craps and how to win money  than 99% of the people who play the game.   Make no mistake.   It's the players who understand the game who win money.

Our Players Are Winning Money - They Aren't Dreaming About It.  They aren't blowing off hundreds of dollars on a Crap Table "Just Trying to Learn the Game".   It's the worst thing you can do considering our seminar pays for itself the first few minutes on a crap table.

  Because with us it's not just teaching you the game that's important.    It's teaching you how to win. 

                                        Because ... Nothing Matters More than Winning ... NOTHING !

It will always be a mystery to me why anyone would play this game without really knowing how.  People with above average intelligence will walk away losers, scratching their head, shell shocked.  It's like a  mental breakdown.  It's crazy, yet crap tables are filled with players who should never have stepped up to play.

If you play this game knowing just the basics you don't have  a prayer of winning money ... not a prayer !  Not in this game.  Not playing craps.  It's not that kind of game.  Don't be so disconnected to the value of your money and risk it so foolishly.  Don't be that kind of player.  

If you don't know how to play.   SAVE YOUR MONEY - DON'T PLAY !    There is no reason for you to be at a crap table.

You don't have to be a genius to understand.
        If you go into battle with no firepower.  What do you think your chances are of winning the battle ?   
                                                  PLEASE ... CONSIDER THIS A WARNING

 If you have no firepower?  Stay the heck out of the battle because you're going to get your butt kicked. 

So Why Us ?

The only reason we're here and thriving after 10 years is because our players have learned the game and are winning money.   It's not complicated ....  We're successful because we develop top level players who win.  
     If you came here just to learn the numbers
?    Take our seminar and find out the difference. 

The first thing you'll notice :  When you step up to that Crap Table you'll command a certain amount of respect simply because you'll be recognized as a " Player "   Someone who understands the game and knows how to seriously play it.

But if you expect to win money ?   You've got to bring your  A Game.  
If you don't have an A Game ?  Save your money  don't  play craps.   
Weak efforts  don't win money in a crap game.  You've got to want it more than that.  

Just A Few Words About Gambling and Playing Craps

My Thoughts:
It's difficult to explain to people who aren't real gamblers the thrill that a person gets while playing. Let's face it, there is no other experience like gambling and when you play Craps ... the way I feel about it, Craps really intensifies the gambling experience.

For that reason alone, learn how to play craps.  It's unlikely you'll ever play another game after you do.



I'm not going to bore you with the usual "Win $200 Per Hour Playing Craps" or other empty promises that I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear.  If you're tired of chasing the so-called  "systems"  or bogus schemes these scammers are feeding people then I have excellent news for you. 

 If you're really serious about learning this game.  I guarantee that this will be the most important legitimate piece of information you will ever read about Playing  Craps and Winning Money in a Casino.  Winning Serious Money in a Crap Game ?  Big Money ...?  It's what this game is all about but don't be misled by these thieves trying to steal your money with bogus claims.

Thieves look to prey upon peoples dreams.  Don't believe their lies.  These people are internet scammers who know nothing about the game of craps.  They are thieves trying to steal your money.  They have nothing to offer.

Internet Casino Gambling - illegal unregulated

I've read articles that suggest craps is not a difficult game to learn ... What an incredibly bold and stupid  thing to say.  You should know ...  These monkeys make a commission up to 50% on every dollar you lose when they link you to an internet casino from their site.  

You'll notice these same websites will have flashing banners next to their articles leading you to some illegal unregulated internet casino.  I know that side of the business and what I'm telling you is true.  You need to know what motivates these people  and you would be a fool to believe otherwise.   They celebrate when players lose because they get a part of your action.

Also ...  Internet Casino "ratings or endorsement sites" are a fraud.  You're being manipulated with false misleading information from internet casino profiteers looking to link you to criminals that will steal your money.

                    You Have Been Warned  - Don't let these people steal from you.
We don't play that game here.   We've got a different motive.

Check out the "Wizard of Odds"    He makes a living out of giving players useless statistics and delivering  them on a plate like a slab of meat to a Bodog internet casino.  He makes his money off the backs of the players who lose.   He doesn't teach the game.  He shows  statistics.  Percentages you'll never use in a crap game.  Personally, I don't like him   (not even a little bit)   

Anyone who knows the game of craps knows it's not an easy game to learn.  They aren't authors of articles,  internet casino whores, or some stooge  writing in his blog.  

Ask a player.  Ask a real gambler.  Someone who really understands the game and plays it.  Ask a person who knows the game. 

Craps isn't an easy game to learn. You can validate that just by watching the way people play the game.    More often than not, there isn't a single player on a crap table that knows the right bets to play and how to win.  These same players will blow off a hundred dollar bill without even knowing what they're doing. 

That goes on day after day.  That hundred dollar bill should mean more.  Never should you be so reckless with your money.   Don't be that kind of player.  If you don't know how to win ... Don't be too shocked when you lose. 

You aren't playing a guessing game when you play Craps.   It's not anything like pushing a button on a slot machine or playing 21.    This is gambling in its highest form.  This is one bad ass game.  When you win money in an average crap game ... you won't just double your money ...  It can be much more extreme. 

But if you want to win big money playing this game you have to know it.  You will lose your money waiting for some crazy miracle to happen on a crap table.   Forget about winning money accidentally.  Miracle aren't needed to win money.  But you do need to know the game.  Do you think it's that easy to win ?  Winning isn't something that happens all by itself.  

                                                              STANDING ON THE SIDELINES ?

Here's what you're missing.  ( right now )
I've seen monster hands go totally unnoticed by players every day  I worked the  pit.  The dice might pass for 20 minutes and no one at the table is betting.   It's obvious.  People are gambling in a game they don't understand.

They might win $50.00 when they could have easily won $5,000 or more if they knew what they were doing.  A Top Level  Player might have won $50,000.

It's something that happens every night in a casino ...The opportunity to win big money at a crap table vanishes and goes unchallenged simply because players don't recognize opportunities and attack the game.


You probably have already found out that it takes more than just a little luck to walk away winners after making a play in a casino.   Let me ask you this:  How many times have you sat for hours and just fed the Bulldog ? 

Let's face it ... 21 and Slots  are brutal games.  I'm not saying anything you don't already know.   Slot Machines are the worst.   Casino's always rely on them to be their biggest money maker.  It's ding ding ding and ching ching ching.

It might seem innocent but it's a computer programmed to take your money.   Sorry ... I'm Not Going To Sugar Coat it.   It's a waste of money .... it's a losers game.

You stand a better chance playing 21  but it's a back and forth grind that seldom produces more than just a minimal win and more often, a substantial loss.  

                                                  IT'S NOT DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND

                                                                    WHY PLAYERS LOSE

Relax long enough and spend hours playing those games and see what happens.  It's a slow bleed.
If you have spent any time in a casino     YOU KNOW WHAT I'VE SAID IS TRUE ?

Las Vegas wouldn't be on the map if players came to town ... made one bet and walked away a winner or loser.  It's the grand design of things.  Push that button long enough or play 21 long enough and you're going to lose.  


When you play Craps you don't belly up and play for hours.  You recognize table conditions.  You enter the game.  You Strike and You Cash and when the phone rings at the Cashiers Cage when you step up, it will be the Pit Boss asking the Cashiers how much money you're cashing.   He wants to know how much you won.    Check out who's winning in a casino.  It's not a secret. 

The players who consistently cash large come from the Crap Pit.  SAVE YOUR MONEY .... YOU WON'T WIN PLAYING THEIR  CASH COW GAMES.  (it's not set up that way)

Fortunes can be made in 15 minutes of play on a Crap Table.  That's all it takes to win a small fortune.  Just 15 minutes.  But you have to know how to play.    Knowing 2 or 3 bets won't allow you to win anything.
It's a weak effort.   Don't try to fool yourself.  You don't deserve to win and you won't.

It Shouldn't be Fun to Lose

I'll be honest with you ... I think most players step into games playing blind and don't use common sense when they make a play.  But it's a fact of life the casino's are filled with players who have fun gambling but don't know how to win.  Don't get me wrong.  You can have fun gambling but take my word for it ...  You'll have a lot more fun when you win.

I'm going to teach you a way of winning serious and consistent money playing the most exciting and profitable game offered in a casino and you're going to have the luxury of having insider information on how it's done. 

It's a Fact

You can't learn the Game of Craps by reading a Casino's Brochure or watching a video.  If you're looking for the rules or odds of the game,  which is all you can get anywhere else.  I'll give them to you right now 

but with a warning:   Craps has never been a game that can be taught in a written form.  There are too many complexities to the game.  Take notice of the lack of content in the brochure.

Be realistic enough to understand.    The Casino's aren't going to give you the information that will help you win their money.    It's not what they're about.  They just want you to play.  They want to give you some basic information and get you into the game. 

If you're coming back I hope you did learn something about the game.   The brochure you downloaded came from a popular Las Vegas Casino.  It's exactly their print-out so if you feel confident enough to play after reading it.    G
ood Bye - Good Luck to You.   No reason for you to read any further. 

But I should tell you ... you're booking a total loser ... Because I've read the brochure myself and I can tell you for a fact ....


                                                      (and you will)

Yes, It's a slick brochure.  Very attractive, well written, and free ... 

But It's No Bible

Don't Be Misled

Winning comes from a combination of astute money management, accurate bet selection, correct timing, and lots of discipline.  It's knowing the game and understanding what is needed to win.   I Guarantee that "FREE" Brochure Will Cost You Your Cash   Save your money -  I'm not blowing smoke.

                             YOU  DON'T KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT THE GAME TO WIN  

                      10 years of experience and thousands of crap games tells me that. 
                                                      I'm not guessing when I say it

There isn't enough information given about the game in the brochure that would allow you to win .... There's no meat .... and that's exactly what was intended by the casino who prepared it.    

 You can read it over and over again but there is too much content about the game that's "mysteriously" missing.   Did you read the chapter "HOW TO WIN " ?  It isn't there !

If you learned anything at all ... You got just the basics of the game.  Don't be misled.   A Casino's brochure isn't intended to teach you how to win.   If you've read the brochure you should be able to see that.

If you want to win serious money in a Crap Game you have to bring out the big guns ...    You need to have more than just an overview of this game if you expect to win money. 
Snap out of it.  Wake up.  This isn't your Momma's bingo game.

It's an  adrenaline pumping experience jumping into a Crap Game.  It's something that has never left me and you will experience it every time you step up to play.   It's a rush of excitement that I wish everyone could experience.  I think of it as getting into an arena playing "The most extreme sport there is".   

If you step into a Crap Game that has serious action ... with big money in play ... and the dice are passing ... and the game is exploding  .. you have to be ready  ...    You don't want to stand there scratching your head while others are winning hundreds or thousands of dollars every roll of the dice.  

A Brochure isn't going to teach you the game.  It won't tell you how to play and it won't teach you how to win and you're certainly not going to learn this game watching a self promoting video where the narrator  doesn't give a fat rats ass if you win or lose. 

 Here is an example of a video I saw on You Tube.  The Narrator says "You know if you have money on the Don't Pass Line and you think the shooter will make his point.  We will let you change your mind and take your money down." 

What he told you in the video is true. It's part of the rules of the game.  But what he didn't tell you .... it's a very stupid thing to do.  You never should take a Don't Pass bet down because the odds and chances of you winning that Don't Pass bet is in your favor.  That's why they allow you to take that bet down.  They don't want to give you that edge.

It's just another example of how you can know the rules of the game but still make a careless play that will cost you money .... you're getting the rules and the numbers but without a single thought given to teaching you the best bets to play and how to win.


There aren't any ads in our seminar.  We don't try to link you anywhere and we are totally uncensored.  Our purpose is to teach you this game and show you how to win money when you play it.  We want to give you all that's needed to win. 

When people write and tell us they went into a casino and the seminar paid for their trip in the first 10 minutes they played ...We love hearing  that.  It's mission accomplished.   It's the only reason we're here. 

... Make 1 stupid play at a Crap Table and you'll lose much more than the cost of this very inexpensive seminar. 

  Spike - Versus - TruTV and ESPN.  Our Seminars Have Produced TOP LEVEL Winning Players Nationwide.    We are the real deal when it comes to learning this game.

You probably have already found out.... the little bit of information you get on the internet from reading the rules or watching a video just skims the surface of the game.  It's not your fault.  It's these pretenders who don't know enough about the game to teach it.

If you want to risk your money trying to learn the game this way ... you're making a big and costly mistake.  Are you ready to reach into your pocket right now and throw down a couple hundred dollars to play craps ?    Do you really think you're ready to play ?   Do you think it's that easy to win money ?

                    Think About Just a Few Things the Brochure Didn't Tell You

  • Do you understand how to make  place bets in the proper denominations and who sets them up ? 
  • Do Place Bets work on the come out roll or can you ask them to.  Should you press them when they hit?
  • Is $17 inside a "proper bet"  if the point is 6.  What number are you betting with a $20.00 outside bet ? 
  • Did you understand how to make Come Bets.  When can you make them or if you even should ?
  • Did it tell you if the Come Bet odds work on the come out roll ?  
  • Did it tell you the worst bet on the table or the best bet you can make ?
  • Did it explain what a horn bet is ? 
  • Did it explain what a horn high bet ... is there a difference in the two and which is better ? 
  •  Is a field bet a good bet or bad bet   ... or why it is and when it is ?
  • Can you make a field bet on the come out roll ?
  • What about Don't Come bets.  Are they good or bad ? 
  • How do you make a Come Bet ? Where does your money go on the layout ?
  • Should you lay the odds or take them or even know how ?  What do they pay. Should you "go up" ?
  • What does telling the dealer to "press" really mean.    How will it affect your bet and payoff ?

   I could ask you a 100 questions about the game that wasn't covered in the brochure.
  Nobody is Going to Hold Your Hand When You Step Up to Play and the idea of asking a "friendly dealer for advice"  ....   you'll get laughed at. 
If you're serious about learning this game I can teach it to you.  I can show you how to win and I can show you how to lose and I can give you insider strategies on how it's done.  If you're a female wanting to learn this game ?  I can teach you how to play craps like a man.  

I will also  teach you the Progressive Don't   A strategy that was the most searched Google Gambling Strategy in 2007-2008.  It was mine ... I am the only person who teaches it.

It's too slow and too boring for me.   I don't especially like it myself.  In fact, I don't even recommend the Progressive Don't but I've developed players who call it magic and some have never lost when playing it. 

You can practice it at home with a pair of dice and see for yourself.  It's a $57.00 maximum buy in at a Casino to play it.   It's a slow grind out strategy,  but it consistently makes people money which is the only reason I continue to teach it.

I will also teach you how to turn $5.00 into $500 in as little as two rolls of the dice.   A third roll can legitimately win $5000.00.  This is a bet that's not advertised on the layout but available to any player with advanced knowledge of the game.   Take it from me, with even just a little volatility,  this betting strategy can win .  

It's been proven and tested many times by our players. (and myself). 

I teach all the odds ... all the bets ... all the payoffs in a Narrated 20 + slide flash presentation.  If there is anything in the seminar you don't understand you can e-mail me and I will help you.   As an extra I'll include a hard copy CD of the seminar to share with one of your friends.  Let him or her win a few thousand dollars too.  Just e-mail us with the address to send  to after downloading the seminar.

                                                                   I Refuse to Make False Promises

There is no Magic Elixir or Silver Bullet that will allow you to win every time you play.  If anybody tells you different they are flat out liars.  They're scammers trying to get in your head (and your pocket.)

But when you learn this game and play the strategies contained in our seminar your winnings will be 20 fold over the times you may occasionally lose. I don't make false promises ...  I teach a proven and tested progressive betting strategy that all players need to know if they want to win.

I don't make promises.   I just teach people how to win.

I teach all the Proposition Bets and explain which are the best and worse to play.  Come Bets,   Place Bets,  Field Bets,  All the bets,  all the odds,  all the parlays,  and all the best payoffs.   I will teach you the Complete Game of Craps.  Nothing is left out and you will be in a class by yourself when you step up to a Craps Table.  NO ONE WILL KNOW THE GAME MORE THAN YOU.

Our seminar is programmed completely in Shockwave Flash and plays on all Windows Operating System.  This is a single file that opens with one click.  Hundreds of pages in programming was necessary to produce this seminar.  

                           Compare Our Seminar to Any Website Page You Read About This Game. 

               If you're not 100% confident in what you're doing ?    You shouldn't be playing Craps !

               REMEMBER,   This is for the sweet green stuff   IT'S COMING OUT OF YOUR POCKET.

I know how gamblers  think.   We all love money and we feel especially good when we win it.
I'm not apologizing for feeling that way.  I'm just telling you something you already know.  There's only a handful of things in the world that make me more happy than winning money.     Add to that  ...  a blast of adrenaline and that gamblers high.   OH BABY !

What an intense  euphoric experience it is to play craps.   You're missing so much not knowing this game.

But it's a  trap to think winning will come easy
You have to learn the game.  You have to make that effort.    I keep saying it ... It's all up to you.  You've just got to want it enough.

When you step up to up to that table ...  You want to be ready to play and be at the top of your game.  
You want to be a predator   You want to be ready to win.   Are you done  "wishing"   you knew how to play ?

Step Up -  What are you waiting for ?  You can't win if you don't play !

Play Top Level Winning Craps !     In Less Than 2 Hours of Study
 Something You Might Not Want to Hear

You won't learn this game in one sitting.  You may need to listen to portions of it several times before you really understand the game and feel confident in your play.    You want to be able to walk into a hot crap game and fire some rounds.   Make them take notice that you're there.  They Will.  Remember ...  It's OK to  take their money.  (they'll get over it)

When dice are passing there can be strings of number that repeat over and over again.   If you know how to play craps and understand progressive betting ?   You can win big money playing this game.  But discipline plays a big part.

Think of a pyramid and consider turning it in YOUR favor by starting with a small amount of money and progressively pressing your bet.   It can be staggering when bets double and double again.

Can you spot me 2 hours to  really teach you this game ?  Two hours out of your life.  You don't have to spend 2 hours sitting in the seminar.  You can learn it over a week.    But in 2 hours or less of study you can walk  into any casino and play Top Level Winning Craps   IN 2 HOURS OR LESS    No one will know the game more than you.

  If you're thinking anyone can teach that ?    Try finding it somewhere else. 

 Understanding Volatility    

"True Odds"  are constant and unchanging and can be validated over thousands of rolls of the dice. During these thousands of rolls however, you will see periods where numbers are being rolled that defy all logic and odds.  It's volatility ... it's an explosion of rolls that fits no recognized pattern.

Let's consider the number 8.   The true odds of seeing an 8 being rolled is 5 times out of 36 rolls.   But you will see many Crap Games where the number 8 is being rolled over and over again possibly 8 or 10 times and even more in a 36 roll span.

This is not rare, It is simply a period of time when true odds are not justified  ...  be thankful for the mystery because there is no explanation as to why it happens.  Recognize it when it does and attack the game during this volatility. 

Remember ...  There are  Sheep and there are Wolves in every Crap Game.  Don't be a Sheep   Because there are opportunities during Crap Games when

                                           ....  THERE IS NO CEILING OR LIMIT TO HOW MUCH YOU CAN WIN

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