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Dear Friend,

There is no doubt about it! Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is an AWESOME game!

Hours and hours of fun – blasting away and letting rip is GREAT FUN!

Although I have a question for you:

“Don’t you always look at the guy at the top and think HOW is he killing so many people without hardly dying?!”

Worst still:

You might be here because you KNOW it is an AWESOME game but you are SICK and TIRED of being OWNED!

Let me cut to the chase:

If you:

Want to dominate Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Online and become a MUCH better player…


You just want to be able to compete and have more fun with the game while getting high score streaks!

You are in the RIGHT PLACE!

Let me introduce:



This is the FIRST & ONLY Call of Duty Advanced Warfare guide that will give you a step by step set of videos to DOMINATE in Call of Duty!

Instead of just giving you a guide that tells you to do X,Y,Z we actually show you!

“It Is Like Having A PRO Gamer Come Around Your House And SHOW YOU How To Dominate!”

This guide was created for two sets of people:

The UnderDog!

We love the underdog and if you are feeling like you will NEVER get good at Call of Duty then you will LOVE this guide! Let us get you up to speed and start dominating!

The Perfectionist!

Already Good At CODAW? We think we can get you better! Try this guide and the tactics within and if you do not feel it improves your game we will give you a COMPLETE refund!

OR of course you are somewhere in the middle…

In short – if you want to be better at the multiplayer of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare you need this guide!

Let us take a look at what you get inside:

Beginners Guide

We give you a beginner’s guide and show you how to get started! This part of the guide will give you a general overview of how to start with multiplayer and get off on the right foot.

We will walk you through getting set up with the controls, weapons and most of all – how to take advantage of YOUR style as well as find it out!

  • Starting with the basics we make sure you practice good habits that once you “get them” will make you a FAR better player!

  • We introduce you to the game and make sure you understand the mechanics of the game! Sounds simple but if you want to make fast progress you will love it!

  • Start off strong and as you practice you will become better fast!


Loadouts Guide

One of the key areas of COD Advanced Warfare is the loadouts!

This is where you pick your weapons and perks!

Let us show you how to get off on the right foot and get the best set up!

  • We show you which perks to pick and WHY!

  • We show you which perks to pick depending on what map you are on!

  • We show you how to use STREAKS to make superfast progress and one thing you should know about the streaks and WHEN to use them!

  • We also show you all of the perks and the best ones to pick!

  • Get the PERFECT Loadout with our guide!


Maps Guide

We give you an overview of all of the maps on multiplayer as well as some tips and tactics on how to dominate!

Part of being great in Call of Duty is definitely knowing the maps – we make sure you are briefed in and understand the maps!

You will get:

  • An overview of each map in COD Advanced Warfare so you know what works and what doesn’t!

  • Tips and tricks for every map as well as strategies to dominate!

  • Weapon choices for each map!

NOTE: Knowing what weapons to use in each map is VITAL! This one strategy alone will up your game in no time!

  • How to use the environment on some of the maps and strategies to do so!

Some of the maps will have objects that you can interact with – we show you how to do this and up your streaks!

  • Learn how to use the maps to their advantages in different game modes – we give you strategies and tips on the different game modes and how to use the maps!

  • Tactics Uncovered – As well as tell you about each map, and strategies we will also tell you about tactics and whether a map is better for close range or long range weapons!

Fast Progress Guide

If you want to be the best online you will need to rank up fast!

Apart from having the skills there are certain tactics and modes that will help you get XP fast!

  • We tell you the best modes to play if you want TONS of XP and to RANK UP FAST!

  • How to boost your XP and tactics LEGALLY in the game without getting ANY kills!

  • How to get over 70,000 XP per game!

  • Challenges Uncovered – We give you the best challenges that you can unlock easily to boost your XP FAST!

  • Weapon Swap – How to swap your weapons and which ones to swap for XP!

  • Single Player – How to DOMINATE multiplayer using single player – yes we know it sounds weird but you will see inside…

  • Scorestreaks – How to customize scorestreaks to get them to stay active longer and get MORE XP FASTER!




We cover tactics that you will need on the field!
This will make you a better player faster!

  • How to pick a class that matches your playstyle and make the most of it!

  • We also suggest classes if you have not found one you like, that will suit your playstyle!

  • We give you out top class and tell you WHY plus show you why it is awesome for fast progress!

  • We cover more no playstyles and how to pick your weapons to match your style!

  • How to use the UAV properly and to improve your kill rate and skills!

  • How to use cover properly in the game!

  • How to become an EXO suit master – we show you how to use the suit to up your kill rate!




We also cover the weapons in depth so you can really get the lowdown on how they work and how they will serve you.

  • A walkthrough of the classes and the weapons and which weapons to use with which class.

  • An overview of each weapons pros and cons and which perks and attachments to add!

  • After you have seen each weapon you will be ready for the field!


Why You Need Advanced Warfare Dominator?

If you are looking to get better at the multiplayer, make super-fast progress and get those scorestreaks up then you NEED this guide!

However we have saved the best for last…

If you are expecting a downloadable guide that you have to read through that does not really help – think again…

We give you VIDEOS!

All of the sections mentioned above will be explored in HD videos so you can actually see how to play the game like a pro!

When we are giving you tactics for instance, you will actually be able to see us in action so you can SEE how to play!

"Let A Pro Come Round Your House And Show You How It Is Done!"

Remember when I said – it is like some coming around your house and showing you how to play?
Well that is EXACTLY what you are getting!

You will get videos that guide you through EVERY aspect of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare!

They have been created so you can watch one video and then go and put it into action!

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