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Hey, this is Ciderhelm. I love League of Legends. I am passionate about helping people by creating great content. You may have seen some of my movies featured inside League of Legends or on the official League of Legends website and Facebook page.

I believe gamers are smart. I believe gamers want more than simple tips and stats. I believe "strategy guides" are better when they talk about real strategy.

I wrote Learn the League for gamers. With this guide as your companion, you will have more fun playing League of Legends, and you will win more games.

Patrick "Ciderhelm" O'Callahan

More Fun.

Catch up to your friends or impress them with new skills and knowledge. Practical tips and advice will remove obstacles that prevent you from enjoying the game.

Higher Ranks.

Discover the secrets that the world's best players are using to stay on top. With the tactics and strategies in Learn the League anyone can reach Gold and higher.

Better Streams.

Get informed on winning team compositions and accurately predict the outcome of matches. With Learn the League you'll be just as knowledgeable as top analysts.


What Is Learn the League?

Learn the League is a paid strategy guide for League of Legends with over 400 pages of exclusive content. The guide covers everything from getting started as a brand new player to understanding and using the tactics and strategies seen in international tournaments.


Is It Current?

Yes. Learn the League is on the 14th edition and fully updated for Season 5. Along with making sure the guide stays accurate to game patches, each edition also brings new content. Owners can download updates at any time.




Strategy Illustrated

Over 150 high quality illustrations are included in Learn the League. Because these were created with the same methods I use for my YouTube movies, they provide a crystal-clear look at advanced subjects.


Companion Movies

In some cases I feel movies are helpful additions for explaining and providing examples. Because of this, several movies are provided to help teach important concepts.



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