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30 Years Of Winning, you can too
Butch is unquestionably one of the smartest player’s in the world of gambling today. For years, he was the host of his own cable TV show, “Hole In The Wall” which aired weekly on Cablevision & Time Warner, and attracted a large and loyal following. A motion picture is in the works by New Line Cinema about his life’s story as a professional gambler.

Butch has very strong opinions on gambling and the reasons why most people loose. “There are only three kinds of gamblers”, Butch states unequivocally, “Experts, Idiots, and the few people that can treat it as pure entertainment.

If you’re not an expert, and don’t have the brains or willpower to treat it as entertainment, and budget it as so, you should stay away from the tables and or slots.

Now you can learn the important ingredients of a professional gambler and how to use them successfully when you go to the casino. If you follow Butch’s teachings!

What you are about to learn is a conservative yet very power full betting progression System

· If you truly want to make and not loose money when gambling in a casino.
· If you have the self-control to follow a very rigid game plan.
· If you’re willing to give up the idea of getting rich in one day.
· If a steadily increasing income is of interest to you.

If you are capable of thinking of your visit to the casino as going to work and not a quick thrill adventure. YOU WILL SUCCEED

You will become one of the many few that actually profit from your casino visits.

Money management is the key, It dictates how much you can bet, and how to keep your loses at a minimum so they can easily be recouped. You will also learn the discipline of taking a small profit instead of allowing a gain to become a loss.

This is the very same system that Butch use to teach one on one, for a fee of $1000.00

All purchases are processed through Click Bank with a money back guarantee.

You will immiedietly receive a link to the system upon payment…

“I just wanted to thank you (and your blackjack betting System) for paying for my last trip to Las Vegas. I have been to Vegas several times, but the last time I decided I wasn’t going to “just have a good time”, or take an amount I could “afford to lose”.. My wife thought the $34.95 system price was a waste of money, but when she arrived in Vegas with her sister (we flew separately, I got there earlier in the day) she changed her tune when she was presented with (6) 100 dollar bills ($200 starting bankroll) I know that’s not a huge amount of money, but my subsequent sessions brought returns of approx. $100 (3 times), $80 (twice) and 2 losing sessions of around $80 each. I have recently gone to the new Caesar’s riverboat casino in Indiana, where I am $39 ahead after two weeks (again, not a lot of money, but not a loser either)

Larry Bergman LA, Ca

You will immiedietly receive a link to the system upon payment…


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