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Are you sick and tired of all the sports betting scams on the web?  If you're looking for the real deal when it comes to making money from sports betting, then this may be the most important message you will ever read online!

I hope you hate losing money at sports betting, because if you do you’re in luck!

Finally, after many years of making a killing betting on football, soccer, baseball, hockey and many other sports, I’m finally ready to let YOU in on “MY” most closely-guarded secrets!

What if I could show you real insider systems that you can use from your own home and make more money than you ever could in your job using just your computer and the internet... all it takes is 5 minutes per day and is available worldwide! Sounds too good to be true? It isn't! You can even start doing it in just a few minutes from now. I'll explain...

But first, please let me introduce myself.  My name is Frank Belanger and I make an extraordinary living betting on sports.

I've dedicated the last 10 years of my life to researching and creating sports betting systems and I've made it my personal goal to provide you with the highest and top betting systems guaranteed to earn you money from the comfort of your own home.

It was during this time that I made a shocking discovery that would allow anyone to stop struggling, and start making money immediately without risk!

Now I make a very nice living betting on sports on the internet and if you to would like a quick and easy way of making good money betting on any sports online, while simply side stepping the usual time, frustrations and stress involved in searching for stats, systems, free picks or any kind of information to handicap the games, then get ready for some good news.

Here's why:

There's finally a quick and easy way to make really good cash from betting on sports...even if you are scared to death of anything even slightly technical and have absolutely zero experience at sports betting.

This is because there is nothing technical to do and you will not be spending more than 5 minutes in front of your computer!

In fact if you can login into a sportsbook, and know how to use a calculator, then you have more than enough expertise to do this already.

You have just stumbled upon something so powerful you can be making serious cash betting on sports in a matter of days, yet so simple you can do it without ever having to learn all of these stupid betting systems that seem to be bounded about everywhere.

For the sake of both you and your families future, read the rest of this letter and I will prove to you without a shadow of a doubt that this is what you've been hoping for.

Why 98% Of People Fail…

The fact is...if you do not use a proven strategy, you are GUARANTEE to lose money.  No wonder these sportsbooks are ready to pay the search engines $12 every time a surfer click one of their links.  That's a cheap price to buy a sucker.

Sportsbooks know that the average sports gambler will lose more than $300 a week - Right into their banks.  Every innocent surfer who thinks they will make a few dollars on a bet ends up donating more than $300 to these sites.

The reality is that 98% of sports gamblers are losing money…a lot of money.  The remaining 2% are professional sports gamblers.  They are making a living at sports betting.  Is it possible ?  Yes of course.

Ask any sportsbook’s manager and he will tell you that 2% of his regular clients are always winning over the long run.  How can you be in this 2% ?

Well, It took me many years, working on my own systems, studying stats and results, and spending so much time in front of the computer that I wonder why my wife didn't leave me, before I finally started making a bundle from online sports betting.

I've gone through a ton of information, tested useless systems and techniques and made a truck load of mistakes.

I tell you this because I want you to realize where I'm coming from. I know exactly how tough it is and know all about the disheartening problems that come along when you are starting out, just trying to get a system that works and I don't want YOU to go through ANY of it!

More importantly I know how hard it is for most people and the heartaches and discouragement most people will go through before giving up completely. It was only my sheer determination and pride that kept me going.

But it wasn't until I had it all worked out - after many years of hard work, frustrations and losing money that I made a shocking discovery!

There was these incredible facts about sports betting that were staring me right in the face nearly the whole time, that there were formulas that would cut out all the hard work and could fast-track practically any ordinary person like you & me to big profits from online sports betting!

I just hadn't 'seen' it as I was too busy listening to what all the sports betting gurus were teaching instead of doing any thinking for myself!

I realized that there was a way of making money betting on any sports that was completely different to what everyone, including all the 'sports betting guru's' were (and still are) teaching.

And let me tell you this: if this could work for my wife, who doesn't even know the difference between baseball and hockey (Just kidding!) but she really knows nothing about sports then how much more so it would work for you!

But before I tell you about these secret formulas you need to know what it's like for most people starting out to make money betting on sports and the unethical scam of the guru...

Let me tell you there is an absolute ton of information on how to make money betting on sports. This has been fed to us through an endless supply of ebooks, courses, memberships.

A lot of these systems are worthless junk, some of it is just brilliant and most of it falls somewhere in-between. There is just so much info out there that you could spend all your spare time reading, studying and wasting more and more of your hard earned cash on the next greatest thing.

It’s a wonder anyone ever gets started. Most people will take in the info and do nothing with it. Of those that do, most will have spent a small fortune on ‘sports betting’ and ‘handicapping’ information products.

The Brutal Truth About Sports Betting...

Unless You Use My Formulas - It’s Damn Hard!!

Maybe that statement has ruffled some feathers, perhaps some folks didn’t want to hear it and will scurry off to put their head back in the sand.

But this is not you of course…

But if that is the case, then so be it – I make no apologies for telling you exactly how it is.  And boy do I know - I spent many years trying to work it all out.

The fact is...

You Need The Knowledge And The Appropriated Strategies

But I know it’s not easy for beginners to start making money from sports betting without any knowledge. I was once a beginner and lost my money at sports betting.

I know the frustration of losing because I was a beginner once, too. It’s no fun.

You don’t have to be like me and suffer through the bad experience and frustration of losing. You now have the opportunity to ‘copy’ my strategies of how I make money every single week at sports betting.

And even if you start betting on sports by your own, you still have to go about all these problems:

Learning how to place the right bets

Learning how to manage your bankroll

Shopping for the best lines and odds

Spend countless hours searching for the right information

Looking for all stats about the games you want to bet on

Learning how to use the spreads

Learning how to use the money lines

Buy picks from handicappers

Want me to go on!?

All in all it’s a big pain in the rear end!

It’s not so bad if you have nothing to do all day and have plenty of cash to lose…

Most people don’t.

Making money betting on sports the old way is very hard.  But what if...

  • there were sports betting systems that could generate money almost immediately.

  • there were sports betting systems that anyone could easily use and have success.

  • there were sports betting systems that could start generating substantial income right away.

  • there were sports betting systems that don't need any handicapping skills.

  • there were sports betting systems that only needed to be learned once and then use over and over again as long as you want.

  • there were sports betting systems that are only mechanical and mathematical.

  • there were sports betting systems that couldn't possibly fail.

  • there were sports betting systems that are designed to make you turn $200 into over $10,000 within weeks.

Would you be willing to give it a shot? I'll BET you would!

Most people don’t have anymore spare cash lying around. Instead they lost all their bankroll and looking for a way to win it back. Which is largely why they will desperately try to buy all they can about sports betting.

This is different. Before I show you why let me show you how many have been conned - maybe even YOU!?...

The ‘Big Scam’ Of The ‘150-0 Systems’

Okay, we all know that there are tens of thousands of scams on the internet. But when it comes to sports betting systems there are all these hyped up claims along the lines of:

“We are 150-0 this season!" or "Win 100% of Your Bets"

You know what I mean...

You see, most of these systems are just total garbage and don't work over the long run.  Usually they are about baskeball.  I know, I own them all, I've tested them all and only a small portion of these systems bring some profit over the short term.

In fact, when they tell you "We are 150-0 this season!", they don't mean they are 150 wins and no loses.  They mean they won 150 series of bets!  Usually a 3 bet series where you more than double your bet after you lose.  And when you lose, YOU LOSE BIG!

When you considere the odds you will be placing your wagers with these systems, it is impossible to win over the long run.  I even show you the maths with screenshots in my new ebook.

It gets me mad that people are wasting hard earned money on these kind of systems in the slight hope things will work out. The cold truth is that... It Won't!

The Shortcut That Sidesteps All The Hard Work, Time & Effort…

I would like to let you in on the massive opportunity that sports betting holds for everyone from the moody teenager to the cheery pensioner. Anyone can make money from home using my magic systems!

These simple formulas will enable anyone to make money online without learning any specialist techniques whatsoever.

In my ebook "Bookie Buster", for each of the 25 systems, the exact steps you need to take in the exact order you need to take them are laid out for you to follow. Every last step is explained for you in full detail from A to Z. Nothing is left out, nothing is left to guess-work and nothing else is needed to piece it all together.

In just a couple of days, anyone can create an income  that will continue to make them money betting on any sports week after week...forever!

It is so simple that a child can do it and will give you the freedom and spare cash to stop worrying and start living.

And remember if you can login into a sportsbook, and know how to use a calculator, then you have more than enough expertise to do this already.

12,000 Clients Can't Be Wrong!

More than 12,000 people got their hand on my systems and many of these people now consistently make over $500 per day from sports betting around the world.

In other words, I know how to help you make money from sports betting while sitting at home. My strategies are absolutely watertight, even if you've never placed a bet in your entire life.

Can These Systems Really Make The Difference?

Absolutely! You bet they can.

Listen, I'm not going to tell you that you'll make thousands of dollars every day. If anyone tells you that, please laugh at them and show no mercy. I'm not going to say you'll double your money every few weeks or be out dating movie stars with your new-found wealth.

If that's not what you want to hear, or if you're disappointed you probably won't get stinking rich from 2 hours easy work... then I'm sorry - this isn't for you. This is a real and genuine opportunity and is NOT another silly get rich quick scheme or 'pie in the sky' theory.

Yes, you can make an amazing income from these systems and live a fantastic lifestyle, having the freedom to do whatever you want to do with your life by doing this - but with a little patience and discipline.

Believe me when I say that if Bookie Buster doesn't revolutionize your sports betting, arouse unstoppable enthusiasm and fire-up your results to run-away profits then no other book, course or system will. And that's the plain and simple truth.

Is that okay? Does that sound reasonable to you? Good, then...

Let me take you by the hand and walk you through all my systems, step-by-step...

If you just follow the step-by-step plan for each systems, I will be amazed if you don't manage to make an extra few thousand dollars a month pure profit from betting on ANY sports! And if you stick with these, there's no reason why you can't go on to make much more, each and every month from this.

Want to know how much you can make?

I wanted to be able to show you some realistic results that can be easily achieved using ONLY ONE SYSTEM included in 'Bookie Buster'. So I set up a brand new account 4 years ago in a sportsbook starting in January 2004 to put only one of my systems to the test.  I started with a small bankroll of $1000!

My 'Test Account' Made Me Over $100,000 From Less Than 5 Minutes A Day...

On January 2008 it had made me over $100,000 in pure profit. This is just one account. I was able to turn $1000 into over $100,000 in 4 years using only one system.  You can use many systems as you wish - there is no limit to the amount of systems or accounts you can use!

Anyway, back to the test account. Here is the graph of the actual money generated from my test account using only one system included in Bookie Buster...

And that is just one system - you can use many systems at the same time - and each one will only take 5 minutes.

I show you this to prove that YOU can easily generate this kind of profit for yourself. In fact you can probably do a lot better!

And remember if you can login into a sportsbook, and know how to use a calculator, you already have all the skills you need to do this!

And NO, I won't show you my accounts.  Hey...I hate people who shows their account to convince people to buy their stuff.  Don't you know that we can make everything with something like Photoshop?

It is easy as 1-2-3 to cheat and turn a snapshot of $25 into $50,000.  So, what's the deal...I will never tell you that you will make a million within 2 months but a couple of thousands a month are the real numbers so, if you don't trust me, you are free to leave my website.  So, that said...

You Can Follow Along Step-By-Step And Legally Steal My Most Secret Blueprint For Making Up To $15,435 Every Month From Sports Betting

I've spent the last months brain dumping everything I do on to paper. I've then put this in to a no fluff... just killer step-by-step techniques, systems and tricks that can take anyone from zero to thousands of dollars every month betting on any sports.

And what's really great is that it comes packed with real examples for each and every systems included in Bookie Buster.  These examples show you exactly what to do…

But that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Here's just a small portion of what else you'll discover in “Bookie Buster":

sports betting tip check image  More than 24 proven strategies that will give you an edge over the sportsbook.

check  If you are a flat bettor, I will show you how to really make money with flat betting, what to avoid and what you should do.

check  A simple strategy to end the week as a winner even with a low winning rate of only 33%.

check  Discover a secret strategy to bet on underdog in any sport and always win.  I use this secret strategy every baseball season and I've never lost.

check  You will learn how to bet on 2 team parlay and never lose.  This amazing betting strategy will skyrocket your sports betting profit in a matter of days.

check  How to bet both side of a game at the same sportsbook and make a lot of money.  NO, I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT ARBITRAGE OR SCALPING, I'M TALKING ABOUT PLACING YOUR BETS ON BOTH SIDE AT THE SAME SPORTSBOOK!

check  A strategy to play for a couple of year without losing a single session.

check  Discover how to make money even with a poor record of 0 Win - 3 Loses!  It's just unbelievable!

check  You will learn how to win the predetermined amount of money you want to make each month.

check  How to use the results of the last 5 games of a team to make money!

check  How to become a winner with only 15% winning rate!

check  Discover how to use a simple fact about American baseball and learn how to use it to robe the sportsbooks every baseball season! 

check  How I once turned $10 into over $3000 within 2 weeks with another baseball strategy.  I will show you how to use the same strategy to turn your own $10 into $1000, $5000 even $25,000!

check  A secret baseball underdog system.  Simple but so powerful.  You won't believe it.

check  And Much More...Many More!

You'll have an easy to follow, step by step plan at your fingertips...and it's all written in easy-to-understand language so you can actually use it!

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