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Dear Friend,

It's CRAZY! Hundreds of millions of dollars are won each week at the races but only 1.7% off all bettors manage to make a living from horse racing betting. So, if you've always imagined yourself consistently profiting from horse racing --- making an extra income on the side...$300.00...$700.00 even $1,900.00 or more each week...

-- Or even replacing your current income...

...then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Because on the following page, I'm going to show you how anyone can make a consistent income from horse betting, that takes just a few hours each week to run -- even if you've never placed a single bet before in your life.

BUT RIGHT NOW...before I do anything else...I'll answer the #1 burning question I get asked whenever a horse racing commentator or betting enthusiast interviews me...

--Why bet on favorites and why for a place?...

By the way, favorites are horses that pay relatively shorter odds (Odds means money) and are the most favored by the betting public to win the race. In the UK, Australia and New Zealand...Place Betting is where you win the bet when your selected horse runs in first, second or third. It's known as 'betting for a Show' in USA, Canada North and other related countries.

ANSWER... It's SAFE, QUICK and's so easy that
at times it feels almost UNFAIR!

Please let me explain...

First of all let me clarify something...when I talk about making money from horse racing betting, I'm NOT talking about a few 'freak' or lucky wins in a month. What I'm however referring to is consistently profiting week after week and year after year from betting.

So why is place betting on favorites the safest and most secure bets you will ever make in your life...?

OK, we don't just select any favorite horse and put a place bet on it.


We only select certain types of favorite horses and then put each one of them through a set of vigorous rules before making a secure investment. These rules eliminate any 'Risk Factors' the horse may be carrying. Favorites that pass each of the rules are called absolute certainties and move from being a gamble to becoming a highly secure investment.

Shortly I will show you exactly how I maintain a win strike rate
of 89.52% and a place strike rate of 96.35%...

You see, the biggest problem with bettors who lose money on horse racing betting is that they try to make big sums of money from just a few dollars. Occasionally they might succeed...but in the long run they will certainly lose a lot of their hard earned cash.

Without a doubt you possibly could make a consistent profit by investing on high-priced non-favorites. BUT you'll probably have to spend 18-20 hours each race day researching all the critical factors just to figure out which horses may run into money. Who has this sort of spare time? And more importantly, why make things hard for yourself by betting on 'hard to pick' non-favorites when you can very, very easily profit from favorites?

Trust me, with the correct plan, a spare 15 to 20 minutes
a day is all you need to bet like a professional

With my method it will take you only 15-20 minutes a day to find your secure investments. It will take you about 5 minutes to select the appropriate favorite horses that you would then put through the set of rules. You will then spend about 15 minutes running each of these favorites through the rules and end up with a set of highly secure investments for the day.

You will then place your bets at your local betting agent, on the Internet or at the tracks and take the rest of the day off! All that is required to apply the rules a horse racing betting newspaper or any other source with basic racing statistics (such as the Internet or betting guides provided at betting agents).

Why is place betting on favorites the safest
& easiest way to profit from horse betting...

It's so safe & easy that most of my clients tell me that it's almost UNFAIR! When you bet on well priced non-favorites, you are effectively betting against the odds. However, investing on certain favorites that have passed my set of rules will definitely set the odds in YOUR FAVOR in a very BIG way.

Here's how cocky I used to get in the 90's when
using my system (it's a bit embarrassing)...

Before the Internet and phone betting became mainstream, I had to make all my bets at the betting agency. And because everybody else also had to be there to make their bets, after a race, particularly at the weekends, there used to be long queues at the payout window.

I was so certain that each of the horses selected by my system would win that I used to line up at the payout window even before the race had started. And guess what...the payout lady thought I was NUTS! But after collecting several hundred dollars in just a few days...she knew I meant serious business each time I stood in that line.
You system in a nutshell goes something like this:

Everyone knows that favorites have a high chance of winning a race. However we select only certain types of favorites that have even a much higher chances of winning. We then put these horses through a set of rules to eliminate any 'risks' they may be carrying. We then end up with a set of very secure favorites that have an extremely high chance of winning.

BUT guess what?...we don't even bet for a win!
By betting for a place only -- we dramatically
increase the odds in our favor!
The simple accident that created this system...

You probably don't know that my system was created by accident when I was finishing my Business Degree at university. Please note that you DO NOT need to understand any of the statistical data revealed here. My system is written in plain English and is easy enough for a 11 year old to use. The illustration is merely being used to show how I came about developing my horse racing betting system.

Here's exactly what happened:

February 1992 - It was my third assignment for statistics paper when I decided to base it on finding out if the win odds of a favorite horse had any relationship with its ability to win a race. Before I began the assignment, I knew for a fact that the favorite horse wins 28 percent of the time, as this information was readily available through most big betting agencies.

The win odds of a favorite could range from less than $1 and going as high as $5.6 at times. However the average win odd for a favorite is only $1.94, which shows that fewer high paying favorites win.

For those who are new to horse betting, odds simply refers to the amount of money a horse will pay if you win your bet. I've used Decimal odds format here as I've found it easier to deal with when compared to Fractional odds. So if you put a $10 bet on a horse that's paying odds of $'ll get back $19.40 in total if you win ($10 x $1.94 = $19.40). That $19.40 will contain your original bet (known as stake) of $10 plus a profit of $9.40. This is all very simple, isn't it?

Here are the facts so far...
Favorites win 28% of all races
Average win odds of a favorite is $1.94
Problem: Out of every $10 invested on favorites, your loss is $4.57

I knew there had to be a way to increase the win percentage by finding out why certain favorites won while others lost. With this in mind, I statistically analyzed a mountain of racing data to find out if there was any relationship with the win odds and the number of times the favorite horse actually won.

Here are the results...

Win Odds               Percentage Won
$1.0 - $1.5                    .062
$1.6 - $2.0                     .34
$2.1 - $2.5                     .14
$2.6 - $3.0                    .062
$3.1 - $3.5                    .125
$3.6 - $4.0                    .062

The results amazed me! Simply by selecting favorite horses with win odds between $1.6 to $2.5, I increase my chances of winning to 48%. This was a huge improvement from the average win strike rate of all favorites at 28%. However, 48% strike rate was still not good enough...since the average win odds was only $2.05.

Here are the facts at this point...
Favorites with win odds between $1.6 - $2.5 win 48% of all races.
Average win odds is $2.05
Problem: For every $10 invested, your loss is $0.16

I was very, very close to making a profit.
What I did next was the turning point of my life...

So far I was statistically analyzing past data. I knew I had to analyze actual races as they occurred to find ways of dramatically increasing the win strike rate of the favorite horse. After months of painstaking analysis, I developed a set of rules which when applied to certain types of favorite horses, picked a winner in an astonishing 89.52 percent of all races.

These rules are the filters that separate the winners from the losers, quite literally!

All that is required to successfully pick out the qualifying favorite horse and apply the winning rules is a horse betting newspaper or form guide information, which is readily available on the Internet and at all betting agents.

This system can be literally applied
to any gallop horse race in the world

It has already been extensively used in America, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, UK and most of Europe for well over 23 years by thousands of people. You do not need any prior horse betting or statistics knowledge as the entire plan has been written in plain English and takes only 10-20 minutes to use on any race day.

Here are the facts as it stands...
When certain favorite horses are selected and put through my set of rules, a win strike rate of 89.52% is achieved.
Average win odds is $2.55
Breakthrough: For every $10 invested, your actual profit is $12.83

Although I was getting 128.3% profit for every
dollar invested...I still wasn't happy. Here's why...

I wanted a lot more leverage out of every dollar invested. This prompted me to look into 'place bet' odds of all the horses I had analyzed.

The penny finally dropped...

My system produced a mind boggling 96.35% place strike rate!

This was because the selected horses did not have to win the race but come first second or third and it was in the money. However, the average place odds is only $1.60. So for every $1.00 invested your profit after losses is $0.54 (fifty four cents).

But here's why I was totally ecstatic even though the place odds
was considerably less when compared to the win odds...

When you combine the place strike rate and odds and compare it to the win strike rate and odds - betting for a place produced far more leverage. This leverage technique lets you turn small amounts of money into large sums of cold hard cash very, very, very quickly and easily!

This leverage technique is the second big secret I will reveal to you in my manual (the first is how to achieve a place strike rate of 96.35% - consistently). I will show you in a step-by-step outline exactly how you can use my system to consistently earn an income from horse racing betting - just like I do and thousands of my very happy clients all over the world.

Here's a cross-section of just some of the highly
lucrative benefits you'll be privy to in my manual:

How to make $151.00 on a Saturday afternoon without risking a cent of your hard earned money...Absolutely ZERO Risk!
Win/place almost every time provided all the rules are followed. It's not unusual to get 8 or even 9 winners and place getters from only 10 selected horses.
BIG WINS. A selective one bet a day staking plan can give an average return of $268.44 on a mere $10 initial investment over week on VERY SAFE place bets.
Suitable For ANY Budget. Any amount over $5 can be used to operate the plan very successfully.
It can be used at your local betting agent, bookmaker, at the race tracks or on the Internet for the rest of your life.
Simple to operate. Spend only about 15-20 minutes on a race day to make the selections and then place all your bets and continue your day as usual.
Ideal for both beginners and advanced players as NO previous horse racing betting knowledge or experience is required - can be easily used even if you've never placed a bet before in your life.
Yours for a lifetime. Just follow the simple rules and my horse betting system keeps on working.
Exciting results supplied on how in just one hour of investing a $15 bet returned winnings of $265.12 by putting only five very secure place bets. I will show you how you too can do exactly the same!
Also revealed how a good friend of mine (Mack) beat me at my own game by making an astonishing $954.43 very safely using my system - in under 90 minutes by investing just $30.
Specifically designed to make you money. My entire horse racing betting system is based around helping you to profit from horse racing. It has no other purpose.

With "Absolute Certainty Betting System",
you'll be making highly profitable bets just like the pros...

Here's what else you'll benefit out of my betting system:

Takes the gambling element away from betting by selecting only one HIGHLY SECURE horse per race and only a handful of races on any race day.
BIG RETURNS! Ideal for both win and place bets. Pays out excellent odds with a very high strike rate...qualifying selections can also be used as an anchor for exotic types of bets such as trifectas and trebles.
Fully automated with no 'gray areas'. No human decisions are made for the selection process. Easy to follow makes it ideal to use effectively for anyone who is serious about making an extra income.
Survived the test of time. Don't pay hundreds for something that doesn't work or cannot guarantee you profitable results including tipping services that select too many horses per race and only show winners after the race has run!
Approved by skeptics. I have had some of the most skeptical clients change their beliefs after trying my horse betting method.
Highly satisfied clients in 73 countries. I get letters and emails from absolutely thrilled users from all over the world claiming this to be undoubtedly the best horse racing betting system ever devised.
Start using it the same day you order the system. No tedious studying or endless researching ever required.
Simply the surest and safest way to make money from horse racing betting. It works so well that I start lining up at the payout window even before the race has started. And some of my clients have told me that using my system is almost an 'UNFAIR' way to make money! That's how confident I'm with this horse betting plan.
This has to be the easiest way to start getting all your hard-earned money that the betting agencies have taken off you over your lifetime.
No need for risky long-priced winners. Safe medium-priced winners and place getters will do just fine.
Has turned the dream of making a living from horse racing a reality for thousands of people.
Absolutely no guess work. Simply follow the simple but highly effective rules, put your bets on, check your results and collect your winnings.
It does not matter how you use my system. On average every $15 invested will very safely turn into $157.28 by putting only 5 highly secure place bets...I personally GUARANTEE it!

PLUS...the MONEY MANAGEMENT secret no one else is willing to share...
--the safest and surest way to create an income for life...


Not only do I reveal to you the best horse betting system on the planet, a system that can give you an astonishing 96.35% strike rate...but I also will give you a money management system that will completely blow your mind.

I will show you how to establish a betting bank and exactly how to safely double it 12 to 14 times a year. For instance, a tiny $100 bank would look something like this for the first 6 months:

Month                            Betting Bank Status
January                           $100 x 2 = $200
February                          $200 x 2 = $400
March                              $400 x 2 = $800
April                                 $800 x 2 = $1,600
May                                 $1,600 x 2 = $3,200
June                                $3,200 x 2 = $6,400 you do the math from July to December -- your tiny $100 bank grows steadily into a massive $409,600.

This may sound unbelievable but consider this undeniable fact...

Once you've successfully doubled $100 into $200, what's stopping you from doubling $200 into $400...$1,600 into $3,200...$204,800 into $409,600? NOTHING. The strike rate and money management plan remains exactly the same...the only things that change are your bet amounts and your bank balance.

Once you realize that having a betting bank of $100 while making $5 bets is no different to having a betting bank of say $2,000 while making $100 bets -- your financial life will never be the same again.

And you don't have to start out with a big sum as you can quickly grow a small betting bank into a very large one by using my betting system and the Double Technique.

This is exactly how the pros make hundreds of
thousands of dollars each year from betting!

And you'll learn this exact technique in my manual. I'll show you the same steps I personally use to safely generate thousands from the lucrative betting industry. The general betting public is completely unaware of this method...hence why 98.3% of bettors don't manage to profit consistently from betting and actually lose money.

Revealing critical information like this is what
has made my system an international best seller...

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