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Welcome to the home of Trading

Welcome to the Betfair Trading Community!

Do you want to be part of the best trading and betting community on the planet? Are you a Pro or amateur trader looking to find or increase your trading edge on the exchanges? Well you have finally found what you were looking for!

The amount of people making a living trading on Betfair has increased tenfold recently and our vision has been to bring the best traders together, so that we can maximise our profits because there is great power in unity!

Our Pro Traders are here to help you every step of the way, so sign up, learn from them and become more profitable right away.

Why join? With over 350 members so far we are seeing lots of profitable tips and trades each week. Many of our traders are making lots of money and sharing their wealth of knowledge, meaning that we are able to exploit the Betfair markets and make lots of green!

We saw a need for a place where people could learn to trade and bet or share their trades with everybody. There are a lot of services out there, most of which are very expensive, but not many actually bring people together, which is why we created this site. The aim was always to help people learn to trade and have fun doing it, this is the community where traders and punters alike can make friends with each other, have like minded people to talk to and share inside info.

If you become a member of the site then you will get access to our exclusive member’s only trading Facebook page where we can teach you to trade, view trades, post your own and learn from others.

So are you a rookie trader just hoping to turn your losing bets into sure-fire winners? Or are you a long time trader who wants to master Betfair? No matter what level of a trader you are, you are most certainly welcome here!

This is just the beginning, we have big plans for 2015 and we want you to share in the trading glory!

Test us out, see what you think! ONLY £3 +vat for the first month and still only £7 +vat per month after that! There is no contract and you can cancel any-time. We have vowed never to raise this price and you can rest assured you will be getting value for money!

Do you want a site that:

  • Offers you trading support
  • Advice and coaching from experienced Pro Traders
  • Trades
  • Education
  • In-Play Trading
  • Video Tutorials (being made as we speak!)
  • Strategies
  • Is a social networking platform
  • Can get you more informed information/inside information

You are in the right place, the price for the first month is just £3 +vat! Yes you read that right, £3 it is then £7 (+vat) per month, that is around £2 per week. We think you will make a lot more than that in your first trade! In fact most member’s of the group will cover the first 3 months of the membership from their first trade.

Can you afford to miss out on this great site?

Here are the thoughts of some of our members!

Ian Haggo, retired from work, amateur trader:

“I joined the community on day one, back at the end of 2013, since when it
has grown and grown to the point where there are a large number of traders,many of whom are full time pro traders. The membership are very positive and friendly, and everybody is very willing to help others over general trading questions and to post up links to things they find useful or interesting. A number of members also post up the qualifiers from their trading methods for others to follow. All in all it is the best self-help group I know, and excellent value for money.”

Sign up now! It may be the best decision you ever make!

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