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Fellow punter,

Imagine being able to select a horse race where it is “easy” to pick the winner?

"Impossible" you say... well I disagree! keep reading and i'll share with you A Formula So Powerful you'll have to be extremely careful when, where and how you use it!

My name is James Croft, my mates call me “Crofty” and those that know what I do for a living call me “Crafty Crofty”.

What do I do for a living?

I bet on the horses, more accurately I WIN on the horses!

Now let me make one thing clear, my formula isn’t foolproof. It's not a 100% sure thing, when you look at what

I’ve achieved over the last 2 years I’m sure you’ll agree, its as near as you’ll get when it comes to horse racing:

Profit Per Month (Points Based)

Febuary 2013 +17.84pts
March 2013 +6.83pts
April 2013 +41.43.pts
May 2013 +31.96pts
June 2013 +83.71pts
July 2013 +11.32pts
August 2013 +4.78pts
September 2013 +6.89pts
October 2013 +9.74pts
November 2013 +37.82pts
December 2013 +19.47pts

11 profitable months and a total of +271.79pts profit.

To small £10 stakes, that’s £2,717.90 profit.

To my level £50 stakes that’s £13,589.50!

Into 2014 I doubled my stakes from £50 to £100

January 2014 +8.47pts
Febuary 2014 +11.64pts
March 2014 +43.87pts
April 2014 +1.7pts
May 2014 +34.67pts
June 2014 +12.76pts
July 2014 +3.78pts
August 2014 +109.64pts
September 2014 +54.73pts
October 2014 +14.04pts
November 2014 -12.74pts
December 2014 +5.67pts

12 months, 11 profitable months and 288.23pts profit, to my £100 stakes a lovely return of £28,823.00

So far in 2015, 2 months under my belt and a profit of £1,303.50 (13.03pts profit).

Some people believe it's impossible to predict the outcome of a horse race.

“There’s too many variables” they’ll say.

In some cases they are right. Some races you just cannot predict accurately.

But what happens when you narrow down these races to ones that CAN BE predicted accurately??

The answer is simple, what happens is that you profit…


What my formula does is allow me to quickly identify which races I can predict the winner in.

It's something that I have been working on for 2 whole years before 2013 and I’ll be honest, the results went up and down like a roller coaster.

But it paid off.

So What Do I Do Once I Have These Races?

I analyse the whole field.
One by one, horse by horse.
This allows me to beat the competition 46% of the time!
It may not sound a high percentage but I’m sure the profit figures above disagree.

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